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Jodie Marsh celebrates Zoo Magazines 500th issue

Jodie Marsh celebrates Zoo Magazines 500th issue.

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Jodie Marsh Isn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea But She’s Certainly Mine.

I love a woman with tattoos. I mean I really, really love a woman with tattoos. For that reason alone, Jodie Marsh is just ridiculously attractive to me. Add to that the fact that she has an incredible body and we’re really talking. I love the festive spirit of these pictures even though the holiday seasons usually annoys me more than fills me with joy. I know that Jodie sometimes looks a little rough and I haven’t love every photo set I’ve ever been assigned that features her but these pictures from Barbados work for me. If I would’ve seen these before Christmas, I might’ve been feeling a little more festive come Christmas day. Ah well, it’s not too late to enjoy them now. She’s still looking smoking hot in that bikini so that has to count for something.

Jodie Marsh isnt everyones cup of tea but shes certainly mine.

Jodie Marsh isnt everyones cup of tea but shes certainly mine. Jodie Marsh isnt everyones cup of tea but shes certainly mine. Jodie Marsh isnt everyones cup of tea but shes certainly mine.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — 12/23

Thank you so much for visiting the second edition of my new segment, The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly!!! Which will show you the best, the worst, and the fugliest of the day’s hottest stories!!! The Good: Let me be clear on this, I think female body builder’s are absolutely gag worthy! Muscles like that should only be on men; but, this one instance is a bit different. Why? Because, Jodie Marsh looks effin’ HOT in this naked pic. And on a motorcycle, too! Three words: Bitch Look Good! Notice, though, how she’s got her arms covered up. Good call, chica, cause those arms are just… uhck!!! But, all in all, this pic wins Jodie today’s The Good prize. I’m a female and all, but… Dayamn!!! Girl got it!!! The Bad: Oh. My. Gawd! Kevin Federline’s moob sweat definitely wins him today’s BAD prize. (If I had the ability to hand out two Fugly awards, rest assured: he’d get it!) Really, though that’s just… eew. Ex Mr. Britney Spears has joined the cast of the Aussie spin-off to Celebrity Fit Club called Excess Baggage. And he definitely has some of that. Oh, and by the way, this picture isn’t of him after some strenuous workout; Nope. This is of him after he’s been sitting in an air conditioned jeep. Yeaaaaah… So, here’s to you K-Fed. We here at The Daily Fix wish you luck on your quest to lose some of those lbs… Cause your gonna need it! The Fugly: Oh, this one is just TOO good. This is the reason K-Fed’s moob sweat got knocked up a notch. The winner of today’s Fugly award? Some stupid bitch who actually TATTOOED Drake’s name across her fucking forehead!!! The mystery woman walked into an LA tattoo parlor — with shaved hair and eyebrows, by the way — and demanded to get the ink tatted on her forehead. Drake, who was shown the tat by a reporter, was perturbed and shocked by the devotion shown by the mysterious woman (Although I’m she won’t go unnamed for long; she’s got a damn tattoo on her forehead for fuck’s sake!!!). He did, however, threaten to ‘fuck up’ the tattoo artist who performed the seriously botched inking. So, congrats, mystery woman — on being the fugliest idiot of the day… Crazy bitch…  

Jodie Marsh is going to give me nightmares

Good heavens! I don’t… I can’t… my eyes! I used to kind of sort of almost like Jodie Marsh. She wasn’t my favorite as far as media personalities go but she was at least hot. I liked the edgy girl with the blond hair, the tattoos and the rock n’ roll attitude. I don’t know what these pictures are showing me. There is a fine line between athletic and frightening and let me tell you, Jodie has is so far across that line she can’t even see where it was anymore. Why would she do this to herself. It reminds me of those first pictures of super buff Carrot Top. Not sexy. Not impressive. Just plain frightening.

tn jodie marsh 4 Jodie Marsh is going to give me nightmares

tn jodie marsh 1 Jodie Marsh is going to give me nightmares tn jodie marsh 2 Jodie Marsh is going to give me nightmares tn jodie marsh 3 Jodie Marsh is going to give me nightmares
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Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.12.2011)

Elisabetta Canalis is now tweeting her bikini pics. This has not been her year.

January Jones takes baby Xander on the set of Mad Men. “Hey, are you my daddy? No? How’ bout you? You? You??”

Evangeline Lilly shows Jay Leno some side boob love.

Christina Ricci on the set of Pan Am.

Who wants to see Jodie Marsh’s man-abs?

Go figure, Gwyneth Paltrow sweats just like the rest of us. Say what? That’s organic sweat?

Camille Grammer looks great for a 76-year old.

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Remember Jodie Marsh? Well, she turned into this.

It’s been a long time since we dedicated a post to one of our favorite British monstrosities, so why not start the day with Jodie Marsh, who will most likely beat the living crap out of me with her little pinky after this one. Now if you have problems remembering her, she was that classy lady with the clown funbags who used to cover her nipples with belts, who got married on a reality show but then realized she was a lesbian and unleashed a nationwide search for sperm. Yes, we have so many fond memories of her on this site. Which is why we can’t understand what on earth possessed her to turn into a giant brownie with a penis and a scary crotch tattoo. Because it makes all those jokes about dodging pee-burning bullets, irrelevant. Now we have to dig deep for some rape jokes. And on that note, i’m going underground.

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Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You May Like (9.20.11)

Taylor Armstrong breaks through the barrier of Botox to grieve for her husband during last night’s episode.

Jon Hamm likes to make out with homely women (girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt).

Madonna tries to go incognito with boy-toy in NYC but her Joan Rivers meets gargoyle face gives her away.

Carla Bruni puts the last nail on the coffin we call “i used to be a hot supermodel but Nikolas Sarkozy ruined it all with his penis”.

Jodie Marsh is now a scary gang boy with fake tits.

Anna Faris finds co-star Chris Evans so, so funny (so funny she’d have sex with him in front of her husband if he agreed to it).

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Jodie Marsh Goes Topless For Zoo Magazine

English hottie Jodie Marsh loves to show off her body, and God bless her for that. Her latest gift to men was going topless in the latest issue of Zoo Magazine.

She had this to say about negative publicity on her in the UK: I really don’t give a flying f**k what people think of me. If someone in the press criticised me I’d ask them to come and live with me for a week. They’d leave thinking, ‘She’s wicked. She’s totally in control of herself and she loves her life.’

Well I for one am willing to take her up on that offer, as long as she signs a pre-agreement with me that she has to walk around the house totally naked and blow me (kisses) twice a day.

Photos courtesy of: ZOO

Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures Jodie Marsh Topless Pictures

Jodie Marsh Busts Out The Good Stuff

I don’t think I need to tell you guys how much I love big fake boobies, you’ve seen this site before so you know I do, especially when they’re attached to an attention seeking chick like busty Jodie Marsh. If she wants my attention, this is the right way to go about getting it. Here she is in all her trashy glory sucking on lollipops and pulling her underwear off like a good girl. I’m not really into chicks with tattoos, but for some reason Jodie’s are working for me.

Jodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh Pictures
Jodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh Pictures
Jodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh PicturesJodie Marsh Pictures

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Jodie Marsh Is Smart

I think you guys know by now that when I say that Jodie Marsh is “smart” I don’t mean intellectually, I’ve got my hands nicely cupped about six inches in front of my chest giving the international sign for brains. Just checking. Anyhow, here’s the busty British nobody giving us a good look at why she sometimes gets a little exposure on this site…. Boobs. Was I not clear about that?

Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures
Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures
Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures Jodie Marsh Pictures

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Jodie Marsh’s tits mesmerize snakes


Busty British party babe Jodie Marsh (30), wearing only a glorified vest, hit the scene at Mansion in Dublin, Ireland. Most Yanks probably don’t know much about this chick, but here’s all you need to know: If Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson got together and made a slutty baby, it’d look a whole heck of a lot like Jodie Marsh.

Jodie’s new boyfriend, 23-year-old Ryan Fleming, escorted her to the festivies and didn’t seem to mind as she got on with a massive snake. The serpent didn’t seem to mind either, but we think it was probably just hypnotized by her boobs. Either that, or the scent of skank is very relaxing.


Katie Price puts Ibiza on STD alert


Did we, or did we not call it? Only a day after we posted the story of Katie Price hitting Ibiza and predicting Safety Officials would be wishing for stricter tourist visa regulations before the end of the week, Katie Price has proven her slutty side was way repressed during her four years of marriage with Peter Andre.

Katie put on her aqua lingerie dress and matching thigh-high boots before hitting the Ibiza clubs last night, where she got drunk, made out with ex-boyfriend Matt Peacock (who happens to be ex-hubby of Jodie Marsh), threatened to cut a girl’s face off, gave everyone a strip show and ended the night by taking a souvenir back to her hotel (see beefy male model named Anthony…onlookers actually revealed she begged him to go back to her hotel). 

Somehow, after this nightly ordeal, Jordan found the strength to get up from bed at 3:00 pm in order to provide a grand spectacle for all beach goers.

Never mind the sand that was getting to meet her fallobian tubes as she was writhing around…Katie was oblivious to the multitude of tourists surrounding her and snapping away (thinking what a great idea it was to hit the beach despite their hangover) as she supposedly posed for her upcoming calendar (the Photoshop guy will have a great time trying to erase all those feet).

And because she made sure cameras captured her trying to check the make-up guy’s spark plugs in between the fake calendar shots, we can safely assume she amped the slut factor to send a message to her husband…which we’re pretty sure if he still has a head attached to his torso he’ll read it as “blimey, i’ve got to get tested again”.

And speaking of the two, we are hearing the couple’s divorce battle will be played out in rival reality shows, which may be shown in the same time slot on different ITV channels…wanna guess which one will have the highest ratings?



Jodie Marsh:from stripper to bodybuilder


Realizing the only thing that was hard on her was her implants and that the rest of her was a cross between Jello and Pudding, Jodie Marsh decided to put her overexposed bits to work(other than the 12-4am gig they had) and started hitting the gym on a regular basis…and behold the results. Jodie Marsh the bodybuilding chick!

Jodie, 30, revealed her tough new exercise regime with a personal trainer has even led her to consider a dramatic new career change - as a bodybuilder.

In an exclusive interview with new!, she says: “At first, I just wanted to lose weight and tone up - I was soft all over.

“But within two weeks, I had definition in my stomach.”

She adds: “As I saw my body changing, I really liked my muscles.”

The desperate starlet, who says she meets her trainer two to three times a week, is even considering competing in bodybuilding competitions.

“I might do a bodybuilder competition in August and if so, I’ve got another 7lbs of fat to lose to be pure muscle,” she says.

“It’s something I’m working towards at the moment.”

And in addition to becoming the 50% iron, 50% silicone woman she always dreamt of becoming, Jodie says her new-found happiness is also down to the new love in her life (who does have testicles this time).

Jodie, who is dating Ryan Fleming, 23, revealed: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I feel like the cat that got the cream.” Which could stand for someone getting lucky in life, but we’re guessing she was just talking about the times when he pours cream all over his body and she licks it clean…just like a good  pussycat…



Big Brother star’s nipples attract beggars while Jodie Marsh’s lips scare them away

Aisleyne Book Launch Party (USA AND OZ ONLY)

Big Brother Star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace out celebrating the launch of her new book, Aisleyne: Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour acted like she could contract gonnorhea by breathing the same air as the beggars that approached her on her way out of Grucho club in London last night.

Oblivious to the breeze in her dress cup and a wondering nipple she proceeded to give the beggars a look that was perhaps nastier than their own smell (well, maybe not). Advice to the 30-year old dimwit: beggars are attracted to coins, free booze and free peep show, so next time, close your curtains.

We are told fellow party animal (with whom she was partying at 2am) Jodie Marsh who was sporting a darker hairdo came to her rescue by showing the beggars her giant collagen lips. The already wasted vagrants thought it was a giant walking swordfish and run away to find safety in their carton boxes.