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Jon Gosselin Reveals He Had A Vasectomy

Jon Gosselin signs autographs for $10 in Frederick, Maryland

During a Tuesday appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, father-of-eight Jon Gosselin revealed that he and his girlfriend Liz Jannetta won’t be conceiving kids anytime soon. The former reality star, 36, admitted he’s had a vasectomy.

“We can’t have more kids. Yeah, I’m fixed,” Jon admitted.

The Pennsylvania native and ex-wife Kate Gosselin have had their fair share of drama since their 2009 divorce. Recently, Kate claimed that her ex hacked into her phone and computer to access information for the unauthorized tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

“That lawsuit is over. She dismissed the case,” Jon shared. “I guess I proved her wrong or she didn’t want to continue down that road. But Wendy, if I could do those things, I wouldn’t be sitting here now. I’d be working for the NSA.”

Jon has been vocal about keeping his kids away from the spotlight since the family’s TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“I’ll fight it,” he said if Kate wanted to push for another reality show. “I don’t need the money, I’ll just go to work. Because I fought so hard to get my kids off of television. It didn’t work in civil court, it didn’t work with TLC, it didn’t work with anyone so I had to go to family court and try and stop it.”

He added: “My kids go to private school. They also have trusts. They have education trusts. They have other trusts. Kate and I put 80 percent of the gross of the income in a trust for three years for them. They’re fine.”

As for his communication with his ex, “We just text, we don’t talk to each other,” Jon explained. “I only know what she says about me by the media.”

The former couple are parents to 13-year-old twin daughters Cara and Madelyn who recently did an interview with PEOPLE. The pair also co-parent sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, 9.


Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin!

The world just might really be ending this year. You want proof? Well, Jon Gosselin has basically admitted to being a huge douche and he is apologizing for his behavior! Yeah…we were shocked when we heard the news, too!

Jon claims that he and Kate are getting along just fine now and that he can’t believe how he acted after they broke up, “I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn’t want done to me.” he said. We’re assuming he is talking about his love for Ed Hardy t-shirts…he should be very sorry for wearing those things. Jon is even accepting most of the blame, saying, “I was passive-aggressive. Then I’d get mad, but I was the one who wasn’t communicating.” he told People.

Is this real life? When did Jon turn into a good person? He was not only very apologetic, but he also dropped some knowledge on us, “There are two things you can do with your fame — sell out or take it and use it for good…I didn’t grasp that at the time (of the divorce).” Jon said.

Good for him! We’re happy to know he is finally recovering from douche-itis. Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin! Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin! Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin! Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin!


Celebrity Parents Gone Wild!

It's one thing when young starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton go off the rails, indulging in crazy behavior, making all the wrong choices and hanging out with a shady crowd. Of course, it is tragic to watch anyone who is on a path to their own demise, but things get even more complicated when the person in question is a parent.

When there are children involved, reckless actions are even more tragic. When famous parents go wild and crazy, whether temporarily or indefinitely, it affects an entire family, and the drama gets played out in the public eye.

Here's a look at several celebrity parents who have gone off the deep end! Some have thankfully found a way back to normalcy, while others continue to be caught up in the destructive drama of their lives.


‘Raising Sextuplets’ Bryan Masche – Arresting Developments

According to PEOPLE, Bryan Masche, star of the reality TV show, Raising Sextuplets was arrested at 2 p.m. on September 11. The father-of-six was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, threatening domestic violence and using profanities. He was also quoted as threatening to "flatten" his father-in-law. The couple allegedly got into a disagreement which then escalated into verbal abuse. The police reported that Bryan, 32, was "becoming more aggressive."

Apparently the couple could not agree on where to drive their six children: Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake. He wanted to go 200 miles to Lake Havasu but his wife, Jennifer Masche, 29, wanted to drive to Phoenix, a distance of approximately 90 miles from where they were staying.


Jon & Kate Plus Hate (?)

According to Kate Gosselin, 35, there is still a great deal of post-divorce stress between her and her ex-husband, Jon, 32. During an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly last Friday she spoke with Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper about her concerns for their eight children.

It' know," she said. "I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible." The level of tension "depends on the day."

The greatest point of contention seems to involve the time the children spend at their father's home. Kate claims, "I basically wait for the phone call from how many of them want to come home." She then went on to say that Jon's apartment "is not [their] home; it doesn't feel like home to them ... they want to be at home -- in their house." She lives nearby in Wernersville, Penn.

It may be that their difficulties arise from the newness of the situation. Kate pointed out that the latest visitation schedule (part of their custody arrangement) is still "new to us. It's only been three months that he's actually been spending time with them and taking them."

After seeing his ex-wife's appearance on television, Jon defended himself via Twitter.

As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy. I am 'rising above', and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life know the truth, and that is what's important."


Jon Kate reality show?!

jon n kate
I think I was dead right when I announced yesterday that the Gosselins’ divorce announcement will have a weird effect on the title of their hit reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. Though not supporting my views entirely, the experts have finally jumped in to support my views that Jon & Kate Plus 8 will not remain the same after the divorce announcement. And to further strengthen my belief, TLC has already halted production of the show until August.

Robert J. Thompson, founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, has made my work easy by explaining this weird situation in a couple of simple words. According to Thompson,

I don’t know if the show can make that new transition. It’s like if The Cosby Show, mid-season, suddenly became Married With Children. The show has already lost original fans who initially tuned in to watch this cute little show about parents changing diapers and feeding their kids.
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Jon Kate Gosselin file divorce papers

jon n kate
Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the popular TLC show, might soon end up losing the rhyming title. Chances are that we will soon be witnessing something like Jon & Four Plus Kate & Four, or Jon & Six Plus Kate & Two, or Jon & Eight Plus Kate & None. The show’s stars, Kate and Jon Gosselin, have finally decided to drift apart and end their 10-year marriage.

The Gosselins filed the divorce papers at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Pa., Monday afternoon. People reports,

In February, photos surfaced of Jon in the company of young women during a solo visit to see his mother, who was recuperating from surgery, in Huntingdon, Pa. The couple quickly attempted to quash rumors of problems. But in May, the scandal erupted again when 23-year-old Deanna Hummel was photographed driving Jon’s car home from a bar late at night.
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