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Ice Bird debuts in Angry Birds Space on March 22


Terence crashes onto Angry Birds Space on March 22


The BOOTY Edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — Over Twenty of the Best, Worst, and Fugliest Celebrity Butts of the Last Decade!!!

Welcome to the BOOTY edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly — The Best, Worst, and Fugliest Butts of the Last Decade!!! Oh, do I have a treat in store for you today! Going back the last decade or so, I have collected pics of the nicest asses, the worst booties, and the fucking ugliest butts I could find — all from celebrities, of course! So, without further ado, (because I know you’re as excited as I am) let’s get to the booties!!! The Good — Kate Upton definitely gets my vote for a ‘Good Ass of the Decade!’ She is stunning; it’s as simple as that!                         Nikki Grahame is GOOD and pissed off here! I know nothing of the surrounding circumstances of the Big Brother cast member’s exposure — but, hey! — she’s got a good bum! Though I have absolutely no clue who this chick Jordan is (probably some damn reality show bitch) and though her face is ugly and plastic, I’ve gotta give it to her — she’s got one lush derrière! Nicole Scherzinger, even though I sometimes cannot stand your BS on the X Factor, you’ve got one scrumptious arse! Painted or not… OMG — Brooklyn Decker’s rump is one that is totally biteable in my opinion! Get it girl, and eat some collard greens! I had to do it! Brad Pitt totally deserves a spot on the Yummiest Butts of the Decade list… and boy is it a yummy one, indeed… Alicia Duval… you’re bum is totally fan-fucking-tastic! The accidental yummy butt shots are always the best, aren’t they?                                       The Bad   Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Girl, your butt is atrocious!!! Period, point-blank! If you can sport some fur, then you can go get a butt job!                       Wow. For you to have picked that wedgie in public like that, Victoria Silvstedt, it must have been a monster!! Normally, even though she’s plastic as hell, she still rocks it. And even though she’s bangin from the front… girl’s havin’ issues in the back.             Pete Wentz, I like your hair, dude, but I’m not diggin’ the boxers-out look. Um, no!                       Can you believe this is Katherine Heigl’s ass? I couldn’t… Sad, just sad…                 Wow… Helen Hunt. Another shockingly grotesque backside.                               Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I don’t have much to say about this one. Heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking…                               Can you believe this is Britney Spear’s booty??? I couldn’t. Question, though: Where in the hell was she that she got a [...]

We Love Jordana Brewster’s Mom

Move over Jordana Brewster, because we want to ram your mom. Jordana and her mother, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Maria Joao, were walking together on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, CA. If you’re into hot MILFs, look no further.

And it’s okay if you felt extremely turned on by the prospect of screwing this mother and daughter combo at the same time. We were thinking the EXACT same thing and they’re such Hollywood Sluts, we bet they would do it.

Jordana Brewster's mom Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA Jordana Brewster And Her Mom Take In LA

Max Bratman Is A Tippy Toe Tot

Music marketing executive Jordan Bratman was spotted walking with his son Max after dining together at The Farm in Beverly Hills today (August 16).

The happy 2-year-old - who was sporting an adorable 'Future DJ' tee - stood on his tippy toes in order to press the crosswalk button at an intersection. So cute!

Superstar mama, Christina Aguilera, was not spotted with the cute father-son duo.


Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes: Nannies Of The Rich & Famous

They're the it accessory of almost every celebrity family: The trusted nanny! Whether seen playing at the local park or out for a stroll with our fav tots of the rich and famous, the celebrity nanny is sure to be captured by the keen lenses of the paparazzi. Let's take a look at the nannies of some of Hollywood's most elite families.

Read below about who values their nannies like family, who has had some bad nanny experiences, and who refuses to use a nanny...


Christina Aguilera’s Ferrari Family

Looks like Christina Aguilera is in the market for a new ride. The Beautiful singer and her husband Jordan Bratman had their 2-year-old son Max Liron in tow as they stopped in at a Ferrari dealership in West Hollywood, California today (July 31).

Earlier this week Xtina enjoyed a girls' night out with another of our favorite famous moms, Nicole Richie. The pair, whose kids Max and Harlow are the same age, hit LA hotspot Voyeur, where an onlooker says they "chatted the whole time. They were sitting on top of the banquette, listening to the music and chatting."


Jerry O’Connell Dishes On His Daughters

It seems as though there are a lot of break-ups in Hollywood these days, but don't expect Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn to join the list.

"My wife and I were talking about splitting about up, except neither of us want to take the children!" jokes the former Crossing Jordan actor.

With the couple's twins Dolly and Charlie set to turn 2 at the end of the year, Jerry tells US that the task of juggling work and parenting isn't getting any easier.

"Everyone says to us, it gets better, it gets better. That has not been my experience. It seems to be getting worse and worse."

The hands-on dad also reveals that his girls are entirely different from one another.

"My wife doesn't like me saying this, but one is larger than the other one. There's a size difference there.... They take after my wife and I in the sense that one is blonde and one is brunette. It's really incredible that they're like two totally different girls."


Katie Price launches her boobs… err… book

Here’s busty babe Jordan aka Katie Price launching her new book in a grand way. Of course, posing suggestively in a sexy swimsuit and surrounded by topless hunks is a great way to launch your book, isn’t it? No one has told me anything but I’m sure this book is some sort of self-help guide for “troubled” women like Katie on how to deal with the pain of your breakup by being extra trashy. And going by the grand launch, Katie’s book doesn’t even need to become a bestseller to be considered as a masterpiece. Congrats Katie! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Christina Aguilera Is In Touch With Her Sexuality

Don't expect sexy songstress Christina Aguilera to tone down her sometimes racy performances now that she's a mom.

"It's like telling a painter, 'don't paint nude women now that you've become a parent,'" the "Dirrty" singer tells Entertainment Tonight. "You still have to express yourself as a human being. Especially, I think as a woman, we're so shamed of our sexuality ... I have to keep in touch with myself as an artist and be able to express all sides of myself."

Christina adds that when the time comes she'll be comfortable talking about sex with her son Max, now 2, saying, "When you shame a subject like sexuality, that's when you raise the perverts."

Though Christina's new album Bionic is her first in several years, she's been keeping very busy with both her career and child.

"The first year was touring, getting pregnant, living that out," she says. "[Then I] took a year to do the mom thing, to feel what that's really like ... then I accepted the movie Burlesque and that was almost another year from the public eye, per say. So, there's been a lot of work in the process."

So could there be another baby on the way for Christina and her hubby Jordan Bratman sometime soon?

"For now, I'm so good with one!" she insists.


The McGraw Family: Fun In France

Dr. Phil McGraw was seen vacationing on a boat with his family, including his sons Jay, 31, and Jordan, 24, in Saint Tropez, France on Saturday (July 17).

Jay's wife, Playboy Playmate, Erica, was also spotted on the luxurious cruiser along with their 4-month-old daughter Avery. Dr. Phil's wife of 34 years, Robin, was not spotted with the group.

Jay recently edged out his father at the Daytime Emmy Awards in the best informative talk show category, with his show The Doctors. Dr. Phil's elder son is the executive producer of the award-winning show.


Vintage Style Superhero Tees

Max Bratman, Liam McDermott, and Bronx Wentz all wear vintage inspired tees with classic superhero graphics. Junk Food and Mini Fine are brands that always do the vintage feel right.

Jordan totes Max wearing a Mini Fine vintage red Spiderman tee while out and about in Venice Beach. Liam looks adorable in a Junk Food Batman Japanese licorice tee while checking up on his Dean in the hospital. While visiting Pete's parents Bronx wears a Junk Food Batman graphic tee on sale now for only $12.99!


Oprah Winfrey tops Forbes Celebrity 100 list

Oprah Winfrey has knocked Angelina Jolie to reclaim her crown on Forbes‘ annual Most Powerful Celebrity list. The media queen - with a staggering $315 million earning over the past 12 months - has topped the 2010 Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Interestingly, Oprah’s kick was so strong that Jolie was barely able to secure a place among the top 20. She was placed 18 on the list. Beyonce Knowles and James Cameron were placed second and third respectively, while Lady GaGa made an impressive debut with a fourth place on the list.

A very big congratulations to Oprah Winfrey! Check out the top 20 celebrities after the jump and head over to Forbes for the complete list.
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Traci Bingham’s See-Through Top

So what has Jordan Tate from Baywatch been up to recently? Well pretty much the same as always – whoring out her breasts to the general public. Running in slow motion. Maybe mouth-kissing Pamela Anderson? As a representative of sex-deprived men, we can safely say that we’re supportive of Traci’s parade of nipples.

See through material may be man’s greatest accomplishment. Curing cancer can be put on a back burner if research teams can be dedicated to finding even more translucent material. We need to get as close as we can to seran wrap shirts, dammit!

If only Kim Kardashian could take a leaf out of Traci’s book – a see-through top is only worth the effort if every infant goes on food alert from the presence of perky nipples. Nude-colored bras are not welcome in the world of slutty, thin shirts.

Tracy Bingham see through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top Traci Bingham see-through top

Giveaway: MIJA Jewelry

Jun 21 2010 8:30amJun 25 2010 7:00pm

MIJA Jewelry offers a fine jewelry line for women and children which is crafted from the finest quality sterling silver, 18k gold, semi-precious and precious gemstones, pearls, and hand painted enamel. The line is inspired by vintage designs, fantasy themes, and the playful innocence of animals and nature. It features tiny gemstones sprinkled amongst birds, starfish, horseshoes, elephants, hand engraved pieces, and much more. The line is now carried by fine boutiques worldwide (Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dubai, Riyadh, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Toronto).

As jeweler to the stars, MIJA Jewelry was exclusively chosen for Suri Cruise’s third birthday party gift bags. Katie Holmes and her daughter chose 18K Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver Baby Bird and Cupcake Necklaces as a favor to her guests following the fete. Due to the toddler’s budding “fashionista” status, Suri’s wardrobe is one both children and women alike covet, and her taste in jewelry is no exception. MIJA Jewelry is also worn by other famous mother daughter duos such as Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple Martin and Denise Richards and her daughters Sam and Lola Sheen.

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Giveaway: Lisa Jordan Designs ($300 Charm)!

Jun 14 2010 8:30amJun 18 2010 7:00pm

If you are searching for the perfect “push present” or chic gift for a new mother-to-be, look no further. Lisa Goldman, owner and designer of Lisa Jordan Designs is proud to launch an upscale jewelry line specifically designed for moms and proud families. The line features fresh, original designs of little boy and girl charms with the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship.

Goldman is intimately involved in the creation of every piece, starting with selection of the stones and materials to overseeing the manufacturing process. Selections include different stones and backgrounds including different color enamel, 14 K gold pieces as well as diamonds. Lisa Jordan charms combine fashion with premium quality.

“Adding to the personality of the design, the Lisa Jordan collection celebrates individuality by offering multiple wearing styles,” Goldman says. “From colorful wrist cords to multi functional clasps for any chain, the collection invites versatility and creativity.”

Lisa Jordan Designs were recently featured in Hamptons magazine and spotted on the wrist of none other than celeb mom, Tori Spelling.

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Christina Aguilera Won’t Raise A Brat

Musical mama Christina Aguilera is an "understanding mom," but admits she's a stickler when it comes to discipline and manners.

The Beautiful singer, who has 2-year-old son Max Liron with her husband Jordan Bratman, recently opened up about the so-called "terrible twos."

"No child is terrible. When you're at that age you're just learning how to express yourself and balance all these emotions and feelings," she tells Access Hollywood. "I'm definitely an understanding mom but discipline is a big thing for me too. I'm not raising no brat!"

Christina and Max are seen here out and about in SoHo, New York last month.


White Bikini Moment: Jordan Carver

I have no other information about this Jordan Carver chick except that she’s a glamor and swimsuit model, but since she’s wearing a white bikini, I guess I don’t even need to bang my head searching for her credentials before featuring her on this blog. A white bikini and a rocking body automatically earns you a spot on CelebGuru! Moreover, Jordan’s front profile is massive strong enough to make this White Bikini Moment a truly drool-worthy one. Thanks a ton, Jordan! Enjoy the gallery after the jump.
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Christina Aguilera & Her Brentwood Boy

Christina Aguilera enjoyed some family time this Memorial Day long weekend as she and her husband Jordan Bratman took their 2-year-old son Max Liron for a visit with his Grandpa Bratman in Brentwood, California today (May 29).

Xtina recently announced that she's postponing her scheduled summer tour until 2011. The 29-year-old "Beautiful" singer's latest album, Bionic, is due to hit stores next month.


Christina Aguilera gets off on girl strippers


The singer-and-actress – who plays a singer looking to find fame in a strip club in ‘Burlesque’ – is fascinated by sexy pole dancers and loveswatching them perform.

She said: “I prefer watching female strippers to male ones.”

Christina – who is married to music executive Jordan Bratman – didn’t hesitate when she was offered the role in ‘Burlesque’ because of the movie’s racy subject matter.

Speaking about the movie, she said: “‘Burlesque’ was made for me. Women, sex and dance – count me in!”

The 29-year-old star insists she is the sexiest she has ever been and thinks her sensuality will only grow as she gets older.

She added in an interview with the German edition of GQ magazine: “I’ve never felt sexier and more attractive than I do now. Sex has always been a big part of me, of my work and my life. Now I feel more comfortable with myself than I ever have. And now I understand how I can get exactly what I want.”

Christine is adamant women are sexier than men, because a naked girl’s body is so beautiful to view.

She previously said: “I think women are such sensual beings. And, I mean, I’m attracted to men ultimately – I’m married and I love my husband and I love what we do together, but honestly? If I had the choice between viewing a naked man or a naked woman, I’d choose the woman. We’re just naturally sexier and more beautiful to look at.”


Christina Aguilera’s Father Is A “Stranger” To Her

Christina Aguilera is a doting mom to 2-year-old son Max with husband Jordan Bratman, has a successful music career, and recently added actress to her resume. Though the singer appears to have a good head on her shoulders, her upbringing was a challenge, having been raised by a physically and emotionally abusive father. In an interview with Latina magazine via US Weekly, the Beautiful singer opened up about her "nonexistent" relationship with her father.

Aguilera recalled the struggles that her mother had to face before leaving her dad when she was 7, saying,

To remember the chaos that [my mother] went through, the abuse, I don't know how she did it. But it's amazing how much you can trick your mind into surviving when you have to."

Though she feels there is "no reason" for a relationship with her father at this point, Aguilera says, "There's always room for forgiveness. And I do forgive--but you grow up and make choices for your family."

She also gives credit where credit is due, dishing on husband Jordan Bratman's role in the situation, "Jordy was the calm in the storm when everybody else was driving me crazy." She added, "I had a lot of older people around me who were conniving--and these people do that so you cling to them. He was the person who reached down, pulled me out and made me see reason. I'm very lucky to have him."


Christina Aguilera & Max Hit The Museum

Mama's boy! Christina Aguilera and her 2-year-old son Max went to the Museum of Natural History in New York City on Saturday (May 8).

On Mother's Day, the 29-year-old mother of one was seen shopping with her family, including her hubby Jordan Bratman, brother and her mother, at the Coco De Mer sex shop in SoHo.


Christina Aguilera’s Lil’ Stinkbomb

Christina Aguilera took her 2-year-old son Max shopping at the Scholastic store this afternoon (May 7) in New York City. We love Max's shirt that read "Lil' Stinkbomb."

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old Beautiful singer performed in a special live broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show at Radio City Music Hall in celebration of O Magazine's 10th anniversary.

Max's father is Christina's husband of four years, music marketing executive Jordan Bratman.


Christina Aguilera: I’m Not A “Cookie-Cutter Soccer Mom”

Musical mom Christina Aguilera took time out from promoting her new album Bionic to spend the day with her two favorite guys: Her hubby Jordan Bratman and their 2-year-old son Max (May 1). The trio was spotted heading into home decor store Blackman Cruz in Hollywood, California.

The 29-year-old singer talked to Access Hollywood this week about her roles as both a mom and a sex symbol, saying, "Mama still has to be me. I never claimed to be a cookie-cutter soccer mom. That’s all good for some people. Not for me.”

“[Max is] going to learn to respect the fact that women are allowed to express themselves and not feel shameful about their bodies or their sexuality,” Xtina adds.

Christina also dished on little Max's musical taste, revealing that his two favorite singers are Rihanna and, of course, Mommy.

“He’s really into Rihanna. And he does say, ‘Put in mama’s song, put in mama’s song.’ And then he goes – ‘Go cazy! Go cazy!’ It’s so cute.”


Christina Aguilera: I’m “More Sexual” As A Mother

Christina Aguilera says she's feels sexier since welcoming son Max in January 2008, Us reports.

I'm more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I think I'm even a more sexual Christina," the singer, who wed husband Jordan Bratman four years ago, said.

"That's part of the change of having a child for me -- seeing your body do these things you never thought possible," adds Aguilera, whose new album Bionic hits the shelves on June 8. “When you have a baby, you go through a period where your body is not your own. It becomes for your child and that's it. Once you bounce back from that and kind of get your body back... I feel better than ever. It's a great feeling."


Lou Diamond Phillips’ Fairy Princess Takes Flight

Lou Diamond Phillips and wife Yvonne Boismier Phillips were spotted out for a walk in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday (April 5) with their 2 ½-year-old daughter, Indigo Sanara.

The adorable little girl skipped along wearing a cute fairy costume – green wings and a wand – while holding both of her parents’ hands.

Lou, 48, is also father to 12-year-old twins, Grace Moorea and Isabelle Patricia, and 9-year-old Lili Jordan with ex-wife Kelly Preston.


Sean Penn sued for making death threats against photographer


Actor Sean Penn threatened to kill a paparazzo if he ever ran into him again, according to a new lawsuit filed by the photographer

In a suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Jordan Dawes claims Penn assaulted him by “kicking and punching” him as he filmed a documentary about paparazzi in October 2009.”

Dawes says Penn broke his camera and said, “The next time I see you, you will be in a box.”

Dawes has said he was forced to have knee surgery as a result of the alleged attack, according to TMZ.

Penn has already been charged with criminal battery and vandalism in connection with the incident.


“The Temptations Of Tiger Woods” by Vanity Fair

ferriolopreviewVanity Fair persuaded (translation: it only took a 100 dollar bill dangled in front of them to induce the verbal diarrhea) four of Tiger Woods’ mistresses (including Mindy Lawton below and Loredana Jolie above) to take part in a 14-page piece on Tiger Woods that explores all the details of his secret life and attempts to understand how he got to the point where he is today. Having read parts of the interviews, we of course know the answer: It was all Michael Jordan’s fault. Which means, if Michael Jordan was the one who FORCED Tiger Woods to stick his penis in 11 random vaginas, then he is the master of this whole adultery game. Now if we can only find where he buried his 268 mistresses…

On why having sex with women who bleed is not a good idea:

Mindy Lawton says she met Woods for one rendezvous at 5:30 in the morning, before he had to leave for a golf tournament. Although she was menstruating, he insisted on having sex with her, but when the key card to access his office didn’t work, he drove to a nearby parking lot, where they had sex in his car. After they left, Lawton claims, reporters from The National Enquirer, who had been following her, picked up the tampon she had dropped in the parking lot, and later threatened to use it as part of a story exposing Woods’s infidelity. When the tabloid contacted one of Lawton’s relatives, Lawton texted Tiger in a panic, and he put her in touch with Mark Steinberg. “That’s when their brush-under-the-rug, the cover-up, happened,” Lawton says, referring to a deal that the Enquirer allegedly made with Tiger’s handlers to hold the adultery story in exchange for Woods’s giving an exclusive interview to its sister publication Men’s Fitness. (A spokesperson for The National Enquirer denies that the paper held the Lawton story in exchange for an exclusive on Tiger.)

On Michael Jordan proselytizing Tiger’s penis to the dark side:

Woods’s preferred place to stay in Las Vegas was the Mansion at the MGM Grand, where a one-bedroom suite costs $5,000 per night. He would gamble in the ultra-exclusive V.I.P. casino nearby. According to a source known as Robin Hood 702, “sometimes the only people in the place were me, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan. Each of us sat at our own private table and played big. Tiger plays big. Up to 30 grand a hand … and when you’re playing splits and doubles, you can have 150 grand on one hand.”

“When Tiger showed up in Vegas, he was always with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley,” according to Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke. Years earlier, however, John Merchant had warned Woods to avoid Jordan and Barkley, saying of Jordan, “Stay away from that son of a bitch, because he doesn’t have anything to offer to the fucking world in which he lives except playing basketball.” Merchant adds, “Are they his black role models? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

On Tiger being a big spender with the ladies:

With many of his mistresses, Woods was allegedly exceedingly cheap. Mindy Lawton says the only thing he ever bought for her was a chicken wrap from Subway (he was stopping there on his way to meet her). Tiger and his mistress Jamie Jungers broke it off, according to Jungers, because he refused to help her financially.



Christina Aguilera likes to read porn in the bathtub


Christina Aguilera like to unwind the stresses of being a huge star with a little alone time with a tub of water, an X-rated book and….well let your imagination run free.

She said: “I love water-eroticas – waterproof books full of erotic stories, if you will. You can literally get the book wet, read it in the bath.”

The 29-year-old pop star insists Max is the couple’s priority, but recognises it’s important she and hubby Jordan make time for each other both in public and in the bedroom.

She added to Britain’s OK! magazine: “We make sure we have mommy and daddy nights out. Our child comes first, obviously, but there are certain things you can do. Once we know he’s in good hands, we go out late at night and have a few drinks. Then we’ll come home, dim the lights and do our thing!”

Christina previously vowed motherhood wouldn’t stop her enjoying “naked Sundays” with Jordan.

We bet Jordan is up bright and early Sunday morning, with bath ready… 5 AM!


Jordan (Katie Price) sees dead people. And she’s not drunk

jordan_header_2803_101774aKatie “Jordan” Price is desperately trying to sell her house because she believes it to be haunted. And here we thought her days were occupied solely by thoughts of which pieces of fabric would dutifully fail to cover her gigantic breasts at the right place at the right moment and which setting on her sunbed would give her areolas that healthy, orange glow for everyone to appreciate. Come to think of it, there is a lesson to be learned here today, people: those reports about silicone leakings not doing any harm? A conspiracy theory to hide the fact that they actually turn brain cells into marshmallows and gummy worms.

Via NewsOfTheWorld:

The glamour queen has told pals she’s had enough of the spooky woman who appears upstairs and a scary ghoul that hogs her sunbed.

But she’s not thinking of calling Ghostbusters.

Instead the reality TV star – real name Katie Price – is phoning her estate agent to put the £2.5 million home on the market. She currently shares the “haunted house” with her very own Slimer, Alex Reid.

Last night, a close friend of the reality TV star revealed: “Katie wants out of there quickly as she’s convinced it’s haunted by a pair of ghosts.

“She feels like she’s being driven out of her own home by spirits – she’s had enough.”

Jordan, 31, reckons the first ghoul is an old lady who lives on the upper floors of the Surrey estate in Woldingham, which she previously shared with ex-husband Peter Andre.

The pal went on: “Even Alex has told her he’s seen the ghost. They’re convinced there’s an old lady upstairs. You can’t tell them otherwise.”

The second ghost, who they think is a man, haunts the sunbed Jordan had installed to keep her looking bronzed. The source added: “Katie has a sunbed room near the bottom of the house and she believes it’s haunted by a ghost.

“She’s seen shadows on a regular basis. A few weeks ago she thought the ghoul had tampered with the sunbed and she can’t get that out of her head.”

And as a result, the star of What Katie Did Next is desperate to leave the house, despite redecorating recently.

She even called in psychic Sally Morgan to investigate to goulish goings-on.

The friend said: “Katie’s put up with them for as long as she could and now the time has come to move out.

“The house was once the site of a retirement home so there may have been a lot of deaths.

“In her head she’s absolutely certain what’s going on and she doesn’t care what people have to say about it.”


Jordan Bratman’s Venice Beach Babe

On Saturday (March 27), the day after his wife Christina Aguilera premiered her newest single, Not Myself Tonight via her official website, Jordan Bratman and their son Max Liron were spotted out and about together in Venice Beach.

The adorable 2-year-old was sporting a pair of black Converse and some cute camo shorts as his dad toted him across the street.

Max’s mama recently opened up to Marie Claire about how motherhood has inspired her music:

I had a really hard time being light before. I’d get a little weird about it being too cliché. My first record was very clichéd pop - what everyone else wanted. [My second album Stripped] inspired by a lot of pain. [My third, Back to Basics,] /still had some sort of relation to my past. [My new album] is just about the future - my son in my life, motivating me to want to play and have fun.

Max is the only child for Christina and Jordan who have been married since November 2005.


Jill Hennessy Spends Saturday With Her Son

Jill Hennessy spent the afternoon out and about in New York City with her 6-year-old son Marco on Friday (March 19). At one point during their outing, the mother-son duo stopped a while to sit by a fountain where they chatted and laughed with some friends.

Marco’s father is Jill’s husband Paolo Mastropietro. The couple are also parents to son Gianni, who celebrated his second birthday earlier this month.

The 40-year-old Canadian actress is best known for her roles on Law & Order and Crossing Jordan.


Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn’s Sunday Sweeties

Look who's on the move! One-year-old twins Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose were up and walking today while out with their parents Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell in Los Angeles, California (March 14). Love the little ponytails!

Former Crossing Jordan star Jerry is reportedly headed back to the small screen this year, starring opposite Jim Belushi in the new CBS legal drama Defenders.


Max Bratman’s Day Out With Daddy

Precious! Two-year-old Max Liron made friends with a giant turtle and its pint-sized passengers during a trip to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, California with dad Jordan Bratman yesterday (March 13). We saw this close-knit pair not long ago, out at another LA park just last week.

Max's mom is the multi-talented Beautiful singer Christina Aguilera, who will be making her big screen debut later this year in Burlesque.


Jordan Bratman & Max Liron Are Park Pals

Jordan Bratman, 32, and his adorable 2-year-old son Max Liron were spotted together at a park in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (March 7).

Max, whose mom is Beautiful singer Christina Aguilera, 29, played in the sand with some friends before being carried off by his father.

Jordan and Christina, who began dating in 2002, were married in November 2005 at a Napa Valley estate.


Jordan should win Mother Of The Year Award


Katie Price (aka Jordan) recently shocked the public with a photo of her two-year-old daughter sporting a dye job, tons of make-up and eye lashes coasted in mascara.

And the 31-year-old apparently wants to turn Princess Tiaamii (yes, that’s her name) into a Mini-me of herself with a boob job, Botox and fake tan.

As soon as her daughter is old enough, Jordan will let her have plastic surgery.

She told friends: “If she wants a boob job I won’t stop her. And I have no problem with her having Botox – we’d go together.”

Katie also has no problem if her daughter wants to model topless. “When Princess is 18 and goes to be a Page 3 girl, I’d encourage her.

“I’ll go: ‘Yeah, get them out for the lads’,” the ‘Daily Star’ quoted her as saying.


Katie Price: “I’d Encourage” Princess To Pose Nude

Katie Price, 31, has declared she'd be happy for her 2-year-old daughter, Princess Tiaamii, to follow in her nude modeling footsteps.

When Princess is 18 and goes to be a Page 3 girl, I'd encourage her. I'll go: 'Yeah, get them out for the lads'."

Page 3 features topless or 'tastefully nude' photographs of women found on the third page of the British tabloid newspaper The Sun.

Sources say she's even told pals that she'd support the curly-haired tot should she want breast implants and Botox when she's grown up.

Her comments are sure to outrage papa Peter Andre. He recently expressed his anger after a picture of Princess wearing false eyelashes and makeup were posted on Katie's sister's Facebook.

"It's a two-year-old girl with false eyelashes on, full of make-up, for the whole world to be honest with you I'm disgusted," Peter fumed.

Has Katie completely lost it or do you agree with her?


Katie Price & New Husband Trying For A Baby

Squashing splitsville rumors, newlywed Katie Price - aka Jordan - says she can't wait to have kids with her new husband Alex Reid.

"Me and Alex so want kids – well, we are trying, so let's hope, let's hope," she tells the UK's GMTV. "I am in such a happy place, it's so great. You know, new year, new beginning and a new family life to start."

The British reality TV and her cage fighter beau began dating in July, only to break up - on the air during Katie's stint on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - four months later. However, it seems they soon patched things up. The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas just last week, though she's quick to point out that the ceremony "wasn't tacky at all."

"The reason we got married in Vegas is because you can't get married anywhere else unless you've been divorced for a certain amount of days," explains Katie, who split from her former husband Peter Andre last May.

Katie is already mom to kids Junior, 4, and Princess Tiaamii, 2, with Peter and son Harvey, 7, with footballer Dwight Yorke.


Jordan marries cross-dresser boyfriend in Vegas, spends wedding night in strip joint


Katie “Jordan” Price just got married to the guy she cheated her ex-husband with on Tuesday. The unholy union between the giant bozangas and the lipstick-loving salami she’s been dating for the past seven months occurred in a Las Vegas hotel and was promptly followed by strippers breaking a twenty by shaking their panties. A wedded bliss we’re sure will last as long as it takes the check from the magazine who covered the classy shindig to clear.

Via The Sun:

They shunned a romantic dinner or an evening in their hotel room to go with pals to the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas.

The couple spent more than four hours in a $1,000(£630)-an-hour private room called The Skybox with a constant rotation of the club’s best lapdancers.

Sapphire boasts that it has at least 400 girls working at any time.

One girl said: “All sorts of stuff goes on up in The Skybox. That’s where you get the best treatment.

“Anything can happen in The Skybox – the girls really let go.”


Katie Price & Her Brighton Babe

Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan) was spotted with her 2-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii out and about in Brighton, UK on Monday (February 1). Katie and her ex-husband Peter Andre are also parents to 4-year-old son Junior. Katie is also mom to 7-year-old son Harvey from her previous relationship with Dwight Yorke.

The public fight over the kids' hair continues! Andre talked to OK! about Price's tweet regarding Princess' haircut. "That was the most pathetic thing to get brought out into the public domain. It was a trim off the ends of her hair, for God's sake. It was so pathetic. My daughter's hair needed a trim, what's the problem?"

Andre went on to say that the trim was necessary since Price had been using a straightening iron on Princess' hair. "The truth is, Princess had come to me a few times with hair straightened by straightening irons, which used to annoy me, so I had to get it trimmed. These things should be private, it's so childish, why would she do that?"

Price has since admitted to straightening her toddler's delicate hair.

She has naturally curly blonde hair which I straightened recently and it didn't look good - she looked like a little troll."

What do you think about using a straightening iron on a 2-year-olds' hair?