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Josie Duggar Returns To Hospital

Just a week after finally being allowed to go home with her family, baby Josie Duggar is back at Arkansas Children's Hospital today after her vital signs unexpectedly dropped.

"[The doctor] told us to never trust a preemie," says Josie's dad Jim Bob. "That is really true."

Though Josie was doing well when she returned home last week, fortifiers added to mom Michelle's breast milk to increase her intake of calories are apparently what triggered the latest setback. The fortifiers led to constipation which in turn led to the fluctuation in her vital signs.

Though he's not sure how long she'll have to remain at the hospital, Jim Bob reports that Josie is "doing fine now."

"It seems like she will do great for a few days and then have challenges. We are so encouraged about how she's doing, and it is amazing how she's filling out. But, even though she is beyond her due date and over the four-month mark, she is still not at the weight of a full-term baby," he says of his daughter, who now weighs 4lbs 12oz.

The youngest of the Duggars' 19 children, Josie was born on December 10, 2009 - 15 weeks earlier than expected due to Michelle's pre-eclampsia - weighing just 1lb 6 oz.

"We really appreciate everyone's continued prayers for Josie," Jim Bob adds.