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Tila Tequila Gives Kate Major a STD Covered Kiss

Tabloid writer Kate Major celebrated her birthday with a smooch from attention whore Tila Tequila at West Hollywood’s House of Blues Tuesday night while random people like Michael Lohan and Tila’s new boyfriend Apollo Green looked on (guess she isn’t a lesbian anymore). Basically the who’s who of who gives a crap. Intrestingly enough Tiger Woods’ former porn star mistress Joslyn James, was also there celebrating her 33rd birthday and her nomination for an AVN award .

And I know what you are all thinking; Who are these people and why should I give a shit? Is there a reason that Tila shouldn’t have kissed Kate? Have these people done anything to warrant me caring? Is my life somehow less complete because I don’t know who they are?

The truth is we just wanted to weave Tiger’s name into the most random story possible, SO BAM, mission complete. That $60 office pool is now mine.

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Joslyn James out promoting her upcoming Tiger Woods porn movie

40355PCN_James03Joslyn James was out on the promotional trail over the weekend to promote her new movie “The Eleventh Hole” that she just signed with Vivid Entertainment to star in and here she is in a fine pizza establishment pointing at one of those 11 holes. A little later on she proved how fast she can take down fluids of all kinds by visiting Millions of Milkshakes and making one disappear in 5 seconds flat.

PS: What’s up with her inflatables, particularly the left one? It looks like a midgit riding a tiny thimble-sized lawnmower run over it a few times. That or production of The Eleventh Hole already started.

Here’s the press release for the epic movie. Kendra Wilkinson’s breasts just exploded with envy right about now.

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film studio, has signed a contract with one-time Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James to make “The Eleventh Hole,” a movie that will depict never-before-told intimate details of her three-year relationship with the golf champion.

The movie will take viewers behind the Tiger Woods headlines, gossip columns and texting to capture the most secret fine points about James’ affair with the golf icon.

In sensual and graphic terms, viewers will learn the between-the-sheets story behind the personal texts Woods sent to James.

The movie will be released under the studio’s Vivid-Celeb imprint, which has earned fame and notoriety for popular movies featuring celebrities having sex, from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to Kim Kardashian, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty and Playboy Playmate and reality TV star Shauna Sand.

James, also known as Veronica Siwik-Daniels, carried on a long-running affair with Woods after meeting him at The Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. She has disclosed numerous steamy text messages the two exchanged to arrange their trysts.

“Even at major tournaments we would manage to hook up, and in fact it wasn’t unusual for us to have sex four or five times a day,” she said in a recent interview.

Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid, said he anticipates “a great demand for this film because we think it will tell the real story behind Woods’ voracious sexual appetite and the women who satisfied it.”

Joslyn recently consulted with Vivid when the studio held open auditions for the role of Tiger Woods in her upcoming movie which is expected to be released on May 17th.