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Happy Birthday JT! Songs You Didn’t Know Justin Timberlake Wrote

Justin Timberlake

To help him ring in his 33rd year, we found a few songs by the singer that you might not have known he wrote.

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Give Peace A Chance: Ciara Denies EVER Beefing With Rihanna And Confirms Whether Or Not She And Future Tied The Knot

ciara rihanna

Ci-Error don’t want no more trouble with RihRih

Ciara Fashion Police

The singer made an appearance on the 9/13 Fashion Week edition of E!’s “Fashion Police” and host Joan Rivers jumped right in by addressing the beef that was brewed between the two singers during Ci-Ci’s last appearance on the show:

“You were here a year ago and that started a feud with Rihanna, is the feud still going on?”

Rivers inquired.

Ciara smiled at the question and denied holding a grudge against the Bajan superstar:

“I never really had a feud myself, whatever someone else feels is up to them but I’m in a very happy place and I’m feeling good.”

Joan also asked Ciara about her personal life with boyfriend Future and Ci responded, “That’s my baby…” But she was quick to deny marriage rumors after Rivers asked outright if the couple was married.

“No I’m not,” Ciara told the TV host.

Rivers joked that the pair’s matching Bentley’s might be a “hip-hop sign of engagement” and asked Ci-Ci if she thought they’d get engaged.

Ciara responded:

“I don’t want to put too much hype on it because as you guys know I’m very private about my love but I feel like you have to celebrate it when it feels good to you the way it does to me, so I’m very happy.”

Do you feel like Ciara and Future will end up tying the knot?

Ciara Fashion Police Ciara Kelly Osbourne Ciara Fashion Police ciara rihanna


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Justin Timberlake Reunites With ‘N Sync For 30-Minute Melody And Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award [Video]

dailymotion yardie MTV

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Married?

Jessica Biel has said before that she and Justin were in no rush to get married. Claiming they hadn’t even set a date, “It’s very exciting but it’s hard to find the time for it!” the actress said. However, there are new reports coming out that claim Justin and Jessica had their “secret” wedding this past weekend!

Hollywood gossip columnist Janet Charlton wrote the following on her blog,


“A source just told us that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as we write this! They pulled a fast one on everybody! They are in the middle of their ceremony at a very fancy private estate and members of the wedding party are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel there.”

Now, this report just might be true because the couple has hinted in the past about wanting to have their wedding in Wyoming. Also, celebrity wedding cake designer Sylvia Weinstock tweeted the following message, “America is a beautiful country Jackson hole a marvel (sic).”

Very interesting, huh? This could all just be a big coincidence, but you never know. Celebrities have been to know to throw secret weddings in the past to avoid all the paparazzi. Did Justin and Jessica follow their path? Or are the rumors…just rumors? We’ll find out soon enough; they can’t keep the secret for too long. Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake


Justin Bieber Continues to Spend Money!

Justin Bieber has a sh*t load of money and wants to make sure everyone knows it. The 18-year-old Justin Timberlake wannabe just purchased a $20,000 Superbike. Sources say that it was a Ducati Superbike 848 EVO and he had it delivered to him Thursday. Justin picked out the bike at an L.A. dealership a couple of days ago.

Bieber doesn’t even have his motorcycle license yet, but when you have all the money in the world…who really cares? The Superbike is just his latest toy. Bieber also has a Cadillac CTS-V, Smart Car and a Fisker Karma. Oh…and the $6 million mansion he just bought.

Any guesses on what his next purchase will be? Write down your guesses below in the comments. We’re thinking he might buy a helicopter, or a chimpanzee. Justin Bieber Continues to Spend Money! Justin Bieber Continues to Spend Money! Justin Bieber Continues to Spend Money! Justin Bieber Continues to Spend Money!


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are Engaged?

What? I forgot they were even rumored to be back together and now they are engaged? If this is true, it is very sad news because it means another hottie is off the market. It’s being reported that Timberlake proposed during a romantic Christmas holiday in Wyoming. Wyoming’s Tayloe Piggot Jewelry says that Timberlake asked Biel the question on Sunday night as they stayed at the five-star Amangani resort in the state. The Jeweler wrote this on its Facebook page, “Word on the street is that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel at the Amangani last night. We’re picking out post-engagement presents for them just in case they come in! Trying to play it cool.” Yeah, way to play it cool. I am sure Jessica and Justin will walk through your door any minute now! And, as you might have guessed a spokesperson for Timberlake and Biel could not be reached for comment. I guess Justin didn’t want Britney getting all the attention with her engagement, so he decided to pop the question to Jessica. I know a lot of people still have hopes that Justin and Britney will get back together. That will never happen, though. Timberlake is smart enough to stay far away from that train wreck.

Mila Kunis also hacked

Sorry folks, no juicy pictures as of yet, but TMZ claims the hacker is shopping them around and that they’ve already seen them.

Four pictures have been leaked, including two which show Justin — one, laying shirtless in a bed, and another in which J.T. is jokingly sporting a pair of pink panties over his head.  Kunis is not featured in either of the pics.
There’s another photo of Mila in a bathtub, but all you see is her head.  And then there’s another photo of a “mystery” male which is explicit in nature.

Wait a second, aren’t those scenes from that horrible movie of theirs, Friends With Benefits (yes, sometimes we watch stupid movies too, but only for research)? We smell a marketing stunt here!! We’ll post if anything new comes up.

In the meantime, here’s a “gloomy” Mila Kunis in L.A yesterday, hours after her phone was hacked.

article-2037554-0DBCB51A00000578-534_468x322 FLYNET - Mila Kunis Getting Iced Coffee After Workout article-2037554-0DDF76F300000578-198_224x554

Mila Kunis Snaps at a Reporter in Fluent Russian

You might remember when ladies everywhere were getting super wet over that video of actor Bradley Cooper speaking fluent French on a French TV show. We was all like, “What’s the big deal?” It’s just a dude most women would chop off their left leg for speaking fluently in the most romantic language on the planet? Well! We think we sort of “get it” now thanks to Meg Mila Kunis.

You see, Mila Kunis and her costar Justin Timberlake were at a press junket in Moscow for Friends With Benefits when one of the reporters asked Timberlake (in Russian) “you’re such a successful singer, why would you even want to get into acting?”. Lets just say Kunis did not approve:

“Why should he be making movies? What do you want him to be doing? (Applause)” Kunis, who moved to California from Ukraine at age 7, testily replied. “If he wants to do it and he can do it, why not? (Crosstalk) What kind of question is that? Well, why are you here? (More applause, crosstalk) It’s the same thing.”

DAMN! The way she reponded, you’d think the reporter had asked her if this was the exact same movie that came out this very same year with Kutcher & Portman.


Mila Kunis Agrees to Go On a Date With a Random Marine

A month ago, Sgt. Scott Moore, a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube in which he asks hot-actress-of-the-moment Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball this November…and she actually said yes. Which pisses me off, since I’ve asked out about 320 celebrities over the last year and have literally never gotten a response, this guy posts a 19 second video and scores on the first try. Whatever dude. Beginners luck, the wind, a disinterested and arbitrary universe, something intervened.

Anyway, continuing the story.

Over the weekend, Kunis was doing an interview with her Friends With Benefits costar Justin Timberlake and he mentioned the video and urged her to go:

“Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country,” Timberlake asked Kunis excitedly, before sending out a direct message to Moore. “I’m going to work on this, man. This needs to go down.”

After questioning her publicist if she knew about the invitation, the clearly flattered 27-year-old actress agreed.

“I’ll go, I’ll do it for you,” she said, turning to Timberlake. “Are you going to come?”

“They don’t want me! They want you,” Timberlake responded. “You need to do it for your country.”

Kunis nodded.

“I’ll do it,” she confirmed.

So that’s fun! I mean, it could be really awkward and her presence might detract from from the point of the evening, to celebrate Marines, but whatever! She is supporting the troops! Nice feelings!

What I’m most worried about is this leading to America’s new favorite pastime: guilting celebrities into doing things they probably wouldn’t want to do but have to because it’d be bad publicity if they said no. I can’t wait for a public proposal by a soldier-dying-of-cancer who wants Amy Adams to suck him off.


The 2011 MTV Movie Awards

If you watched last night’s MTV Movie Awards, then you saw a whole lot of the Twilight cast. If you didn’t tune in, then well you didn’t miss much, same old shit, Twilight won it all and Robert Pattinson looked retarded. So pretty much exactly the same show as in 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. Oh wait, there was one moment where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis groped each other. That was kinda cool.

The results were:

Best Movie Winner: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Villain: Tom Felton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Best Comedic Performance: Emma Stone, Easy A
Biggest Badass Star: Chloë Mortez, Kick-Ass
Best Breakout Star: Chloë Mortez, Kick-Ass
Best Fight: Robert Pattinson vs. Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Kiss Winner Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Best Line From a Movie: “I want to get chocolate wasted!” – Alexys Nycole Sanchez, Grown Ups
Best Scared-As-Sh*t Performance: Ellen Page, Inception
Best Jaw Dropping Moment: Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Apparently the MTV audience isn’t as dumb as one might think. They gave Justin Bieber the Best Jaw Dropping Moment Award, which is clearly an allusion to the fact that he gives blowjobs.

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards The 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian has Risen from the Dead, Now a Twitter Zombie

Kim Kardashian is dead

At the begging of this month, Twitter attention whores such as Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest and a few others utterly misjudged their popularity and “died” on Twitter and Facebook, vowing not to post their random thoughts until they raised 1 million dollars for the Keep a Child Alive AIDS campaign. Well the campaign didn’t turn out exactly how they wanted since it took far too long for them to raise the money, so when they hit around the $450,000 mark they persuaded a wealthy savior to give them $500,000 so they could get back to verbally puking out their 12 word thoughts.

New York Post reports:

Celebrities were so frustrated with the time it took to raise $1 million for’s “Digital Death” campaign, they persuaded billionaire pharmaceutical executive Stewart Rahr donated $500,000 yesterday to meet the $1 million goal.

Stars including Kim Kardashian, who can earn about $10,000 a tweet, started getting itchy fingers.

Jeez, who would have thought that 9 to 15 year old girls aren’t a very charitable demographic. I’m shocked. And why would I want to donate to a charity when the consequences would be these tards back to tweeting about their favorite hair conditioner that they get paid 5 grand to post about.

I would however go all necrophilic on kim’s corpse.


Justin Timberlake Cheated on Jessica Biel With Godess of the Nerds Olivia Munn

Seems Justin Timberlake is still going strong in his quest to bang every hot chick on the planet, Us magazine is reporting that he cheated on his girlfriend Jessica Biel (who is hot) with none other than every geek’s wet dream Olivia Munn (who is hot).

Timberlake, 29, and Munn, 30, first met at a Sept. 26 MySpace event.
After exchanging numbers, he “started chasing her immediately,” says an insider.
Munn resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Biel, 28. But Timberlake “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though “the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”
Believing he had left Biel and that her relationship with Timberlake might develop into something serious, Munn took him to her hotel, the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC, Sept. 27 and 28, where “they were openly affectionate,” the insider adds.
The insider tells Us the two “had amazing sex” that night.

Wait… they met at a MySpace event? I thought he was one of the founders of Facebook? You mean that movie wasn’t real?!?

And what is all this “the insider” nonsense… Sounds more like a fat comic book guy who wanted  an autograph from Olivia but she brushed him off, so now he’s angry.

Best part is how Justin apparently pulled off the infamous “Nah, girl, it’s all good, we broke up” line. Bet it went something along these lines:

Munn: Are you and Jess still together?
JT: Yes.
Munn: Then we can’t bang.
JT: I meant no?
Munn: Oh cool, but I won’t do ass to mouth if Mike Myers is staying to watch.
JT: What if he gets you a part in the next Shrek movie?
Munn: Deal.

Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy Olivia Munn in Playboy

In White Folks News: Justin And Jessica Are Back On Front Street


Everyone and their little brother came out to watch the Jay-Z performance in Hollyweird last night. Justin Timberfake and Jessica Biel were coupled up showing that through all the cheating rumors, Justin can still get it.

Pop the top to see more pictures of the couple and some of Jamie Foxx and Nicole Richie


Jessical Biel and Justin Timberlake:the beauty and the geek


Finally! It took a fashion gala to convince Jessica Biel to drop the act and come out as the person everyone knew and had intimate bathroom moments with: gorgeous with layers and layers of sex appeal (kinda like an onion but without the stinging). Unfortunately her boyfriend, who has serious insecurities about his non-existent chest hair, thought the bespeckled geek look would make him man enough to stand next to her (how about some testosterone injections instead…we hear they also do wonders for your voice). Jessica and Justin were attending the Model as Muse Embodying Fashion Costume Institute Gala in New York City.