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Jack White & Karen Elson’s Quiet Nashville Life

It is not often that we hear stories of former White Stripes frontman Jack White and wife, British model Karen Elson. Out of the Hollywood spotlight, the two share a quiet life just outside of Nashville, Tn., with their two children, Scarlett, 4, and Henry, 2.

White has made his mark on the music industry in various bands and with solo work, and now it is Elson's turn, with the stunning mama releasing her new album, The Ghost Who Walks, and embarking on a tour in June. White has said that their children are keen on music as well, "They're very musical - they're quite funny in how intently they pay attention to things."

The album has a dark undertone to it, and Elson revealed to the Times Online how it may affect their children, "Our daughter [Scarlett] is going to be 4 very soon, and our son [Henry] is 2½. I often say to Jack, ‘There’s going to be a point when our children view us as the Addams Family’. But we’re not trying to raise them in some fantasy world. If they end up liking Miley Cyrus, well, I’m happy with that. Computer games, I’m not so happy about."