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Kate Bosworth topless at the beach

Kate Bosworth is dating Alexander Skarsgård, who of course plays Eric Northman on HBO’s “True Blood”. Rumors of their never quite confirmed relationship coming to an end don’t seem to be getting Bosworth down though as she hits the beach with and without her bikini top. In all honesty, though, Kate doesn’t really do anything for me. I remember seeing her in “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton” a few years back and thinking she was so beautiful and wholesome. Then she disappeared – literally. Where is the rest of her? She actually looks like she’s starting to gain a bit of weight back, but she still has a long way to go before I’m ready to call her sexy again.

tn kate bosworth 2 Kate Bosworth topless at the beach

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Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach

Here’s Kate Bosworth going for a topless swim in Cancun, Mexico yesterday and proving she is in fact a which. How so you ask? Well she walked out of the ocean topless, then walked across the beach topless, then walked back into the ocean topless, and yet there’s not a single frontal picture of her bare boobs. None.

The tune, “Turn Around, Look At Me” by The Vogues comes to mind. I wish she would!

Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach Kate Bosworth Goes Topless on a Beach

Kate Bosworth may have sat on a Smurf

Kate Bosworth is hot so who cares if she’s wearing shorts that look like she may have inadvertently sat on a Smurf – or a few Smurfs or Smurves, maybe? What is the plural for Smurf? Anyway, Kate’s kind of really gorgeous but I can’t help wondering what happened to her career. I’ve liked her in everything I’ve seen her in, but when I really think about it, that’s only really been a few different things. I suppose that matters about as much as the proper plural form of ‘Smurf’ considering how hot she is. Sure she really doesn’t have an ass to speak of, but one can’t be too picky. Her legs are ridiculous so if the ass doesn’t please you, look a little lower.

tn 3 Kate Bosworth may have sat on a Smurf

tn 11 Kate Bosworth may have sat on a Smurf tn 6 Kate Bosworth may have sat on a Smurf tn 7 Kate Bosworth may have sat on a Smurf
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Kate Bosworth Is A Sexy Ghost

The last time I had Kate Bosworth on the site she was wearing a sexy little bikini, which made me fall in love with her, but that’s all in the past now. Here she is looking kind of ghostly in her little plain white dress the other day. I think the bikini pictures have ruined me, I know she’s hot, but I’m just not that into these shots. I’d let them buy me a few cocktails at the bar, but ultimately I’d make up some lame excuse about having to get up really early tomorrow and I’d just leave them there. I can’t be the only one.

Kate Bosworth PicturesKate Bosworth PicturesKate Bosworth Pictures
Kate Bosworth PicturesKate Bosworth PicturesKate Bosworth Pictures

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Report: Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom May Be Expecting

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr surprised the world when they secretly married just one month after announcing their engagement. This move has left some wondering if the couple may have a bun in the oven.

A rep for Kerr did not deny the claims, nor did they confirm, telling the Sydney Morning Herald, "I am sorry but I am unable to make a comment.''

In the past, Kerr, 27, has made it no secret that she desires to have a family, saying, "I've always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen. My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch. When this is all over, that's where I'll be."

The couple began dating in late 2007, after Bloom's highly publicized split with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Bosworth.


Kate Bosworth loves that Vampire crotch


Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard have been getting some quality time lately. Here, a bikini clad Kate was snapped cuddling up on the True Blood star’s perfectly chiseled rock hard abs…not that we are gay or anything. The two have been spotted together quite a bit of late, showing lots of public heavy petting, but who can blame them. Just look at these two, Hitler would have trebled with pride with the likes of these two blond haired, blue-eyes specimens mating for the master race.


Drea de Matteo’s Musical Munchkin

Actress Drea de Matteo had her eyes on her 2-year-old daughter Alabama Gypsy Rose yesterday as the pair, along with dad Shooter Jennings, took in the sights and sounds at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California (April 16).

Several other famous faces were spotted in the crowd on the opening day of weekend-long music fest, including Kelly Osbourne, Kate Bosworth and Scott Speedman.


Kate Bosworth’s bones attempt to exude sex appeal in Italian Vogue


Kate Bosworth was on the cover and pages of the December issue of the Italian Vogue and if chicks with 0.05% body fat and hair fuzz growing all over their body as an immune reaction to impending starvation is your thing then feel free to go ahead and have your lukewarm handjob. We’re staying clear from this one.


Gwyneth Paltrow & Her London Lad

What a cutie! Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted out in London with her 3 1/2-year-old son Moses on Tuesday (November 10). After meeting up with friends, Gwyneth went for a jog. The 37-year-old Academy Award-winning actress and her hubby Chris Martin are also parents to 5-year-old daughter, Apple.

Is there trouble in paradise for Gwynnie and Chris? Rumorville was reporting that the Coldplay rocker, 32, recently kissed 26-year-old actress Kate Bosworth. However, Martin's rep denied the claims. "This story is entirely untrue," Marin's rep stated.

Do you think Gwyneth and Chris are facing marital troubles?


Alex Skarsgard is attracted to Kate Bosworth’s bones


Despite looking like she spent a month in isolation where she was fed rabbit turd once a day and beaten senselessly by her butch inmates (see bruises on right leg and left arm…but then again it could be that Alex discovered rare patches of meat just staring up at him and found himself strangely attracted to them), Kate Bosworth seems to have managed to snatch Alex Skarsgard (who just won Best Villain for his role in True Blood at the Scream Awards 2009) away from Evan Rachel Wood, who although undoubtedly is far more edible, does carry the stigma of being pesticized by Marilyn Manson’s spunk.


In-Need-Of-Meat Kate Bosworth supports “MeatFree Monday”


Kate Bosworth, who weighs 90lbs with 50 bucks worth of change in her pocket wants us to save the planet by not eating meat one day a week. Which is a reasonable request for all the fat f**ks out there who have lost track of their pubic hair growth because their gut is in the way. But Kate needs to eat cow 21 times a week before new hair starts growing all over her body like a newborn chimp to compensate for the lack in fat.

By the way, the “MeatFree Monday” campaign launch (at St.James Park in London on Monday, June 15) was the brainchild of Sir Paul McCartney and his two daughters, Stella and Mary (psst, don’t tell them, but if all these celebrities stopped continent-hopping every time an event popped up in Singapore, or Dubai, or Paris etc they would save enough plane fuel to allow us mortals to enjoy a steak or two on a Monday night…).


Kate Bosworth:granny in Manhattan


Right, we’re going to say this only to make our point more clear, so let there be no doubt as to where our preferences lie (when it comes to spooning that is): Kate Borsworth’s boyfriend, James Rousseau is one of the hottest guys out there (we just cringed). So, if you have a man like that next to you, why dress up like your granny would in 1937? Kate Bosworth can truly be fashion-forward, but sometimes she ends up looking like a bag lady dressed by a gay designer who had his period the day he designed the outfit.