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In-Need-Of-Meat Kate Bosworth supports “MeatFree Monday”


Kate Bosworth, who weighs 90lbs with 50 bucks worth of change in her pocket wants us to save the planet by not eating meat one day a week. Which is a reasonable request for all the fat f**ks out there who have lost track of their pubic hair growth because their gut is in the way. But Kate needs to eat cow 21 times a week before new hair starts growing all over her body like a newborn chimp to compensate for the lack in fat.

By the way, the “MeatFree Monday” campaign launch (at St.James Park in London on Monday, June 15) was the brainchild of Sir Paul McCartney and his two daughters, Stella and Mary (psst, don’t tell them, but if all these celebrities stopped continent-hopping every time an event popped up in Singapore, or Dubai, or Paris etc they would save enough plane fuel to allow us mortals to enjoy a steak or two on a Monday night…).