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Mariah Carey used to be a diva…now she’s a fat diva who needs to be lowered down to a sofa by her helpers


Mariah Carey appeared on British GMTV and X Factor recently and apparently her diva behavior left everyone shocked (you can’t hear chuckles, but we’re laughing…poor Brits. Someone should have told them she has two handlers sanitize Nick Cannon’s penis and then a swarovski artist create butterflies on his cannon before she grants him the right to enter her garden of Eden…that would have definitely saved them the shock of watching her getting lowered into a couch by two men like a whale washed to the shore and carried back in by a crew of eager marine life savers).

Host Kate Garraway revealed to British Tabloids:

‘I’ve heard a lot of rumours about her being a diva over the years and guess what? It turns out it’s all true!’

Miss Garraway added: ‘While Mariah was very nice, the amount of people she had in her entourage was hilarious.

‘They outnumbered the entire GMTV crew! She had two people to lower her on to the GMTV sofa, in case her dress got crushed, one person to walk in front of her backwards at all times in case she fell over and several people behind the camera making sure she was going to be filmed from the right angle! ‘Have you ever heard anything like it? Oh, and she brought her own toilet roll as well.’

Mariah recently claimed she is not a diva, despite admitting her dogs have their own entourage.

The singer said she had insisted on having assistants on hand for her Jack Russell pooches Cha Cha and JJ while filming a recent commercial, insisting: ‘My puppies are starring in this ad with me, too.

‘I had my team with me but the pups had a mini entourage of their own, of course! And why wouldn’t they? It was a big shoot and even my entourage had an entourage – my stylist had an assistant, my security had extra security.

‘The shoot was based on the fact that some people think I’m a demanding diva. I have no idea why people have that impression!’

She said: ‘I am baffled, shocked and appalled when I am called a diva. I’ve never done one diva-ish thing in my life…”