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Kate Moss & Family Enjoy The Sun In Spain


Kate Moss and husband Jamie Hince have been on holiday with her 11-year-old daughter Lila in Formentera, Spain. On Wednesday (August 14) – the family were seen relaxing on a yacht with friends.

Earlier in the week they also hit the shops together.

It’s been reported that Kate flew her driver first class to Spain after forgetting her must-have electronic cigarettes at home in London.

The Mirror reports the 39-year-old model has been trying to quit smoking. According to a source, “Kate has been a smoker for many years but recently she has got worried about wrinkles and other signs of aging. She has made a great effort to cut down and she has been doing well. But sometimes, especially on holiday, she craves them more and more.”

The source added, “She called home and had them couriered, paying more than £300 for a last-minute flight and more than £1,000 for a hotel room for him. She knows the trip was a tad excessive but she felt it was better than having to start all her good work again.”

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Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London

While I really like Kate Moss – always have, probably always will – I would never say she is the classiest lady to ever hit the runaway. I think that might be a big part of what I like about her, actually. She is certainly beautiful and all of that but she’s never struck me as the type of woman that is terribly concerned with how others see her – very unusual for a supermodel. In these shots, snapped in London, we are certainly seeing a whole lot of Kate and I’d be willing to bet she’s showing us far more than she intended to. I’m not convinced she cared in the least though. In fact, I would bet she doesn’t. She’s always been very comfortable with her body. Crotch shot aside, I think these photos are great. I’m not sure I love what she’s wearing but she looks as fabulous as she always does.

Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London

Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London
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Kate Moss & Family: Stylin’ In Paris

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, and Lila shop for Art in Paris - Part 2 **USA ONLY**

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince and Lila Grace were seen leaving an art gallery in Paris, France on Saturday (April 27). The trio also had lunch before shopping for art pieces at the JCS Modern Art Gallery. Moss looked every inch the model mom wearing a white and black scarf, Miu Miu catwalk sunglasses, black skinny jeans and leather boots. She also carried a Balenciaga snake skin tote.

On Sunday they met up with photographer François-Marie Banier before heading to the airport on Sunday (April 28). Lila carried her backpack and had on jeans with a heart design shirt.

Moss has said that her daughter has become quite the fashionista.

“She comes in at bedtime and says, ‘Mummy, do you think this is a good look?’ and then she has a fashion crisis. I say, ‘You will wear what I tell you,’ but she says she’s the adult of the bedroom. Now we lay the clothes out before she goes to bed – but then she goes, ‘Mum, I need options’.”

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Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, and Lila shop for Art in Paris - Part 2 **USA ONLY**
Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, and Lila shop for Art in Paris - Part 2 **USA ONLY**
Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, and Lila shop for Art in Paris - Part 2 **USA ONLY**
Kate Moss, Jamie Hince, and Lila shop for Art in Paris - Part 2 **USA ONLY**
Kate Moss, Jamie Hince and Lila get ready to leave Paris **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**
Kate Moss, Jamie Hince and Lila get ready to leave Paris **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**

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Kate Moss & Family Hit The Streets of Paris

Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY]

Kate Moss, her daughter Lila Grace and Jamie Hince step out of their hotel in Paris and head to lunch at L’avenue Restaurant Wednesday (March 6).

The supermodel looked fashionable in a fur coat over a sheer black top, black leggings and leather boots. Ten-year-old Lila – wore a black leather jacket, graphic tee and black leggings.

Moss will reportedly be covering Playboy Magazine’s 60th anniversary issue.

The 39-year-old model is rumoured to be shooting the spread for the magazine in London this month.  The issue won’t hit newsstands until January 2014.

View Slideshow »» Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY] Kate Moss and family hit the streets of Paris [USA ONLY]

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Miranda Kerr Loses to Rihanna’s Hot Armani Ad for Sexiest of 2011!!!

Yes, that’s right. Rihanna’s sexy-as-hell Armani ad topped Miranda Kerr’s Victoria Secret ad, with Kate Moss finishing behind new mother, Miranda, in third. The prestigious award was given to Rihanna by Advertising Age magazine who had industry chiefs come together and vote on all of the year’s ads. Although the twenty-three year old We Found Love singer’s win was a surprise to many, the magazine hailed Rihanna and her ad saying, ‘It’s Rihanna at her sexiest. She’s never looked this good… She’s in amazing shape and the pictures are stunning.’ Oh, and how I agree. The black and white pics of a prone Rihanna in the back of a hot car… yes, definitely deserving of Sexiest of 2011. Miranda Kerr’s Victoria Secret ad, though, has made ’The Good’ on The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly and had topped The Spank Bank multiple times. And while I put Kate Moss at the bottom of yesterday’s edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly, she looks amazingly bangable in her Liu Jo ad. All in all, though, I think the mag definitely made the right choice, because Rihanna is certainly sexy…      

The Goods, The Bad, and The Fugly — 12/27

The Goods – Yes, did you notice the ‘s’ on the end of that? That’s because there is more than one Good today, and they’ve got the goods, let me tell ya! Who? Why, who else but the Ultimo girls? These girls include: the millionaress, Tamara Ecclestone, Michael Buble’s bangin’ wife, Luisana Lopilato, Robbie Keane’s wife, Claudine, and the incomparable Amy Childs (pictured above, with remaining pics in the gallery below). These girls have raised Ultimo’s sales sky high, and really – who could be surprised? These ladies are straight-up fuckable – point blank, period! The Bad — Speaking of fuckable, guess who’s lost that title? Brad friggin’ Pitt!!! I saw this picture this morning and nearly broke down into tears. Why? Because, for the first time in my life I realized that all of the hotties would one day grow old and look like shit. And that thought… is simply horrifying. Seriously, though, what the hell happened?! I can’t talk about it anymore… It’s making me ill. The Fugly — Yep, here’s another shocker for ya! I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a hard-on for Kate Moss (well, seeing as how I’m a woman, I guess I’ve just never had a hard-on; um, anyway…), but this is just nasty! We’ve always known that Kate was flat-chested, but this is… Well, when they make it look like your boobs have turned into arm pit fat… yeeeeah, that’s a problem. Normally only fat chicks suffer from that little issue, but here she is… with armpit tits. Her ribs are stickin’ out, reminding me of those pictures of Auschwitz survivors. AND she’s got the pooched out belly to match the emaciated body and armpit tits!!! It is SO past time for this chick to get out of the game! I mean, really! Whoever designed this POS swimsuit needs to be drawn and quartered, because this look is just… well, FUGLY!!! JOIN ME TOMORROW FOR ANOTHER EDITION OF THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE FUGLY!!!  

What happened to Kate Moss?

When I saw that there were new pictures of Kate Moss in a really tiny bikini I thought, “Spank Bank Material!” But, then I actually saw the pictures and I just cannot include these in the Spank Bank. My “man” downstairs ran into the basement when he saw these pictures. I mean, we all know that Kate has never had big boobs, but it almost looks like they got even flatter. Her body used to be so tight and the whole package made you forget about her almost non-existent breasts. However, now the whole package looks like a flabby mess. I have a feeling she doesn’t eat a lot and doesn’t work out a lot. She might be skinny, but she doesn’t look like a healthy skinny. Plus, that bikini is the fucking ugliest thing I have ever seen. It looks like someone cut little pieces off an old dirty nightgown and turned them into a bikini. The whole thing is just so wrong and not in any way hot, or sexy. I am disappointed, but don’t worry! The Spank Bank will be coming soon and there are plenty of sexy babes to stare at today. But, for now…”enjoy” these bikini pictures of Kate Moss.

Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.18.2011)

This golden statue of Kate Moss sold for almost $1million. To a Japanese. Of course. They invented golden showers, didn’t they?

Holy crap! Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs has to be one of the ugliest dudes ever!

Gene Simmons married Shannon Tweed so he can officially have sex with himself in wedlock.

Ohhhh, Justin Bieber is playing with the duckies. Twenty million girls just fainted.

Rooney Mara from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo exhibits once more the brilliant nanotechnology behind photoshop.

Oh look, Jessica Biel is sporting a dove tattoo. She made peace and the good sex with Justin Timberlake, didn’t she? That’s what she wanted us to take out of this, didn’t she?

Penelope Cruz bitch-slapping her co-star around on the set of her new movie Venuto Al Monto. Why are all the chicks in Spanish movies and telenovelas so violent? It’s starting to scare me.

Hilary Duff doing a great job making us forget she has a thing growing in her uterus.

Jason Biggs has been eating one too many pies lately.

That’s all the smiling you’ll get out of Jessica Alba. Motherhood has yet to melt the frost.

Ivana Trump was invited to Gabrielle’s Angel Ball (Cancer charity event), most likely to scare the cancer away with her face. article-2050113-02DFABA700000578-186_468x396 article-0-0E6AF72A00000578-742_634x313 article-0-0E6AF73A00000578-99_634x404 article-0-0E6AF74A00000578-931_634x360 article-0-0E6AF76A00000578-429_634x294 article-0-0E6AF75200000578-217_634x348 article-0-0E6AF75600000578-329_634x310 article-0-0E6B082000000578-774_468x474 article-0-0E6B093000000578-576_468x602 article-0-0E65B65200000578-627_634x455 article-2049804-0E65B6EC00000578-518_634x611 article-2050194-0E6A746B00000578-159_306x423 article-2050194-0E6A746300000578-401_634x451 article-2050194-0E6A747700000578-780_634x780 article-2050194-0E6AE57400000578-878_634x363 article-2050227-0E6B0C9A00000578-466_468x541 article-2050227-0E6B0D6800000578-32_468x434 article-2050227-0E6B09B800000578-642_468x672 article-2050227-0E6B09C800000578-26_468x637 article-2050303-0E6B5D3D00000578-540_634x802 article-2050303-0E6B5D4100000578-891_634x894 article-2050303-0E6B5EFE00000578-602_634x616 article-2050303-0E6B5FD900000578-364_634x557 article-2050303-0E6B60D100000578-93_634x477 article-2050303-0E6B608D00000578-318_634x861 article-0-0E6B45F100000578-457_196x571 article-0-0E6B75D300000578-440_634x778 article-0-0E6B464D00000578-811_306x599 article-0-0E6B766F00000578-749_196x571 article-0-0E6B468100000578-88_306x599 article-0-0E6B59FD00000578-974_468x529 article-0-0E6B597500000578-730_224x553 article-2050376-0E6BB90B00000578-555_306x650 article-2050376-0E6BC27F00000578-491_634x786 article-2050336-0E6BB3B300000578-230_306x696

Kate Moss Forgot Her Skirt And Other Junk You Might Like (09.29.2011)

Miranda Kerr and Sofia Vergara in mini skirts and see-through tops. Our way of making up to you for showing you pictures of Tori Spelling and Maria Shriver.

Steve Tyler is mistaken for a clown at LAX.

Leann Rimes sitting on a urinal. How poignant!

Liv Tyler is in serious need of the thing Anderson Cooper hasn’t tried in 44 years! (Coffee. True Story)

What the hell happened to Anna Friel?

This is Kim Kardashian’s bowling outfit. I swear she went bowling that night.

article-2042917-0E214E8100000578-442_224x552 article-2042917-0E2150ED00000578-514_224x690 article-2042917-0E21510000000578-89_224x552 article-2042969-0E21F14D00000578-205_634x572 article-2042969-0E222A7F00000578-441_634x894 article-2042969-0E222A5300000578-595_306x721 article-2042969-0E222A6000000578-612_306x721 article-2043107-0E230E8900000578-199_224x620 article-2043107-0E233F3E00000578-407_468x689 article-2043107-0E23203600000578-435_468x821 article-0-0E230E9900000578-276_224x620 article-0-0E230EB500000578-805_468x821 0928-the-crap-we-missed-02-480x720 0928-the-crap-we-missed-25-480x642 article-0-0E210FB200000578-561_468x802 article-2042773-0E205E5800000578-58_224x681 article-2042773-0E205FA300000578-156_224x681 article-2042773-0E205FE800000578-991_224x637 article-2042773-0E20625B00000578-337_468x506 article-2042687-0E1EA9F600000578-196_468x848

Kate Moss Takes a Topless Plunge

Check out these pictures of a topless Kate Moss taking a plunge into the ocean as she leaped off a yacht in St. Tropez, France yesterday. Apparently she doesn’t mind jumping into somewhat cold water, nor does she mind showing her tits in the process (does she ever?), but if water goes up her nose there is going to be HELL TO PAY.

Kate does topless activities by the water like tits and aqua were going out of style.


Kate Moss Spends Her Honeymoon Being Topless

Oh, Kate Moss, you’ve just had a fabulous, decadent wedding attended by a legion of A-listers, and now you’re off to your honeymoon. How are you going to celebrate your newlywed bliss? By sailing around on a yacht, sunbathing topless? Well…given that that’s how you seem to celebrate everything (while snorting cocaine of a dirty toilet seat), we guess that would make sense.


Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine

We don’t think we’ve ever seen Kate Moss’ lower back tattoos, but that could be because we’re usually fixated on her breasts, not her ass. Kind of unfairly, as it turns out; that ass is not too bad looking, and Vogue Brazil agrees, as they put it on their cover.

Not just any cover, either apparently. It’s their 36th anniversary edition, which we didn’t realize was a “big deal” year, but fashion is funny that way. But we’re not going to complain about anything that gives us the opportunity to ogle Ms. Moss’ assets, though.

Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine Kate Moss Goes Topless in Vogue Magazine

Kate Moss’s Naked Message to Kate Middleton

Right, so Kate Middleton thinks she can just roll up on London, steal everyone’s hearts, and it’ll be no big deal? Aw hell naw! Kate Moss is here to say that nobody cares about long-sleeved gowns as much as they care about full-frontal nudity. She might have used a photo that is a teensy bit old, but it’s never been so relevant as it is now. We think that Moss and the Douches of Cambridge need to settle this the old fashioned way: they don their respective gowns and wrestle in a huge bowl of English custard.

Dips on eating it after they are done.


Madonna is Britain’s ‘Most Written About Celebrity’

madonna written about celeb
Madonna has once again proved that she is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. The 52-year-old singer topped a recent study to determine the celebrity who has grabbed the most headlines in U.K. print since 2000.

Contactmusic reports,

The singer came top of a study to find the star who has grabbed the most headlines in U.K. print press since 2000. The research by Kantar Media found Madonna has been mentioned a massive 46,017 times over the last 10 years, while British music mogul Simon Cowell came second with 29,888. Kantar Media researcher Brian Merron says, “This shows why she’s hailed as a legend. That stickability factor in the consciousness of the nation marks her as a special talent and someone who is able to constantly re-invent themselves to change with the times.”
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Courtney Love had a romp with Kate Moss!

courtney love kate moss
Courtney Love has got far too many stunning aces (read: revelations) up her sleeves than we can ever imagine. Whether you like it or not, but Courtney is capable of stunning our senses at her own will. All she needs is a wild claim, like the latest one where she claims she had sex with Kate Moss. The 45-year-old singer recently revealed in an interview that she had a fling with the supermodel in Milan, Italy, in the 90s.

Contactmusic quotes her as saying to Irish magazine Hot Press,

It was Kate Moss. She doesn’t care. It’s a great story for the grandchildren, so yeah. Kate wasn’t doing a lot of drugs it was just a thing that happened in Milan in the 90s. It happened and it was fun and whatever. And she talks about it and so I hope she doesn’t get mad that I outed her about it. I feel like such a kiss and tell. Kate’s great, though! Kate’s a good friend of mine. I almost bought her house in St John’s Wood, London.

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Gisele Bundchen named the world’s highest earning model

bundchen top model
Gisele Bundchen is still the queen of modeling world. The 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel has topped Forbes‘ annual list of the “World’s Top-Earning Models” for the second consecutive year. Gisele beat worthy contenders like Heidi Klum and Kate Moss among others to claim the crown for the world’s highest earning model.

No. 1 on our list yet again is Bündchen, the 29-year-old Brazilian beauty married to NFL quarterback Tom Brady. She gave birth to the couple’s first child in December, lost the baby weight seemingly that very instant and went back to work. Hard to blame her. As the world’s most sought-out face and body, Bündchen made an estimated $25 million in the past year. Aside from starring in campaigns for True Religion jeans, Dolce & Gabbana, Bündchen has her own skin care line and her own lucrative sandals brand–Ipanema by Gisele.

Congratulations to Gisele. Check out the complete list after the jump.
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Kate Moss’s pubic hair in Love Magazine


We all know that a photo shoot showcasing Kate Moss’s breasts would be as exciting as watching your grandma knit you a cable sweater since that’s all she does in between breaks from drunk vomiting in her 60 year-old boyfriend’s lap, so Love Magazine thought it prudent to ape the ante by a few notches. And by a few notches we mean taking pictures of her pubic hair mainly encased in a chastity belt. Which is of course as ridiculous as putting a virginity ring on George Michael after pulling an all-nighter raiding as many bathroom stalls in the greater L.A area as possible.

Moss was only one of the eight covers Love Magazine printed for its latest issue. Naomi Campbell and Amber Valletta were among the eight models pictured in the same pose (and with their measurements outlined) in an effort by the magazine to show that beauty comes in different sizes. Errr, unless Kirstie Alley’s ass was all over one of the covers trying to replicate what strobe lights do to epileptics through print form, that’s not the message we got, Love magazine. Just throwing it out there, because we’re sticklers for accuracy and a clearly defined purpose in journalism.


Kate Moss caught topless…for the 836th time


She makes over 8 million dollars per year as a super model. That’s about 20 bucks per ounce of baby fat. For one of the most famous names in modeling, Kate Moss needs to get her ass in the gym. Perhaps her management needs to cut some lines of coke on a treadmill. Hey, what can we say, the girl loves her fish n’chips.