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Jon Gosselin slams TLC

When TLC renamed its reality show from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus Eight last Wednesday, I was literally praying to God as I reported that the best thing was to end this whole equation once and for all. And it seems like my prayers have been answered already... by none other than Jon himself. If everything goes as per Jon Gosselin’s plans, then the new equation will look something like Jon & Kate Plus 8 minus TLC!

The disgraced half of the Gosselin family (read: Jon) is not in a mood to back out of this fight without demonstrating some of his combat skills. In retaliation to TLC’s decision to throw him out of his own show, he has literally punched the network in its guts by releasing a fiery statement via his attorney Mark Heller. In the statement, Jon has labeled TLC as a “monster” that has cashed in on his family and even partially caused the breakdown of his marriage.
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