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Kathy Griffin Bikini Photos!

Do you want to see Kathy Griffin in a bikini? No? Come on…sure you do! You have to be curious, right? Just how pale is her skin? How many freckles does she have? Is she an innie or an outie?

Well all those questions are answered on our sister site Wasted Hollywood. Just click on the following link to see all of the interesting bikini pictures!

Enjoy! Kathy Griffin Bikini Photos! Kathy Griffin Bikini Photos!


The Daily Fix-ation for 1/20/12

Hello! It’s time for the second official “Daily Fix-ation.” I know it’s a little bit of a change, but it is a change for the better! Now, you can get it all in one post. So, today I have two hotties and one ginger who should keep her clothes on. Let’s get started… Vanessa Hudgens: Yes! Today is a good day because we have a lot of pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini. The bad part is that her boyfriend keeps showing his face in all the pictures. Why is he always around her? It’s like they’re going out or something…pfft. Christine Theiss: Some of you might be thinking, “Who the heck is Christine Theiss?” Well, she is a German chick who can kick your ass. She is believed to be the world’s top female kick boxer. You know what they say about kick boxers, don’t you? Seriously, don’t you? Cause I have no idea. Kathy Griffin: You know that one girl back in high school who was really loud and annoying? Plus she thought she was just so hilarious? Well, meet Kathy Griffin. I am pretty sure she was that girl in high school. She was on Letterman Thursday Night and stripped down to her bra. Now, she is not the ugliest woman, ever. However, that doesn’t mean we want to see all of that paleness. It looks like she just got dipped in a bunch of flour.

Kathy Griffin before all the plastic surgery

Kathy Griffin has just published her memoirs, which gave us the excuse to go fishing for her high school yearbook pictures. And oh my God, had she not had a nose job, two liposuctions, collagen injections in her lips, fat injections on her cheeks, a facelift, botox and Lord knows what else, she would have been twinsies with Bill Maher! Instead she now looks like something that has the magic power to make my penis run back into the safety of my pelvis like a porcupine who just got high and wait it out behind one of my kidneys until the monster is gone. Isn’t plastic surgery a beautiful thing?

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Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (11.15.2011)

I’m pretty sure I would also develop an affection for the penis if I was forced to touch Kathy Griffin’s breasts.

And our man candy for the day: 63-year old Steven Tyler in a bathing suit making out with his girlfriend. Sorry, ladies, Alexander Skarsgard had the day off.

The Hoff really knows how to treat a lady. “Hayley, how’ bout we bathe in shit? And later I promise to vomit in your lap.”

Elizabeth Hurley was a true guy magnet when she was young.

Amanda Seyfried in a bikini in Miami.

I swear Robert Downey Jr is on a mission to kill his pregnant wife. “Honey, I know you’re due in two months and you can barely walk. How about some rock climbing??”

Kristen Stewart and her crotch slit at the new Twilight Breaking Dawn premiere. Jennifer Love Hewitt and her cleavage were also there.

Rihanna is currently in London, which means her outfit had to honor Britain.

Charlize Theron in Vogue complaining she’s single for the first time since she was 19. I know a way to remedy that immediately. Call me.

Mila Kunis voted as Knockout Of The Year by GQ.

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’s Rooney Mara cleans up pretty nicely.

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Things You Don’t Want to See: Kathy Griffin in a Bikini

Uh oh, here comes lunch……!!!

There is something to be said for that whole porcelain and pale look but sweet God. She actually required that camouflage bikini just to keep her body from blending into the surroundings… Not hating on pale skinned redheads in general, it’s just her face and voice that should be banned. She’s a grade A cuntburger.

As far as the curtains and rug matching, I don’t want to fu%$ing know.

Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini Kathy Griffin in a Bikini

Kathy Griffin Dances Topless by a Road in Miami

There are many celebrities who we expect to see tweeting topless photos of themselves. Kathy Griffin is not one of them. As the sun began to rise over the sandy shores of Miami Beach, passersby on the waterfront got to see something they’ve probably never seen before… Kathy Griffin’s knockers!

For some reason unknown to us (though we imagine it was for attention), the reality star and comedienne walked out onto the dock of a waterfront home clad in nothing more than a bikini bottom. With her 50 year old itty bitty titties flopping about.

Kathy tweeted the pictures herself, but shortly after she (or TwitPic) deleted the photos… but, this being the internet and all, it was archived by many pervs all around the globe before it was removed from TwitPic.

Kathy Griffin Dances Topless in Miami Kathy Griffin Dances Topless in Miami Kathy Griffin Dances Topless in Miami Kathy Griffin Dances Topless in Miami

Kathy Griffin supports the troops

I’m sorry but seriously, there is nothing – nothing – sexy about Kathy Griffin. Nothing. I don’t care how nice her body is. Her voice makes me want to stab my own ears out. Her comedy relies on shock with very little humor. And her face. Good Lord, that face! Yeah, she has a hot body but no matter how hard I try to ignore her head and enjoy her body in there pictures from The USO Presents “Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops”, I can’t ignore the fact that I sincerely loathe this woman. I look at her flat tummy, her nice legs and her passable rack and all I can think is that those body parts would look so much better on someone who is less of a complete c-word. You know the word, I’m looking for there. I hate that word, but something the b-word just isn’t enough and with a creature as vile as Kathy Griffin, I’m not sure even the c-word is strong enough.

tn 3 Kathy Griffin supports the troops

Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin
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Video: Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story

What’s the best thing to do when you are surrounded by a bevy of fake reality TV stars whose only mission is to hunt for cheap publicity, earn some easy money and torture your brain cells in the process? Call Jimmy Kimmel. That’s it! He is sweet, no doubt, but he is the only antidote for such brain-eating pests. If he can slam Kate Gosselin, he can slam just anyone! Sigh... I wish this was a real movie. Anyway, love you Jimmy. You are a gem, a real one!

P.S. Special thanks to Kathy Griffin and George Takei.

Best moment: Totally hilarious!