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Kathy Ireland: “My Priorities Are Faith, Family & Being Of Service To Others”

Kathy Ireland began her career as a supermodel, well known for gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit editions. Now a mother of three - Erik, 15, Lily, 11, and Chloe, 6 - Kathy is an accomplished author and CEO of a $1.4 billion design company. Kathy sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop for a candid look at her life and her faith, her new book, and how she promotes positive body image with all three of her kids.

CBS: Do you look back fondly at your Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling days? Do you worry that these 'perfect' images of yourself will negatively affect/influence your daughter's body image and self esteem? Or how your son views women? Do you talk to your girls about healthy body image?

KI: "Grateful is a wonderful word to use when remembering those modeling days from the last century. I never thought of those images as ‘perfect’ because they were so heavily retouched. Our daughters and young girls everywhere need to understand that fashion is fine as fantasy. It is as far from reality as you can possibly get. Whenever, the opportunity arises to speak to young women and young men about body image and self esteem, the message is clear…don’t even think about trying to find it in fashion. Our girls are focused on having healthy bodies and not so concerned about ‘image.’ Our son views and treats girls and women of every age with great respect."