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Kate Middleton Who? A Topless Katie Green is All the Royalty We Need

We don’t know if we’d go so far as to call lad mag hottie Katie Green a Kate Middleton lookalike (we haven’t even seen Kate Middleton topless!), but we do appreciate the effort she’s going to to show off her national pride this week.

It might not take that much skill to doff your top, don a crown, and wrap yourself in the British flag…but it does take some work (finding the flag has gotta be at least a fifteen minute commitment, right?)—and we’re very, very glad that Katie is the one who stepped up to see it through.


Katie Green’s boobs are NOT bikini-friendly

Here’s curvy British model Katie Green celebrating the anniversary of her untimely ouster by Ultimo lingerie by indulging in the same act that earned her the kick from Ultimo founder Michelle Mone, i.e., being photographed topless while on holiday. OK, OK, I made that intro part up (about the date); she actually got fired on 26 September, last year. But that doesn’t make this post any less appealing because the rest of the story is true. Another big truth is that she’s one hell of a curvy babe. To hell with Ultimo. Keep delivering the good stuff, Katie! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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