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And It Just Gets Sexier and Sexier — Full Spread of Katy Perry Steaming Up Interview Magazine!!!

With only one photo to go by, the winner of Katy Perry vs. Madonna — Who Bra’d It Better? was honestly hard to determine. But, after taking a look at the full photoshoot of Katy Perry in the March issue of Interview Magazine… she clearly emerges the victor.

Katy Perry’s beauty is truly something majestic, and much different than the picture we saw of her in The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly Christmas Edition where Katy — literally — looked like a boy. But, there was no hint of masculinity in these shots.

She’s always been known for her quirky beauty. There’s something odd about her features, but she’s still beautiful. Katy Perry’s the only one in the music industry today that can pull off the odd and bizarre while still maintaining her feminine allure. But even that quirky beauty was nowhere to be seen in these glamorous photographs.

Ah, but the glamour was not what most would normally consider ‘glamorous.’ The photoshoot was, indeed, based off of old Hollywood — but it was the raunchy, dirty side of old Hollywood. In one shot in particular Katy is sitting backwards in a chair, her fishnets on display as she tilted her head in that bad girl pose she’s so known for. Behind her sat several burlesque dancers… in nipple tassels, of course. Yet… she still outshined them…

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Katy Perry vs. Madonna — Who Bra’d It Better?

Katy Perry and Madonna are both pop princesses, but that’s pretty much where their similarities end — other than the fact that they are both going through personal problems and they both looked scrumptious in their bras on their new cover ads. Madonna posed in a provocative black cut out bra for her new single Girl Gone Wild while Katy rocked a bejeweled brassiere for the March issue of Interview Magazine.

Katy Perry was nearly unrecognizable on Interview Mag’s cover, her beauty unbelievable in it’s intensity. Katy looked well for a woman who only announced her divorce two months ago. Plus, it only got worse for her when her estranged husband Russell Brand made his first public appearance with his new GF Oriela Medellin Amieriro. But, Katy’s new break up anthem, ‘Part of Me,’ is climbing the Billboard charts — which should definitely put a smile back on her face.

You may think that there would be no way that fifty-three year old Madonna could hold her own next to the beauty that is Katy Perry, but she honestly looked stunning. But, her personal life has been a mess as well. Not only has she had to face Elton John’s wrath, but she’s also gotten hell from Girls Gone Wild — oh, you know the one — mogul Joe Francis who thought that her new single Girls Gone Wild was a BIT too similar. He sent a cease and desist letter and Madonna ended up backing down, changing the name of her new single to GIRL Gone Wild. Nevertheless, personal problems or not, she still looked un-freakin’-believable!

Yes, back to the boobs. Did Katy’s dark allure win out? Or did Madonna’s age defy nature, putting her on top of the beauty scale? What do you think — who bra’d it better?

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Russell Brand: It’s Cool, Katy, Keep Your 20 Mil

Apparently, that’s exactly what Russell has told his estranged wife, Katy Perry, when he had his lawyer file final divorce papers yesterday — though the divorce won’t actually be finalized until June 30th, due to a six month waiting period.

And that twenty million is no joke. Forbes mag reported that Katy Perry raked in a whopping $44 million from May of 2010 to May of 2011. Due to the fact that Katy and Russell’s was a whirlwind romance turned marriage, neither of them thought to draw up that little thing called a prenup. Because of this, Russell is entitled to an astounding twenty million dollars per the community property rights of marriage.

According to a close source, ‘This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch (Yiddish for a good person).’ Russell says he doesn’t want a dime from Katy — which is either pretty freakin’ chivalrous… or pretty damn stupid. What do you think?

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No, it’s not a drag queen’s saggy ass, it’s just Pamela Anderson making a fool of herself again


Pam Anderson was right in her element this weekend. An event in Vienna that doesn’t frown upon people who love to go for the blamboyant, ridiculous and downright hilarious when it comes to their outfits.

The Fire Ball Gala was a charity event aimed at raising funds for AIDS and HIV victims. And Pam (who knows a thing or two about painful sexually transmitted diseases…even if hers is confined to her crotch) was there for her own fundraiser…the “Let’s Raise Some Money For Pam Before Even The Half-drunk Austrians Don’t Won’t To Look At Her Saggy Ass” event.

Oblivious to her striking resemblance to an aging tranny, she proudly walked the stage wearing a huge wig (word has it she smuggled her penniless plumber fiancee in Austria in that wig) and carrying a ghetto blaster…looking every bit the fierce queen RuPaul was searching in his Drag Race.

Kate Perry was one of the performers at Fire Ball, and Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Bill Clinton and Ivana Trump were among the other stars attending the event.