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Jordan is Miss Ribcage and Boobs at Beauty Pageant


Since splitting from husband Peter Andre, Katie Price (Jordan) has been reluctant to make any public appearances…but her boobs were getting kinda mouldy and so she decided it was time to air them by participating in a the UK Beauty Awards beauty pageant as ‘Miss London’ (despite coming from white trash Brighton).

And for the first time ever, it seems her ribcage might have stuck out more than her huge bangers, fueling rumours that her split is bringing on a new bout of anorexia. She also graced the catwalk in an Austin Powers-inspired ensemble of a silver swimsuit and white afro-style wig (ribcage was covered so we could focus on the boobs once again).

In related news, Jordan’s ex, Dave Bowers (they made a home porn video together before splitting in 2000) was arrested after crashing a car outside her mansion while intoxicated . He claims the car was stolen by thieves and that he has an alibi because at the time of the crash he was with Jordan (so the ribcage might not be due to depression, but due to the intense physical activity required for a new homemade porn?).