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Kelly Clarkson Expecting A Girl

41st American Music Awards Nominees Announcement

Kelly Clarkson is thinking pink.

The American Idol winner, 31, and husband Brandon Blackstock are expecting a daughter. “We just found out we’re having a girl officially! I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!” the mom-to-be announced on Twitter Monday.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently opened up about experiencing pregnancy nausea.

“I vomit a good dozen times a day. It’s bad,” she shared.

“Everybody tells you you glow and your hair is pretty and your nails are pretty. That is total crap,” she went on to joke. “My nails are short, my hair still falls out, it’s not all lush and beautiful, and I have no glow — unless it’s something left over from a bad throw-up. It’s horrible.”


Kelly Clarkson Expecting First Child

41st American Music Awards Nominees Announcement

Congratulations are in order for Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.

The American Idol winner, 31, and her new husband are expecting their first child together. “I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever,” the People Like Us singer tweeted Tuesday.

The happy news comes a month after the couple wed in an intimate ceremony in Tennessee.

Just last week, the pop star hinted at the news to Jay Leno, but said, ”We are not announcing anything right now! We’re not, no.” However, ”Practice makes perfect! We’re trying, trying, trying … like rabbits!”

“We have two kids,” she went on to say, referring to her husband’s children, Savannah, 11, and Seth, 7, from a previous relationship. “And they’re so great. And I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five.”

Prior to this, Kelly talked about her hopes for a pregnancy come Christmas.

“I honestly never ever used to want to want kids because I’m kind of selfish with my career, but going to soccer games with Seth and doing homework with Savannah — I just really love it y’all,” Kelly recently gushed. “It’s so cool. It sounds so cheesy but it’s such a bigger point to life. I really lucked out with the whole kid situation. They’re amazing.”



Kelly Clarkson is NOT a Lesbian!

Shocking, right? Almost everyone thought that Kelly Clarkson was a lesbian. Sure, she would always deny it, but it sure seemed like she was. Maybe it was just because of her angry love songs and the fact that she has never really been pictured with anybody. But now, we finally know that Kelly Clarkson is a straight woman.

Kelly told a Toronto radio station on March 6 that she has a, “new boyfriend” and now we have a name! Us Weekly is reporting that the first Idol winner is dating Brandon Blackstock, the 35 year old stepson of Reba McEntire and a Nashville-based talent manager. “Before Brandon, Kelly had a really rough time with love. Brandon is just what she needed” a source claimed.

Well, good for her! Hopefully this relationship is the real deal. I don’t think I can take turning on the radio and hearing another break-up anthem. Kelly Clarkson is NOT a Lesbian! Kelly Clarkson is NOT a Lesbian! Kelly Clarkson is NOT a Lesbian!


Thursday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.13.2011)

Kelly Clarkson is turning into a man.

Carla Bruni’s belly has reached epic proportions.

Olivia Munn and Tatum O’Neil strip down for the stripper movie Magic Mike. This one’s going to be a magical movie, isn’t it.

Madonna should know better. Bell bottoms don’t flatter an ewok’s figure.

Is Hillary Swank starting to suffer from flab-ass-itis?

Demi Moore takes time from Asthton Kutcher’s wondering penis to model for Ann Taylor.

Julia Robert’s 43-year old knees are holding up pretty well.

Lady Gaga is wearing a fancy garbage bag.

This has got to be the bottom for Christina Aguilera. Someone, just bring down that hatch and end this.

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Sarah McLachlan & India Take Flight

Grammy Award-winning singer, Sarah McLachlan, was spotted leaving Vancouver International Airport (YVR) with her 8-year-old lookalike daughter India to do some promotional appearances for her upcoming Lilith Fair tour.

After an 11 year hiatus, the female-driven tour will resume in Calgary, Canada on June 27th. Along with its godmother Sarah, some of the artists performing at Lilith are Kelly Clarkson, Go-Go's, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and Queen Latifah.

Sarah and her ex-husband, musician Ashwin Sood, are also parents to daughter Taja, who turns 3 later this month.


Kelly Clarkson still hates salads


Here’s Kelly Clarkson arriving at her Dublin hotel (Ireland) for her show at the Olympia Theater on Friday looking like she still favors hot baths with sliced potatoes in place of rose petals. Not to be mean or anything, but why are we convinced if an angry fan threw corned beef with cabbage at her she wouldn’t dunk? “You, back there, yes, you with the drums, i could use a fork right now, but your sticks would do!”


Video: DJ Earworm cooks a delicious mashup of Billboard’s Top 25 Hits of 2009

If you are a music buff, then this has to be the ultimate Christmas present for you. So what if we are a little late in receiving this, New Year is always there to fulfil the pending Christmas desires! A superb mashup of the Billboard’s Top 25 Hits of 2009 featuring... just everyone! Thanks a ton, DJ Earworm. Hit the jump for the list of ingredients that went into the creation of this delicious mashup.
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Beyonce earns 10 Grammy nominations

beyonce grammy
The nominations for the upcoming 52nd annual Grammy Awards have been announced, and Beyonce leads the nomination parade with a total 10 nominations. Close on the heels of Beyonce is Taylor Swift who has secured nominations in eight categories. The result of this close battle will be out soon when the awards ceremony takes place on January 31 in Los Angeles.

Contact Music reports,

The ‘Halo’ singer and Taylor Swift - who has been recognised in eight categories - were revealed as the most nominated artists at the Grammy Nominations Concert Live! yesterday (02.12.09), with both stars up for the coveted Record, Song and Album of the Year prizes.

Kanye West, soul singer Maxwell and ‘I Gotta Feeling’ stars Black Eyed Peas all received six nominations, while Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, French DJ David Guetta and ‘Poker Face’ star Lady Gaga are up for five awards.

Let’s see whether Beyonce is successful in converting her nominations into trophies or Taylor Swift repeats her AMAs magic and walks away as the Grammy Queen. Hit the jump for the complete list of nominations.
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Chris Daughtry & Son Rock The Red Carpet

Chris Daughtry and his 9-year-old son Griffin rocked the red carpet at the 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 22).

Chris and wife Deanna Robertson are also parents to 13-year-old Hannah, Deanna's daughter from a previous marriage.

Daughtry, 29, along with fellow Idol alum Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert all performed at last night's event.


Michael Jackson wins 4 awards at AMAs


Michael Jackson was made history by winning four American Music Awards, but he couldn’t beat Taylor Swift as the year’s favorite artist and the evening’s top winner.

The 19-year-old took the top award Sunday night, giving Jackson his only loss of the night, and five trophies in all.

The victories came during a performance-filled show that closed with an S&M-themed, sexually charged performance by Adam Lambert (his performance included him shoving a male dancer’s face in his crotch).

Jackson’s trophies were accepted by his brother Jermaine, who paid tribute to his late brother by wearing glittery white glove. He accepted two of his brother’s awards, thanking “Allah for blessing my entire family” and naming each of his brothers and sisters.

He said Michael’s message is more important than any award.

“The message that Michael had will live on forever,” he said. “He saw good in everyone and he wanted everyone to do good. He always started with love.”

Jackson was named favorite male artist in the pop/rock and soul/R&B categories. His 2003 greatest-hits album, “Number Ones,” also won favorite album in both categories.

Jackson’s victories were among the highlights of the evening, which also featured a jaw-dropping performance from Lady Gaga and a special award for Whitney Houston.

Lady Gaga, wearing a Vulcan-inspired headdress and vest filled with lights, performed songs from her new album, “The Fame Monster,” due in stores next week. She used her microphone to break into a glass case where a grand piano stood. It caught fire when she sat down to play.

The American Music Awards honor the year’s top-selling artists in eight popular genres. But even more than awards, the AMAs are about performances, and they came back to back to back Sunday.

The Black Eyed Peas, voted favorite pop/rock band, energized the crowd when they performed two of the year’s most popular hits: “I Got A Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow.”

Dancers wearing outfits made from stereo speakers shared the stage with Fergie, Taboo, and, who wore a pompadour wig. The high-energy medley melted into a Nirvana sample at the end, with rocking on guitar.

Rihanna returned to the AMA stage Sunday, sporting blonde hair, a skintight, white peek-a-boo bodysuit and a tattoo down the front of her neck that read “Rated R,” the name of her new album, out next week.

Janet Jackson opened the show with a medley of some of the biggest hits from her long career — all tracks that appear on her new greatest-hits collection, also called “Number Ones.”

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z dueted on their ode to New York City. Shakira was flanked by a dozen dancers in tiny black bodysuits as she sang her new single. Kelly Clarkson performed a stripped down version of her hit “Already Gone,” backed by a string quartet.

Jennifer Lopez added a boxing motif to her dance-filled performance, but she slipped during a tricky move and landed on her bottom.

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said the show left him star-struck.

“When you see all the talent that’s in the room” like Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, he said backstage, “it’s like holy moly, these are huge people.”


“Gossip Girl” attempts to “erect” viewership with threesome


Nothing spells out “Jumping The Shark” more clearly than the need to infuse a perfectly  stupid good storyline with a sexual sandwich.

Attempting to draw the viewers of ”Gossip Girl”, the production team of the show is currently working in a sex scene, which is scheduled to be featured on the November 9 episode of the hit CW show’s third season.

According to EW, three major characters of the series will make love together at the same time and on the same bed. The Gossip mole did not reveal which characters will partake in the sushi feast so we’re left guessing…which is perfectly fine with us as long as the only dicks involved in the scenes are the ones behind the cameras. But then we also heard that Lady Gaga is slated for a cameo. Fingers crossed she doesn’t get in on the action otherwise we may just have to steal Kelly Clarkson’s fake salad and vomit in it.


Kelly Clarkson is holding a salad…and the guy next to her is carrying her chilli dogs


Here’s Kelly Clarkson looking like Jack Osbourne before the weight loss trying to smuggle some doritos under the lettuce like a truck driver with a load of mexicans hiding inside his potato cartons in the back of his truck…because you know she breaks out in hives when green comes in contact with her mouth (unless the flavor is mint and she has to whip out that tongue and lick it).



Video: Kelly Clarkson covers two great songs at one go

Kelly Clarkson kicked off her All I Ever Wanted tour at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Friday in Uncasville, Conn. and mesmerized the audience by serving them a double treat. The American Idol sweetheart covered two great songs together — Alanis Morissette’s That I Would Be Good and Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. All I can say at this moment is, Kelly is amazing! Enjoy the video.

Best moment: Play it in a loop!


Kelly Clarkson continues to steam-roll her way through Sydney


Yes, we talked about her yesterday, but it was too much fun to stop. It should be embarassing though, but we’re perverted. After all, we shouldn’t let any U.S star who looks like the Australian endangered Hippo leave the country (Homeland Security should have confiscated her passport a long time ago)…but we’re liberal, so we don’t care much for the American Pride…and therefore, Kelly Clarkson continues to flatten each surface her mass occupies in Sydney with her steam-roller of an ass…


Kelly Clarkson takes her entourage (aka her thighs) to Australia


Kelly Clarkson is in Sydney, Australia to promote her new album, All I Ever Wanted…which is code for the lyrical “let me live, let me eat, i don’t care if i look like Shit”.

Hey, we think we found Spencer and Heidi’s replacement on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…maybe she can eat snake penis or ant legs…no harm in having a few days of “light” eating. Too bad the mosquitos just go for blood and not fat…she could have a liposuction right there in the jungle…or outback…we’re not sure, it’s a bit confusing…