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Charlie Sheen: I Didn’t Shoot Kelly Preston, It Was Toilet Shrapnel

You know how Charlie Sheen allegedly shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm way back in 1990? Well, he claims he didn’t fire the gun. At a recent stop on his Violent Torpedo of Nonsense tour, he explained he was making coffee while he thought she was asleep and (according to E! online)…

“I was downstairs early in the morning making coffee and I thought she was still asleep upstairs,” he said, regaling the crowd. “And I heard a f–king gunshot go off. I thought, ‘She did it, she finally f–king did it. She killed herself and they’re going to f–king blame me.’

“So I abandoned the coffee, because a gunshot in the morning will wake you up better than a nice cup of coffee,” he said, drawing increasing laughs from the crowd.

“I come around the corner and there’s naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, holding her wrist, staring at me, covered in blood…and I thought, that’s pretty f–king hot,” he explained, before quickly adding, “I didn’t. I didn’t.”

“She explained to me when she lifted my pants off the scale in the bathroom…the tiny revolver I used to carry…it fell out of the back jeans pocket and hit the floor and shot a bullet right between her legs,” he explained amid much interjecting from his onstage cohort. “So she got hit with shrapnel from the toilet bowl.”

When refuting accusations that you shot your fiancee make sure to casually drop that she’s a crazy bitch who was going to kill herself anyway. For the benefit of the dudebros listening to the story mention that she was like totally naked and covered in blood. Like in horror movies man, it was so hot! Haha, kidding, but not really. Blahblah blah, she set of the gun (maybe purposefully, right?). Then BAM, toilet shrapnel. Totally foolproof story. Next time try to include how she just made it up to get your money for that extra touch of douchery that makes a story credible.


John Travolta Caught Without His Hair Piece

Behold: A rare sighting of John Travolta without his wig. In Hawaii celebrating his 57th birthday with wife Kelly Preston, Travolta sat on a swing and allowed the sea breeze to sweep through the small amount of hair he has left. And why is this “news”, because for years John Travolta has meticulously tried to hide his baldness, even going so far as demanding re-shoots of magazine spreads if his hair piece was the slightest bit obvious. Half of the photos below show John in Berlin on February 5th sporting a nice set of (fake)hair.

Another theory is that this could very well just be Nicolas Cage with Travolta’s face!

John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald John Travolta is Bald

It’s a boy for John Travolta and Kelly Preston!

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have every reason for an extended celebration. The couple just welcomed a baby boy into their family. Baby Benjamin weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz at the time of his birth at a Florida hospital on Tuesday. The news of Kelly’s pregnancy was announced on John’s personal website earlier this year.

People reports,

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are parents to son Benjamin, who was born Tuesday in a Florida hospital. The baby weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz. “John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family,” they say in a statement. “Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully.”

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Kelly Preston "Completely Ready" For Baby

Expectant mom Kelly Preston, who is due to deliver a baby boy late this fall, has revealed that she and husband John Travolta are "completely ready" to meet their baby.

In an interview with People, Preston said,

John and I are completely ready. My daughter [Ella Bleu, 10] is very excited too. I can't wait for the day to come."

The actress, who is seen above at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting the film Casino Jack, said of her pregnancy, "It's been very easy and so wonderful. I've had no morning sickness and [the pregnancy] has gone by so quickly. I feel terrific."

Preston and Travolta, who tragically losing their 16-year-old son Jett nearly two years ago, have said of the pregnancy, "This is a miracle, and we feel blessed."


John Travolta & Kelly Preston Expecting A Boy!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a boy, her rep confirms with Star.

Earlier this month, the couple celebrated their happy news with close friends at a baby shower in Los Angeles.

The joyful news is continued healing for Preston, 47, and Travolta, 56, whose firstborn son Jett died of a seizure at age 16 in January 2009.

Their new addition will join 10-year-old sister Ella.


Hollywood’s Next Generation: Celeb Kids Who Enter The Family Biz

Show business can be generational. Just look at some common-day examples like Gwyneth Paltrow (daughter of actress Blythe Danner & director/producer, Bruce Paltrow), Angelina Jolie (daughter of Midnight Cowboy actor, Jon Voight) and Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis & Priscilla Presley).

Let's take a look at Hollywood's next generation including up-and-coming actors/performers/models like Jaden Smith, Emma Roberts and Zoë Kravitz.


Kelly Preston Celebrates Her Baby Shower

Kelly Preston celebrated her pregnancy by hosting a baby shower for friends and family in Los Angeles last Friday (August 13).

In May, Preston, 47, and her hubby John Travolta, 56, announced they are expecting their third child. Preston celebrated the impending birth by gathering with loved ones for an all-girls bash at the Beverly Hills Peninsula hotel.

Reportedly, thirty guests were treated to high tea and were served finger sandwiches, scones and cakes as they mingled. The posh event cost the Travoltas $75 per person.

A source said, "Kelly's carrying beautifully. She's glowing and says she feels fantastic...Kelly received gorgeous gifts, and each guest made her an individual baby bib at the table and signed their names. It was very sentimental."

The Travoltas baby joy comes a year after the tragic death of their 16-year-old son Jett, who died in January, 2009 after suffering a seizure.

Preston and Travolta - who are also parents to 10-year-old daughter Ella - are expecting later this year.


Kelly Preston Bumps Up Brazil

An expectant Kelly Preston looked absolutely radiant as she shopped in a purple sundress with her 10-year-old daughter Ella in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today (June 16).

Kelly and her family - including movie star hubby John Travolta - are currently in South America on holidays. The family-of-three were just spotted in South Africa to kick off the World Cup.

Travolta, 56, and Preston, 47, are expecting their third child later this year. They lost their 16-year-old son, Jett, after he suffered a seizure in January 2009.


Amanda Peet’s Baby Dilemma – How Old Is Too Old?

At a recent launch party for DumbDumb, Amanda Peet shared her thoughts on having another child with Us. The 38-year-old actress has a 3-year-old daughter, Frances, and gave birth to her second child, Molly, in April. She is now keen to try for one more, but her screenwriter husband, David Benioff, would like to wait three years. However, Amanda says "We'll be too old at that point."

It would seem that Peet - who has appeared in movies such as Something's Gotta Give and The Whole Ten Yards - is aware that her biological clock is ticking and must consider the risks of conceiving past the age of 40.

There are many precedents for celebrities becoming moms at an older age - Kelly Preston is pregnant at 47 and Céline Dion is expecting twins at 42. However, Halle Berry - who gave birth to daughter Nahla in 2008 at age 40 - warns "don't look at celebrities who are doing it and think, Oh, it's easy. It's really not."

Dr Alan B. Copperman of Mount Sinai Medical Center points out some of the problems. "At 40 there is only a 10 percent chance of conception and at 45, it's just 2 percent." Add to that the often needed fertility treatments, preterm labor, dangerously high blood pressure and diabetes, and you can understand Ms. Peet's concerns.


Kelly Preston Debuts Her Baby Bump

She's got the glow! John Travolta, his expectant wife Kelly Preston and their 10-year-old daughter Ella were seen arriving at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday (June 10). The famous family are in town to watch the World Cup.

Travolta, 56, and Preston, 47, are expecting their third child later this year. They lost their 16-year-old son, Jett, after he suffered a seizure in January 2009.

Travolta and Preston recently said they are thrilled about their "miracle" baby.

We tried for several years, and we didn't think it was going to happen for us. This is a miracle, and we feel blessed."


Kelly Preston “Has Been Longing For Another Baby”

Kelly Preston's mom, Linda Carlson, tells Us that she "burst into tears" when she heard her daughter is pregnant with her third child. "I cried so hard I couldn't see straight, just bawled my eyes out," says the proud grandmother. "Because I've been so worried about her! When they're that unhappy. I could cry right now remembering."

Kelly, 47, and her husband John Travolta, 56, lost their son, Jett, after he suffered a seizure in January 2009. Following his death, Kelly and John were extorted by the Bahamian paramedics who first responded to the call.

Carlson says that the baby has brought a new sense of hope and joy to the family.

We are over the moon I've been praying that this would happen. Especially since Jett's death. Anything to get them out of their sorrow. I know Kelly has been longing for another baby. She just loves babies! So do I. I just can't wait for this child to arrive. It's taken them out of such deep grief and made them able to focus on new life. It just couldn't come at a better time."


10 Hollywood Moms Who Had Babies After 40

First thirty was the new twenty, and now apparently forty is the new thirty! More and more celebrity moms are giving birth after turning forty. Older moms making recent headlines are Kelly Preston, 47, who just announced her pregnancy saying, "this is a miracle, and we feel blessed;" and Celine Dion, 42, who also just announced after a "physically and emotionally exhausting" year, that she is pregnant with twins.

These two 40+ moms-to-be are in great company. Click below to see 10 fit, fabulous and famous moms who had babies after 40!


John Travolta & Kelly Preston: “This Is A Miracle, We Feel Blessed”

John Travolta, 56, and Kelly Preston, 47, were thrilled - and shocked! - when they learned that they are expecting another baby, PEOPLE reports.

We tried for several years, and we didn't think it was going to happen for us." The couple adds, "This is a miracle, and we feel blessed."

The happy couple says that their daughter Ella Bleu, 10, is beyond excited.

The family has been moved by the support from their fans. "We are so moved by the generous outpouring of support and goodwill we've received from people all over the world," the couple says.

Those close to the family say that John and Kelly are not trying "replace" son Jett, who died last year at age 16, with a new baby. A family friend says, "They can never replace him" and that the couple "always wanted to have more kids."


Update: John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are Not Expecting Twins

Update: A rep for actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston has denied reports that the couple are expecting twin boys. Saying that the reports are "Totally false," and confirming, "They are not expecting twins."

See original story below...


Kelly Preston is pregnant at 47.

article-0-0726DD84000005DC-185_468x600John Travolta announced on his official website that his wife, Kelly Preston is pregnant and is due in the fall.

“It’s impossible to keep a secret…especially one as wonderful as this. We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family.
- John, Kelly and Ella.”

Xenu had a hand in this didn’t he? He came down with a CD 8 space plane and implanted a new Thetan in her uterus with his electronic beam thingy, are we right? And Tom Cruise will deliver it on the altar of the Scientology Church. Right after the gay orgy that’s necessary to bless the newborn. We’re on to you Johny, boy!


John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are Expecting!

Amazing news to report!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who have lived through the tragedy of losing a son, announce today that they are expecting a baby, PEOPLE reports.

It’s impossible to keep a secret ... especially one as wonderful as this," John and Kelly say in a statement. "We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella"

Travolta, 56, and Preston, 47, are also parents to Ella Bleu, 10. Their 16-year-old son Jett, died tragically of a seizure in January 2009.

Congratulations to the Preston-Travolta family!

Special Headline: 
Top Story

John Travolta’s dogs killed in airport accident

An airport service vehicle struck and killed two dogs belonging to John Travolta last week at Bangor International Airport in Maine. The accident occurred last Thursday morning; city officials confirmed the story to the Bangor Daily News today.

“The airport takes safety very seriously,” airport director Rebecca Hupp told the BDN, adding the facility generally does not name its visitors for the sake of privacy. “Many flights come and go without incidents. Clearly, this is an unfortunate accident. Our deepest sympathies are with the family.”

Travolta and wife Kelly Preston own a home on Isleboro, Maine — the family was traveling by way of Bangor. The actor’s publicist, Paul Bloch, told the BDN he was not aware of the incident.
Bangor interim city manager Bob Farrar e-mailed the nine city councilors about the accident late last week. The city released the following statement to the BDN:

“At approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2010 an airplane carrying members of the John Travolta family landed at BIA. While there, two small dogs were taken for a walk by someone who is not a family member. An airport service pickup truck was approaching the airplane to service the airplane and did not see the dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were struck and killed. The airport is investigating the accident. Out of respect for the family’s privacy the city will make no further comment.”

Travolta, who starred in ‘Old Dogs’ in 2009 and voiced a computer-animated canine in 2008’s ‘Bolt,’ is a serious pilot who often flies himself into Bangor’s modest airport. The Bangor Daily News was unclear whether Travolta was flying the plane on the day of the incident.


Lou Diamond Phillips’ Fairy Princess Takes Flight

Lou Diamond Phillips and wife Yvonne Boismier Phillips were spotted out for a walk in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday (April 5) with their 2 ½-year-old daughter, Indigo Sanara.

The adorable little girl skipped along wearing a cute fairy costume – green wings and a wand – while holding both of her parents’ hands.

Lou, 48, is also father to 12-year-old twins, Grace Moorea and Isabelle Patricia, and 9-year-old Lili Jordan with ex-wife Kelly Preston.


Kelly Preston & Ella Bleu: Paris Pals

Jerry Maguire star Kelly Preston was spotted out and about in Paris, France with her 9-year-old daughter Ella Bleu and a few friends on Thursday (February 11).

We just spotted the mother-daughter duo sightseeing in the gorgeous city yesterday.

The Travolta family is in town to promote papa John's new film, From Paris With Love.


John Travolta’s hair weave


Here’s a close-up of John Travolta’s head and its suspect of a grid formation along his hairline as he was exiting hotel in Rosny-sous-Bois, France with wife Kelly Preston en route to the premiere of his latest movie From Paris With Love. If we were him, we’d be really pissed at Xenu right now for not using his special rays to grow an afro on his head instead of leaving him on his own to battle it out with hair weaves. Although, in Xenu’s defense, he’s really busy at the moment trying to bring Haitians out of desperation by broadcasting Star Trek repeats.



Kelly Preston & Ella Bleu’s Parisian Promenade

Actress Kelly Preston, 47, along with her daughter Ella Bleu, 9, and some friends, spent the day together touring Paris, France on Wednesday (February 10) while daddy John Travola was promoting his new film, From Paris With Love.

The mother-daughter duo seemed to be having a great time as they travelled throughout the city with their entourage.

John recently spoke out about the incredible support his family received after the tragic loss of their 16-year-old son Jett last winter:

My son had such an enormous effect on the world and the kindness of fans and people of all types and sorts around the world have been amazing. I've never felt more of a flow of support and love as I have in the past year and we needed it... You're kind of a sinking ship and you need all the kings horses and all the kings men to keep your head afloat. And we had it.


John Travolta & Ella Bleu’s Shopping Spree

John Travolta splurged on his daughter, Ella Bleu, during a recent shopping spree at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, In Touch reports.

The Travolta family have remained private since the tragic death of their son and brother, Jett, last January. John recently discussed their decision to go public since his death.

On November 3, John, 55, treated his adorable 9-year-old to a father-daughter shopping spree, racking up more than $12,000 in purchases.

They were so adorable together,” a witness says. “Ella was picking out clothes and stuffed animals, and John even bought her a necklace from the fine jewelry department. Of course, people noticed him, but he didn’t seem to care, because he was only concerned about making her happy.”

Ella - who recently made her film debut in dad’s new movie, Old Dogs, in which her mother, Kelly Preston, also stars - seemed to enjoy the outing. “She seemed to be a real daddy’s girl,” says the witness. “It was clear that she adored him.”


John Travolta & Family’s Red Carpet Smiles

Such a sweet family! John Travolta, Kelly Preston and their gorgeous 9-year-old daughter Ella Bleu were photographed at the world premiere of their movie, Old Dogs, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday (November 9).

John and Kelly's son Jett died in January at the tender age of 16. John recently opened up about their family decision to focus on Ella Bleu's feature-film debut in Old Dogs - which Kelly and John also star - hitting theaters November 25.

We decided it was OK to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film."


John Travolta: We’re Working As A Family To Heal

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have broken their silence since the death of 16-year-old son Jett earlier this year, USA Today reports.

In his first interview addressing Jett's death, Travolta says that he and Kelly, along with their 9-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu, are far from being healed. But almost daily religious counseling sessions seems to be helping. "We've been working very hard every day as a family to heal. We have our own way of doing it, and it has been helping."

Travolta says he has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends, fans and Hollywood colleagues. "You need your friends a lot in times like that," the 55-year-old Pulp Fiction star says.

Travolta is opening up now in order to focus on Ella Bleu's feature-film debut in Old Dogs - which Kelly and John also star - hitting theaters November 25.

We decided it was OK to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film," Travolta says. Preston adds the "outpouring of love from, really, worldwide has been extraordinary. It's been our friends, our family, our church. We partake in spiritual counseling pretty much daily. It's a tricky thing," she says. "Sometimes, something that's right for the moment is not right the next day. Being with people who are important to you, being with people that you love, I think that's what has primarily helped us the most. Sometimes, being alone, too."


Friends fear John Travolta is suicidal


Friends of John Travolta fear he may be on the brink of suicide because he feels so much guilt over the death of his 16-year-old son Jett Travolta, according to American tabloid The Globe.

The Globe alleges that Travolta is in a deep depression and his close friends and family fear he could be contemplating suicide.

The actor and wife Kelly Preston are currently in the Bahamas testifying against paramedic Tarino Lightbourne, who is accused of attempting to extort Travolta with medical information relating to Jett’s January 2 death. Travolta claims Lightbourne threatened to “imply that the death of my son was intentional and I was culpable in some way” if he did not give Lightbourne and his attorney Pleasant Bridgewater $25 million.


John Travolta possibly on his way out of Scientology

After John Travolta took the witness stand last week and testified that his late son Jett was autistic, people wondered if The Church of Scientology would soon lose one of its high-profile members. Until then, Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston said their son had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition that causes arterial inflammation because autism is not recognized in the church.
Because autism is often treated with the types of mood-stabilizing drugs that Scientology opposes, Jett is believed to have gone without appropriate treatment for years because of the church’s teachings.

Back in July, the 55-year-old actor denied reports claiming he was abandoning Scientology following the death of his son Jett. But now, he’s keeping quiet and refuses to comment on his relationship with the church.

Tory Christman, an outspoken Scientology critic who left after more than 30 years in the organization told The Daily Beast that Travolta’s admittance of Jett having autism was a sure sign he’d be leaving the church.

“My hope for him is that he starts looking” at what really happened, she said. “He’ll reach the right decision… I just don’t want him to be used by the church. It’s horrible he lost his son but change something. He’s a guy who could really make a difference.”

Christman, who is epileptic, said the institution has little tolerance for chronic conditions and pushed her to stop her medication and use vitamins and supplements instead. The first time she cut back on her medications, she had a grand mal seizure in her bathroom and knocked out her front teeth. She says she resumed her medication but tried to stop again in the face of continued objections from the church– and again faced disastrous results.

Tommy Davis, a spokesman for Scientology, denounced former Scientologists who are critical of the church as “liars,” adding, “It’s a horrific, horrific thing for these people to take the tragic death of a young boy and try to turn it on his parents’ religion.”