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Kelly Ripa Chats Electrolux & Strong Marriage To Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa and Ashley Greene Host Super Saturday

Talk show queen Kelly Ripa has sure had a lot going on! She recently hosted Super Saturday, a designer charity sale, in the Hamptons to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The event raised $3.5 million for the cause! The mom-of-three, to Michael, 16, Lola, 12, and Joaquin, 10, also partnered with Electrolux and their French Door Refrigerator with the Perfect Temp Drawer.  

Kelly chatted with Cupid’s Pulse about Super Saturday, her partnership with Electrolux, and her strong marriage to Mark Consuelos, her husband of seventeen years.

On Super Saturday: “This year it was gorgeous and the polar opposite of last year, because last year it was raining and cold and we were in Wellington Boots. I was crying because I couldn’t believe that it would rain on Super Saturday!”

On her partnership with Electrolux: “They’ve been helping me raise money for ovarian research since I’ve been with them. When a company puts forth such an effort not only to make lives easier, but also worrying about the health of women, I just think that says something.”

On her strong marriage to Mark Consuelos: “We just love each other. We still dig each other. He does it for me, and I think I do it for him. Otherwise, I don’t think he’d still be here!”

To read more about Kelly’s interview, please go to Cupid’s Pulse.


Kelly Ripa Getting New Co-Host September 4!

‘Live! with Kelly’ has been searching for a new co-host for what seems like years now. The morning show has spent the past year testing out a number of different co-hosts and now they have finally made their decision. The new co-host will be announced on September 4 and everyone is speculating on who the new co-host might be. Seth Meyers, Michael Strahan and Josh Groban are believed to be the top 3 front runners.

Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos was thought to be in the running, but new reports claim that he decided not to do it in fear that it would hurt their marriage. The show on September 4 is set to be a big one, it’ll be the first show with the co-host and the guest list includes Homeland actress Claire Danes and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

Personally, I am little confused about the three “front runners” is that really the best they could do? How are you going to replace Regis with one of these dudes? They don’t have a single drop of “senile old man” in them! Josh Groban isn’t going to yell at guests and ask them slightly inappropriate questions. They should have been searching for another senile old man, like that one old dude…the one who has had all that work done?

Joan Rivers? I think is his name. Joan Rivers Kelly Ripa Regis Philbin


And the best costume goes to Nick Lachey and Kelly Ripa

I, Kim Kardashian take thee Kris Humphries to be my new enterprising project and in the presence of God and E! I promise to tolerate you for as long as it takes to edit the wedding special and air it, promising with Divine assistance along with that of my four assistants to be gorgeously present in publicity events next to you until the royalties are forwarded into my bank account and my mother’s book comes out. Now, your turn honey.

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Celebrity Ink: Tattoos Of The Stars

No longer a taboo act reserved for sailors, tattoos prove that skin is always in. Celebrities have led the way in increasing the popularity of permanent body art.

Susan Sarandon recently talked about getting tattoos with her three kids. A heavily inked David Beckham revealed how his sons are eager to join in the family tradition: "One of them said to me recently, 'How old do I have to be before I get my first tattoo?' I was like, 'A lot older than you are now.'" While mother-of-two Nicole Richie - who is inked alongside fiancé Joel Madden - said she'd be "heartbroken" if their kids chose to get tattooed like mom and dad.

Let's take a look at 20 celeb parents who have been inked.

Whose tats do you like the best? Have you been inked?


Kelly Ripa & Her Starbucks Sweeties

Kelly Ripa was all smiles as she took her 2 youngest children - Lola, 9, and Joaquin, 7 - for a sweet treat at Starbucks in New York City on Tuesday (July 6).

The 39-year-old co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly weighed in on the recent nuptials of Brian Austin Green and her Hope & Faith costar, Megan Fox. "He's pretty spectacular," Kelly says of Green. "He's really smart and a great dad. They seemed very happy. So why not?" She adds, "They were adorable."

Kelly and her husband of 14 years, Mark Consuelos, are also parents to 13-year-old son Michael.


Kelly Ripa’s Fierce Morning Pokies

Kelly Ripa, acting much like the shemalé that she is, was walking around NYC with some stiff morning wood-pokies. A glimpse of her tiny talk show nipples makes us forget how mind-bogglingly annoying that bitch is. Honest to God, you can’t say that if you were stuck in a room with a shotgun and Kelly Ripa, you wouldn’t pump its gun powdery load right into her face.

On the bright side, you can see the outline of her 32AA boobs. It might make you feel like you’re looking at a 12 year old boy, but it’s okay, roll with it. We won’t tell.

Kelly Ripa pokies Kelly Ripa pokies Kelly Ripa pokies Kelly Ripa pokies Kelly Ripa pokies Kelly Ripa pokies

Kelly Ripa: I Tell My Son, "As Far As Parents Go, We’re The Bomb!"

Regis & Kelly host Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary, in one of the longest standing relationships in Hollywood. The couple have three children together, and they now face the challenge that all parents eventually face, their oldest son Michael has entered the teenage years. Ripa opened up to People about her teenage son, saying,

I read all of these books on teenagers, and they tell you all these things that are going to happen, and it all happened. They become surly. They lock themselves in their room. Everything [the parents] do is embarrassing. I keep telling him, 'As far as parents go, we're the bomb! The coolest parents ever!'"

Though Michael just recently turned 13, Consuelos revealed that his teenage behaviour began earlier, "I feel like he's been a teenager for the past year already."

The couple, who met on the set of the soap All My Children 15-years-ago, are also parents to 9-year-old Lola, and 7-year-old Joaquin.


Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos’ Happy Group

Such a happy group! Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were spotted strolling in their SoHo neighborhood with their three kids - Michael, 13 next month, Lola, 9 next month, and Joaquin, 7 - in New York City on Sunday (May 23). The happy family-of-five hugged, smiled and waved at the paparazzi.

Kelly opened up about keeping the flame alive in their 13-year marriage.

Initially, we would never leave the kids alone with a babysitter. But then Mark would say, 'We are going out to dinner,' and I would say, 'Without the kids?' And he would say, 'Yes. Because that's what grown-ups do.' It was something he forced me to do, and now I think to myself, The kids will be thrilled. They know the babysitter is going to let them watch TV and eat cookies. So that's the balance Mark introduced to me. I know there are people who are good at dealing with this stuff, but I think the majority of women feel tremendous guilt."


Kelly Ripa Shows Off Her New Tattoo

Mom-of-three Kelly Ripa showed off her new ink during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. When Dave pointed out the word scrawled across Kelly's wrist, she proudly revealed, "My new tattoo! It says 'Consuelos,' it's my last name."

Kelly says that she got the tattoo, in honor of her handsome husband of 13 years Mark Consuelos, just a week ago. She admits, though, that Mark's reaction wasn't quite what she was hoping for.

"So I came home and [waving her newly inked wrist around] said, 'I have a surprise for you... do you notice anything different?' And he said, 'You got your haircut.' 'No, I did not get my haircut. Anything else?' 'You got... Botox?' 'Nooo. Anything else?' He named about 17 different things: You got your teeth laser whitened.... I said, 'I got a tattoo. With your name on it.' And he goes, 'Oh honey, that's permanent."

The longtime lovebirds, who have kids Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 7, met on the set of All My Children.

Do you have - or would you get - a tattoo in honor of your partner?


Kelly Ripa’s Valentine’s Day Dates

Longtime couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos will be spending Valentines Day with the ones they love most.

"This Valentine’s Day is a special one," the Live with Regis & Kelly host tells Rachel Ray. "We are doing what we have never done before as a couple y’all! We are going out to dinner with all three of my children [Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 7 this month] and my parents! We always go out to dinner with our kids on Valentine’s Day, because they are our Valentines. They are the clearest expression of Valentine’s Day’s gone by."

How sweet! But it sounds as though her hubby has some work to do if he wants to get back into Kelly's good books by Valentine's Day. When Mark last stopped by The Rachel Ray Show he said that he was the "compromiser" in their relationship - a claim Kelly denies!

"That man is a dirty liar! That man is a liar! I am surprised he didn’t get struck by lightning. That was a total tale! That was a lie. That is a dirty lie and he will hear it. I heard him and almost died, I almost dropped dead."


Eva LaRue: “Motherhood Is The Most Important Thing To Me”

Although currently moving, Eva LaRue took the time to talk to Celebrity Baby Scoop about life as mom to 8-year-old daughter Kaya. The All My Children alum opens up about her close friendship with fellow soapie, Kelly Ripa, who saved Kaya's life in the Hamptons one fated summer! She also opens up about her longtime pal Sarah Michelle Gellar who "took to motherhood like a duck to water."

Eva is newly engaged to businessman Joe Cappuccio and one of the main characters of TV's popular CSI: Miami. Eva is a dedicated mom who left the huge "career ambitions" aside to be a connected and caring mom, and have the time to go horseback riding and to cheerleading practice with Kaya. Eva opens up about how motherhood has changed her, how co-parenting can be done without stress and the importance of having faith and pride in who you are.

CBS: You and your ex-husband are parents to 8-year-old daughter Kaya. What is the custody agreement between you two?

EL: "We don't have a custody agreement. We've always been really good about making it work. He has her 3 weekends a month and I only have her 1 weekend a month. He lives about a 2 1/2 hour drive from me out in the Palm Springs area. She goes out there on Fridays after school and comes back to me on Sunday nights. Divorces are never fun, but from the very beginning, we knew we weren't going to put her in the middle."

Click below to hear about her longtime friendships with fellow celeb moms, Kelly Ripa and Sarah Michelle Gellar....

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CBS Exclusive

Our New Year’s Resolution:Post more bikini pics of Stacy Keibler


Here’s Stacy Keibler on the beach in Miami last week flaunting an absolutely perfect body and chiseled abs that could easily compete with Kelly Ripa’s, but without the scare factor thanks to the absence of a penis coming out of her belly button (and here we thought of posting Ripa’s pic making our case, but why spoil the moment). And while Stacy hasn’t done much in terms of TV and Movies after Dancing With The Stars in 2006, all you need to know is that her legs are 42 inches long and that her cover of Stuff magazine back in 2003 resulted in the magazine’s highest selling issue ever.


Kelly Ripa: “You Work On Your Marriage The Same Way You Work At Your Job”

With their 14th wedding anniversary coming up next year, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have one of Hollywood's longest and, by all accounts, happiest marriages. In a new interview with Redbook magazine the 39-year-old Live with Regis and Kelly host is full of praise for her very handsome husband ("That gorgeousness, those teeth, that jet black hair..."), with whom she has kids Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 6. The busy mom dishes on everything from dealing with "Mommy guilt" to her golden rule for her kids - and also shares her best advice for a long-lasting relationship.

On dealing with Mommy guilt: "Initially, we would never leave the kids alone with a babysitter. But then Mark would say, 'We are going out to dinner,' and I would say, 'Without the kids?' And he would say, 'Yes. Because that's what grown-ups do.' It was something he forced me to do, and now I think to myself, The kids will be thrilled. They know the babysitter is going to let them watch TV and eat cookies. So that's the balance Mark introduced to me. I know there are people who are good at dealing with this stuff, but I think the majority of women feel tremendous guilt."

On being a work in progress: "There are still nights when, if I'm feeling really guilty about leaving the kids, I'll pick a fight with Mark over having nothing to wear. Which is a lie. I'm like, 'I'm not going! My throat hurts! I have nothing to wear!' And he'll say, 'Which is it?' I'm like, 'I have nothing to wear and, yes, I think my throat may be hurting soon.' We're evolving."


Mark Consuelos Shares “Very Simple” Holiday Plans

Dad-of-three Mark Consuelos was honored at last week's Aid for AIDS International "My Hero Gala" in New York.

Asked what makes him a hero at home, Mark, who has kids Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 6, with his wife Kelly Ripa, tells OK!, “Oh my gosh. Well, it’s the basic things, like taking the kids to school. I think it’s a family effort. The hero becomes the family, and the family becomes the hero. I don’t think I’m the hero in the family.”

The 39-year-old actor is looking forward to spending Christmas with his family - and says that the kids are already looking forward to unwrapping their gifts! So what are they hoping to find under the tree this year?


Celebrity Salaries in 2008:because you needed to be reminded you earn peanuts


Parade magazine published a list celebrities and their gross earnings in 2008 and here’s a sample. Note:Beyonce’s earnings are largely due to her world tour, whereas Britney’s earnings are expected to increase in 2009 due to her own world tour.

Tyler Perry: $125 million

Tiger Woods:$110 million

Jay-Z: $82 million

Beyonce: $80 million

Alex Rodriguez: $34 million

Will Ferrell: $31 million

Jennifer Aniston: $27 million

John Grisham (author):$25 million

Kelly Ripa: $8 million

Taylor Swift: $5.5 million

Tina Fey: $4.6 million

Patrick Dempsey: $3.5 million

Britney Spears: $2.25 million


Kelly Ripa Without Makeup Equals Catastrophe

Kelly Ripa caught prancing around Miami beach in a bikini this past weekend. The television host sported an inverted cleavage, rock hard rib cage and a way-outtie bellybutton. Im convinced, Kelly Ripa without makeup is evidence aliens...

Kelly “Ripped” struts her…ligaments in Miami


Kelly Ripa and Madonna must have read the same crazy book about what turns men on (or could it be how to turn them into a pillar of salt when you they look at you) because the only things she hasn’t managed to turn into a muscle is her hair and tongue (nah, scratch the tongue, it expands when she flexes).

Kelly, seen here enjoying some family time by the pool of her hotel in Miami, was as toned and flat as a surf board minus the nipples, the navel and the camel toe, all three of which decided to stage a coup and raised the flag of La Resistance.