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Christina Ricci rocks the underboob trend

article-0-09D9F253000005DC-8016_468x668Here’s Christina Ricci trying to mess with our customs and norms (read being able to observe cleavage) by showing off her underboob, or ‘neathage’ or  as some call it her ‘Australian cleavage’ (we’re a wealth of knowledge here on this site, aren’t we) at a modern art exhibit in NYC last night. We were about to say that we don’t mind artsy fartsy after all, but then we noticed that Courtney Love and rock musician/freak on acid Kembra Pfahler were also present. The latter going for a full frontal assault.

And we just realized we should have never posted this. We just cut our readership in half, haven’t we. Just remember we also posted Kelly Brook today.