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Black Celebrities Who Don’t Look Alike AT ALL But Are Mistaken For One Another



Here are 10 cases of mistaken black celebrity identity that were just a little too foolish for us.

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Endless Slander: 10 Most Bullied Celebs [Photo Gallery]


Celebs may be filthy rich and famous but they’re also the most slandered, dragged and bullied human beings on Earth. Do they deserve it? Ehh, sometimes, but the endless slander always spirals out of control and bruises even the biggest of egos. Ask yourself this: “Am I bully?” The answer: Yea, probably.


Here are the ten most bullied celebs in the game. Take a look.

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Some Strong Black Lovin’: Keri Hilson And Her Baller Boo Serge Ibaka Spotted Coupled Up In The Club… Is There A Wedding In The Works?

Keri Hilson Serge Ibaka

Is Miss Keri Baby about to be Mrs. Ibaka, maybe? The pop singer/songwriter was spotted at Atlanta’s Compound Nightclub Saturday with her baller boo thang looking incredibly happy and we couldn’t help but notice some hardware on her left hand.

Keri Hilson Serge Ibaka

Engaged or nah? Hit the flip for more pics!

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Keri Hilson’s Baller Boo Serge Ibaka Prasies Her “Natural Beauty” While She Responds To Rumors That She’s Knocked Up And Quitting Music

Some strong black lovin’ and a little rumor control courtesy of Ms. Keri…

Keri Hilson Responds To Rumors Of Quitting Music Due To Pregnancy

R&B songstress Keri Hilson has been the subject of much slander and many rumors since her sudden hiatus from the music industry began a few years back, but she’s been speaking out to clear up the chit-chatter lately and now she’s ready to put another rumor to rest.

Earlier this week, word on the street was that Ms. Keri had officially announced her “retirement” from music, which in turn re-fueld the rumors that she’s toting a gut full of her longtime baller boo Serge Ibaka. She took to her Twitter with these messages in response:


Keri also thanked  all 27 of her fans that have still been faithful during her long break from music:


Speaking of loverboy Serge Ibaka, he’s definitely one person that’s been Team Keri for a while now, and he recently took to his Instagram to give his misses a lovey-dovey shoutout. Hit the flip to hear what he had to say…

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Ashley Tisdale, Kaley Cuoco and Others Wear Their Birthday Suits for Allure

Sure, April showers bring May flowers… but they also bring tidings of naked celebrities, with the arrival of Allure’s annual “Look Better Naked” issue. The pictures may be short on actual naughty bits, but if this is the closest we get to seeing Kaley Cuoco (of The Big Bang Theory), Ashley Tisdale (Disney slut), Bridget Moynihan (was in that one movie where Will Smith played a reluctant hero), and Keri Hilson (Umm who? I’m gonna be racist so I’ll just assume some Tyler Perry movie) disrobed in a national magazine, well, we’re okay with that.

allure_2011_nude_issue_ashley_tisdale allure_2011_nude_issue_bridget_moynahan_01 allure_2011_nude_issue_bridget_moynahan_02 allure_2011_nude_issue_kaley_cuoco allure_2011_nude_issue_keri_hilson

Keri Hilson should probably have put some pants on


Here’s Keri Hilson performing at Pepsi’s Pre-Super Bowl fan party in Miami last week trying to seduce us with sequins and cellulite. If only she played the game a little better like fellow sufferer Rihanna and went with fishnets we would have been all over this, seeing that we’re suckers and totally buy the illusion of a perfect ass. Now we’re going to go quietly cry in a corner because we just thought of Lady Gaga’s ass in sheer pantyhose and got warm and tingly all over.


Knifed Up

LL Cool J hit up the Grammy Nominations concert last night looking like a young, spring chicken…fresh off the botox table.

Drake, Ms. Keri Baby, and Maxwell were in attendance as well:

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