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Hugh Hefner files for divorce



After more than a decade of separation, Hugh Hefner is seeking an official return to his bachelor status…and the reason is money.

The Playboy founder filed for divorce on Friday from his wife and former Playmate, Kimberly Conrad Hefner and is asking a judge to order him to pay her a reduced $20,000 a month in spousal support. That would be half of the $40,000 a month that he has been paying her since they separated in 1998, the records state.

He wants the monthly payments to end in two years, or after a trial on the couple’s divorce is held, whichever comes first.

Hefner and Kimberly Conrad Hefner were married in 1989, the same year she was named Playmate of the Year. They separated in 1998. Hefner continued to live at the mansion, and Kimberly Hefner moved into a home next door with the couple’s two young sons.

Records show she filed for divorce around that time, but the petition was eventually withdrawn.

She sued Hefner last month, claiming he owes her $4 million under their prenuptial agreement and for proceeds from the sale of the home she is living in. Her lawsuit states Hefner agreed to pay her $250,000 per year for every year they were married after their fourth anniversary.

Hefner in his filings contends he paid his wife $750,000 when they separated, an amount he states he thought satisfied the prenuptial agreement.

Kimberly Hefner’s attorney in the civil lawsuit did not return a phone message seeking comment on Wednesday.

Hefner states in court filings that he has paid almost $12 million to his wife and for her home since their separation.

The couple had two sons together, Marston and Cooper Hefner, who are now both in college.

Hefner, 83, states that he has paid his son’s school expenses and will continue to do so.