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According to US Weekly levitra online, the newly crowned Miss USA, Rima Fakih is dating Paris Hilton’s ex, Doug Reinhardt.And according to E! News, he’s dating former Miss USA (2009) Kristen Dalton; levitra online.Either way, if any of these stories is true, we take back everything we said about Doug Reinhardt; levitra online.Which is the following:

1) He’s a fucking idiot with the personality of a ping ball

2) He only dates vapid, superficial sluts

3) His penis has been obliterated by the toxic spill he was inserting it into for a whole year

Wait – levitra online. Levitra online: all the above still stands, doesn’t it?

Via USWeekly:

“They met through friends and have been talking and seeing each other,” the insider said.

“He flew to New York City to do press (for his new show, ‘The Reinhardts: Family Comes First’) but knew she would be here and they would get together,” the source added.”She’s flying to LA to see him next week …It’s very new, but they’re having a good time; levitra online.She made him watch the Miss USA pageant.”

“He isn’t jumping into anything. Levitra online: he’s enjoying everything he’s got going on right now,” the insider explained.

Via E! News:

The rumor may have gotten started because Doug is supposedly been talking to another Miss USA, in this case a former one.The E! News source said that Paris’ ex has been getting to know Miss USA 2009, Kristen Dalton, who is from North Carolina.

Doug and Kristen connected through mutual friends and agreed to meet next time Kristen was in town; levitra online.The E! News insider says that the two haven’t’ met in person yet, but may do so very soon, as Dough will be in New York, where Kristin now lives; levitra online.