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Lauren Conrad Keeps It California Casual.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lauren Conrad out and about. A few hours ago, I shared a post about AnnaLynne McCord, another beautiful lady I haven’t seen much of lately and in it, I admitted I missed her. I’m not sure I can say the same about Lauren. Lauren is a beautiful women, yes, but I find her a little boring. She’s always pretty, of course, but I don’t know if she’s really the kind of woman I can really get excited to write about. In these photos from California, Lauren looks hot like always but I’m left feeling underwhelmed. I do like the outfit she’s chosen so I guess there’s at least that.

Lauren Conrad Keeps it California Casual.

 Lauren Conrad Keeps it California Casual. Lauren Conrad Keeps it California Casual. Lauren Conrad Keeps it California Casual.
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Lauren Conrad is Against Fashion F*ck Ups

In a new PSA filmed for Ryan Seacrest’s shitty radio show, Lauren Conrad sounds off about “Fashion F*ck-Ups” (FFUs) including men wearing jhorts and women in kitten heels (with the exception of Suri Cruise). Lauren’s final message: There’s no shame in changing your friends if it makes you look better.

Wait, is she wearing a potato sack while giving out fashion advice? I wish she would go back to 2009 when someone actually gave a shit about what she had to say, well people pretended to at least.


Kristin Cavallari flashes some thong as after-dinner dessert

kcavallari seethru

God bless Kristin Cavallari.  The bitchy blonde has been making ‘The Hills’ interesting again over at MTV, and she’s been looking mighty delicious while doing so.  Plus, she’s much more entertaining to watch off-set than Lauren Conrad could ever be.

Case in point, the reality star was snapped on her way back from dinner in West Hollywood on Friday night (October 9) looking overexposed as the bright lights of flashing bulbs and the flimsy black fabric of her outfit let us all see the make and model of her panties.  If that wasn’t enough, the party girl threw in a slice of side boob as well.

That night, Kristin was serving up her cherry pie in a tempting little purple thong, which made a sweet treat for all her fans who love to hate her. Even if we didn’t love to hate her, it’d be hard to hate a lady who serves up such tasty side boob and an accidental undergarment flash all in one night.


Audrina Patridge eats up the attention on set of ‘The Hills’


‘The Hills’ has starting filming in the LA-area again, so cameras were following Audrina Patridge as she had lunch with her TV friends, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt.  The ladies took in a meal at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills.  Filming mundane activities must have worked up Audrina’s appetite because ol’ Ceiling Eyes was spotted shoveling grub into her gaping maw and washing it all down with an iced tea.  No word yet on whether former bulimic Stephanie made a beeline for the restroom when her meal was through.

Now that Lauren Conrad is no longer on the show, Audrina is sort of the star of season 6.  However, this will be her last as well.  Audrina’s taking her upward gaze to another reality TV project, still with MTV, which reportedly starts production later this month.  How much longer can they squeeze vacuous chunks of entertainment out of the series?  Only time will tell.


Lauren Conrad hits best-seller list with

lc candy
It’s a flowery path downhill for Lauren Conrad. She may not be on The Hills anymore, but she’s certainly on top of the world. Her debut novel, L.A. Candy, has topped the New York Times Best-Seller list two weeks in a row.

LC shared her excitement with People,

If someone said to me five years ago when this all started that I would one day make the New York Times Best Seller list I wouldn’t have believed it. I am so honored that it is now a reality. It was such a compliment to be included in something with such established names.

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Brody Jenner and his Playmate girlfriend attend OP launch party


Reality TV veteran and current star of “The Hills”, Brody Jenner, and 2008 Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, were spotted at the OP launch party Tuesday night (July 7).  Brody, who modeled for OP’s “Summer of Music” campaign,  was dressed in beachy evening wear and got close to Jayde as they hit the red carpet.  Brody is famous for being an all around douche nozzle with the ability to pull some decently hot ladies.  Past conquests include Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, and Lauren Conrad.  And now the universe rewards him for doing nothing (seriously, what does this guy do?) with a Playmate of the Year.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Jayde isn’t too much of a prize.  Playboy’s standards must have dropped pretty low to let her perma-bitchface and big forehead be awarded anything but a bag over her head.  Meanwhile, Jayde has been stirring up drama with Audrina Patridge by calling her out on Twitter:

“WOW @Audrina. Listen CEILING eyes…not only are you a WHORE you are the dumbest human being I have EVER met so don’t talk shit about Brody.”

Wait, we take back all the mean things we said about Jayde.  Anyone who calls Audrina “Ceiling Eyes” is alright in our book.’


Pics from 20th annual celebrity carnival

I have always maintained that I’m all hearts for any social gathering which brings a couple of beautiful faces under one roof. The 20th annual A Time For Heroes celebrity carnival is one of those events. I have my own reasons and explanations, so you have the liberty to come up with your own reasons to either love or hate my idea. However, I’m confident that you won’t go in the opposite direction. Because, who doesn’t like the idea of catching so many beautiful faces at one go?! This time it’s Shenae Grimes, Lauren Conrad, Lacey Schwimmer, Kristin Cavallari, Terri Seymour and Lauren Bosworth doing their bit to make you cheerful. Hit the jump and feel lucky.
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Kristin Cavallari shows off her own…Hills at Dawn Beach


She’s Lauren Conrad’s replacement on the stupidest show on earth The Hills and her co-stars already hate her because she’s “too opinionated”. Somehow we don’t mind Kristin Kavallari’s opinions (here pretending to have the time of her life for the paparazzi while showing off her bod at Westin Hotel’s Dawn Beach on Sunday)…maybe it’s because we stop listening when she strips down and bares her toned behind…which is the only reason the word “Hills” has yet to become the most annoying word in the english dictionary.


Leighton Meester:Hollywood’s version of the Sumo wrestler at the MTV Movie Awards


Leighton Meester was really iching to show flesh at the MTV Movie Awards and since she’s not an A student at the Mammarian department, she went for buttcheeks instead…because as long as she showed no crack, no one would accuse her of putting her ass out on display. Too bad all we could think of was a piece of toilet paper stuck on her behind…

Also check out Cameron Diaz reminding us once again that she and her hair comb don’t get along very well and Lauren Conrad doing her best to look like Stevie Nicks in her overly done make-up (which by the way makes her look a decade older), hair extensions and puffy 80’s flower disaster of a dress (which by the way is supposed to be the trend of the season if you check out Megan Fox, Kristen Bell and Hayden Panattiere…all devout followers of THE PUFF). We also caught Ashley Tisdale leaving her house on her way to the event looking sexy in her shiny outfit (except for the shoes…can’t imagine why anyone would want their feet to look like they were on a grill for an hour after they take them off).


Paris Hilton Hates The Hills, Calls it Fake and Lame

Paris Hilton and her studly, yet serial killer-esque looking boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, attended the Fifi Awards in NYC this week where she openly ripped into The Hills. You know, the show where Doug Reinhardt was openly dumped by Lauren Conrad...

Kristin Cavallari Slumdoggin’ It, Gets Ready for The Hills

Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari, heading to the gym. Why? We have no idea! She is pretty damn perfect as is. Maybe she is training for her reappearance on The Hills, now that Lauren Conrad won't be making her...