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Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar & More Hit Floyd Mayweather Pre & After Parties [Photos]


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Catch Fade: Lil Wayne Scraps With Marcos Maidana And His Crew Then A Stampede Breaks Out [Video]

Now, what happened again?

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On The Party Scene: Lil Wayne And Monica Turn Up At Velvet Room

Lil Wayne Parties At Velvet Room In ATL

Just don’t worry bout what’s in his cup… Lil Weezy was in HotLanta this weekend.

Lil Wayne Hosts AG Entertainment Sponsored Party In Atlanta

The rapper, who was joined by Young Money loyalists Mack Maine and Shannell, turned up at Velvet Room to host Sunday Night’s AG Entertainment sponsored party in Atlanta.

Lil Wayne Parties At Velvet Room In ATL

Hit the flip for more photos from the party, including some of singer Monica.

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/

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New Young Money Music Video “Senile” Has Nicki Minaj As A Chola (Tyga, Nicki Minaj, And Lil Wayne) [Video]

Commercial dopeness?

VEVO youtube

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Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz Attend Trukfit NBA All-Star Event [Photos]


Talent Resources Sports made the most of NBA All-Star Weekend being in New Orleans as they nabbed Lil Wayne and Trukfit to help host a gigantic party with the help of 1OAK... Continue

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Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Toya Wright Says What She Witnessed Behind Bars Was So Bad She Doesn’t Even Want To Leave The House!

Toya Speaks Out

Toya is a free woman.

Toya Speaks After Arrest

Wonder what the first order of business will be for the ex-jailbird.

According to TMZ:

Toya Wright says her stint in jail was one of the worst experiences of her entire life … claiming she’s emotionally scarred … even though she spent less than 24 hours behind bars.

As we previously reported, Wright — Lil Wayne’s ex-wife/baby mama — was locked up in Georgia yesterday after cops discovered a warrant out for her arrest during a routine traffic stop.

Toya tells us the whole thing stemmed from a speeding ticket that “slipped through the cracks.”

But Toya, who appeared on the reality show “Tiny and Toya” — is adamant she will never go back to jail because she’s so traumatized by the things she saw on the inside.

Toya wouldn’t get into specifics … but says her fellow inmates were treated “inhumanely.”

“I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worst enemy,” Toya says … adding, “What I witnessed was so bad that I don’t even want to leave the house right now.”

Toya says she’s even considering turning the experience into a positive by working as an “advocate of better treatment for prisoners.”

As for the speeding ticket, Toya says, “Please believe I’m working on lightening up my lead foot.”

All this drama over a ticket though?

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Happy Birthday: Lil Wayne’s Oldest Son Celebrates With A Costume Party

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 2.13.45 PM

Little Lil Tunechi is still living it up for his birthday. Sarah Vivan shared a few photos from her son Dwayne Michael Carter III’s birthday party over the weekend which was attended by “sister-wife” Nivea and Lil Tuney’s half-brother Neal as well as Daddy Weezy and half sister Reginae Carter. Hit the flip for the flicks.

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It Wasn’t Me! 10 Celebs Who Claimed Their Twitter Was HACKED [Photo Gallery]


“I was HACKED!” is every celeb’s go-to damage control when caught up in deliciously juicy Twitter beef or controversy over offensive tweets. Whether they were actually hacked or not, we rarely know, but “hacked” celebrity Twitters are usually wildly-entertaining and hilarious.

Here’s a photo gallery of celebs who claimed their Twitter was hacked. Take a look.

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Who Robbed 2 Chainz?: Top 5-Suspects Revealed! [Video]

Who Robbed 2 Chainz? Here are the suspects in the case. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Bite Size Ballers: The Shortest Guys In Hollywood Who Are 5’7″ And Under

shorter dudes


Here are 14 celebrity men who we could fit in the back of our pocket.

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Gone Too Soon: Top 10 Music Legends Who Died From A Drug Overdose


At this point, no one really knows if Lil Wayne is dead, alive or both. According to TMZ, he was read his last rites after suffering severe seizures but those reports were quickly disputed by close friends, family and even T.I. Either way, Wayne seems determined to die in his prime (like everyone on this list) and that’s heartbreaking.

Here are the ten music legends who died from a drug overdose. Take a look.

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Update On Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizures With New Lil Wayne Tweets From Hospital Bed! [Video]

Get well young brother… smh.

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Exclusive Blind Item: Which “Pop That” Rapper Got Caught On Tape Chopping Down A Men’s Mag Model Turned Emcee?

kimmi pop that

Blind item time… Does another one of your favorite rappers have a freaky flick floating around? A source told BOSSIP exclusively that there is indeed a new naughty tape featuring one of the four rappers from the mega-hit “Pop That”…

A BOSSIP source whispers that Kimmi Kennedy is a vixen that doesn’t mind mixing business and pleasure. She’s the latest men’s mag model to step in the booth in hot pursuit of a rap career, but when she reached out to this rapper he gave her a lot more than a feature. Besides the free verse our “Pop That” MC also supplied a serving of long hard D on the side.

Who do you think it is?

Hit the flip to find out.

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Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out!

Lil Wayne wants the whole “Drake vs. Chris brown” thing to blow over…fast! Not because he cares about their friendship or anything, but because he is worried about his cash flow!

Sources say Drake has received multiple calls from Lil Wayne, Birdman and Mack Maine — urging him to reach out to Chris Brown after last weeks bottle throwing brawl in NYC. Wayne is worried that the fight will affect business, since Brown is on several tracks with Young Money members and Lil Wayne knows Brown is a money maker.

Drake doesn’t want to hear it, though. He wants to hear Chris Brown say that he doesn’t blame him for what happened last week, which probably won’t happen considering Brown’s lawyer is blaming the whole thing on Drake.

Sounds like middle school, huh? They will all make up eventually. Plus it’s bad for Chris Brown’s image, you know? First he hits Rihanna (a woman) and now Drake (a crippled boy in a wheelchair).

Gee, pick on someone your own size! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out!


Lil Wayne is a Lil Bitch

As most of you know, Lil Wayne was “denied” entry to Game 3 of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals. When Lil Wayne couldn’t get court side tickets, he took to Twitter and made it seem like Oklahoma City just didn’t want him in the building. But, of course, we all know that wasn’t the truth. Oklahoma just didn’t have any tickets left! They weren’t going to kick someone else out just to let Lil Wayne in.

Well that explanation wasn’t good enough for Lil Wayne. Heck, even Kevin Durant and James Harden reached out to the rapper and offered him tickets to game 4, but “that’s not the point” Wayne says.

“That’s the players stepping up but of course the players aren’t white. I don’t want to be sitting there next to a (person) that’s like ‘I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.’ (Forget) you…I’m in Forbes” he said.

Oh, give me a break. What happened to tough rappers? Since when did they all become whiny bitches? They try to act all mean and tough, and then start crying when they can’t get court side tickets. And then he tries to imply they are racist? Where is the proof of that? Just because they didn’t kick someone out of the building just to have ‘Lil Wayne’ there?

They probably just thought he needed to focus on making his crappy music. “Shawty said l-l-lick like a lollipop” you need time and talent to write such brilliant lyrics! Lil Wayne is a Lil Bitch Lil Wayne is a Lil Bitch Lil Wayne is a Lil Bitch Lil Wayne is a Lil Bitch


Lil Wayne’s Crew Accused of Attacking Photog!

Bad things happen when it rains in Miami. A photog was tortured by Lil Wayne’s crew; they damaged his bike, spat in his face and pushed him down to the ground. At least, that is what the official police report says.

TMZ obtained the police report and the details are quite disturbing. The report claims that the photog spotted Lil Wayne and his crew skateboarding outside of some church — right beside a “no skateboarding” sign. So, naturally he decided to take a few pictures. The photog says that Wayne and his crew called it a night after it started to rain — so he followed them to the car, getting a few photos along the way.

That is when all the mayhem started. Apparently, Lil Wayne didn’t appreciate all of the pictures that were being taken, so he ordered his crew to take the man’s camera. Eight men surrounded him, and intimidated him into deleting several photos. Then, they spat in his face, pushed him to the ground and beat his bicycle with a skateboard. After the attack, the photog went straight to the police station and filed the report.

Wayne’s people have not commented on the situation. Lil Wayne’s Crew Accused of Attacking Photog! Lil Wayne’s Crew Accused of Attacking Photog! Lil Wayne’s Crew Accused of Attacking Photog! Lil Wayne’s Crew Accused of Attacking Photog!


Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Well, the simple answer is…we have no freaking idea. Apparently Lil Wayne went out to eat with his girlfriend last night and he slipped a huge ring inside her dessert, and then he shouted to the restaurant: “SHE SAID YES!”

Sources say that Lil Wayne secretly handed the restaurant staff a ring with a giant yellow rock on it during his meal — and asked them to slip it inside the restaurant’s “classic” sundae.

When the massive sundae arrived at the table, sources say Lil Wayne jumped up and shouted to the entire restaurant: “SHE SAID YES!” Sources told TMZ that everyone thought Lil Wayne just popped the question. Then later that night, he even tweeted, “She said yes!” But here is where things get confusing. A little bit later Lil Wayne wrote, “I meant ’she said yes’ to being my valentine! Hahahahahaha! Y’all crazy.”

OH! HAHAHA! Wow, you really got us! It’s like you turned Valentine’s Day into Valenfool’s Day. Get it? Cause April…ah never mind.  Anyway, congratulations to Lil Wayne…for what? We don’t know.

Do you think he really is engaged? Or was he really just goofin’ around? Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?


Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Lil Wayne Is Out of Prison

Lil Wayne is free, and he still has a herd of adoring fans behind him. Lil Wayne left Rikers Island prison in New York early this morning, after eight months of his one-year sentence on gun charges. Wayne has maintained contact with the public through his website, where post after post, he thanks those who support him for their kind words, prayers and naughty pictures and underwear. The comments section of the website is littered with adoration for the hip-hop hero and father of 234 bastard kids.

I for one am just hoping that maybe Lil Whatever will finally get a vasectomy. How many illegitimate kids can a man have before he figures out how to use a condom?

Even former President Bill “Cigar” Clinton spoke of Lil’s release with the 96.1 Kiss morning radio show… Say what you want about his trade tariff reforms, when it comes to hip hop, Bill Clinton was our dopest president. Suck on that, Lincoln.


**Bossip Exclusive** Antonia Carter Talks Love, Wayne, and Baby Mama Drama


Bossip had the pleasure of chopping it up with new reality star, Antonia Carter, and she filled us in on everything from her new relationship, to getting ready for Wayne’s departure and what to expect on the new season of Tiny and Toya.

Bossip: Are you still with James Hardy? People said you made tweets that made them think y’all weren’t together?

James is a Great person:)

Bossip: You say that you don’t like drama and get along with all of Wayne’s baby mommas. Has it always been that way, and what was your first reaction to them?

Dwayne has not always had “Babymamas” this is something new for me …but we are making a conscious effort to change the stereotype of babymamas. We get a long Great! We don’t have any reason not to. It’s about the kids at this point and I love all of them:)

Bossip: Anymore kids for you soon?

I would love to have another kid but not in the near future.

You care a lot about your image. Now that you’re in the spotlight more, how hard is it to balance being a mother and a reality star?

I won’t pretend it’s easy. Being in the Spotlight now, I have found that my motherly skills are getting stronger. I can see more clearly now the things I need to protect her from and prepare her for. Reginae and I have a great relationship. We spend lots of time together.

Do you wear a weave? If so, ladies want to know what kind?

Yes I do. My stylist uses these links to put my weave in so a lot of my real hair is out. That’s why people always ask me is that your hair? Because it always look so natural…  No it’s good ol Indian mixed with mine.

Bossip: On the new season of Tiny and Toya, what can we expect? When does it air? Are y’all taping now?

Expect to see continued growth and forward movement…I think it airs in February…we start taping this week.

Bossip: What happened to the book?

I’m still working on it

Bossip: We saw your struggle with your mom on the show, how is she?

My mom is Great! She’s doing much better..Anita loves everybody and everybody loves Anita:)

Bossip: What’s your favorite drink and why?

My preferred drink of choice is white wine..but I’m not a big drinker

Bossip:For some reason, we don’t believe you Toya, you need more people.

Bossip: There is a video out with you dancing at a Halloween party looking a little scandalous… how did that happen?

I’m not a scandalous person and I don’t pretend to be square. I go out and have fun like most people my age…I’m at a Growth stage in my life and right now I’m learning that people would try to twist the truth until it looks like something else…it was Halloween and I was just having fun!

Bossip: With Wayne facing a substantial amount of jail time for gun charges, how are you preparing yourself and your daughter for that situation?

The situation saddens me but we are preparing our daughter for it and we are there for each other as always.