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Lily Allen is sexy in fun new photo shoot.

I don’t care – not even a little bit – what anyone has to say. Lily Allen is the epitome of awesome. She’s gutsy, outspoken and absolutely, always, 100% herself. She doesn’t try to be someone people might find easier to relate to just because it could help her sell more records. In addition, I think “It’s Not Me, It’s You” is one of the best pop albums released in the last ten years. “The Fear” was my absolutely favorite song for several months when it was released. It was even my ringtone when I still have a cell phone. There isn’t a thing I don’t love about this woman and that sass and attitude I love so much is obvious in these photos. Lily is awesome. I couldn’t be happier she’s decided to return to music. I can’t wait to hear what her new music sounds like.

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Lily Allen suffers miscarriage

lily allen marriage
In a very sad turn of events, Lily Allen has suffered another miscarriage and lost her baby after nearly six months of pregnancy. The British snger was expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper. A rep for Lily has confirmed the sad news in a statement today.

People quotes Lily’s rep as saying,

It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby. The couple ask that their privacy be respected and that they be left alone at this deeply distressing time. No further comment will be made.

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Lily Allen At London Fashion Week

Mom-to-be Lily Allen looked lovely as she took in the Issa Fashion show at London Fashion Week (September 21). The couture apparently inspired Lily to hit the shops - she was later spotted at Prada.

The Smile singer and her boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting their first child this winter.


Lily Allen: "Being Sober Has Opened My Eyes"

Yep – there's a baby in there! Lily Allen shows off her growing bump at the House of Holland fashion show in London on Saturday (September 18).

The pop singer, who was once as known for her hard-partying ways as well as for her chart-topping hits, says she's realizing her wild lifestyle may have clouded her judgment at times.

“I’m enjoying procreating," she laughs. "I’m not missing smoking, ­drinking and going out. It’s made me realise a lot about some people I used to hang out with. I still have to be around some of them when they’re drunk and I’m like, ‘Is that what we’re like?’ Being sober has opened my eyes a lot.”

Lily, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, also marvels at the benefits the pregnancy has bestowed on her body.

“My boobs are incredible. I’m a 34D now. I’ve never had that size before,” she gushes. “I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant. It’s making it all the more real. My body’s changing all the time and I’ve got to just ­embrace it. I’m growing all over. I’ve been wearing sexy maternity tights. I’m so glamorous it’s unreal!”


Lily Allen Steps Out

Expectant mom Lily Allen was spotted with her half sister Sarah Owen outside of their new clothing boutique Lucy In Disguise in London, England yesterday (September 17).

Speaking of her decision to focus on family rather than her career, the Smile singer recently said, "I can't say this whole thing isn't terrifying because I'm taking a massive risk. I'm turning away from something successful and focusing on Sam, my baby and my business."

Lily and her boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting their first child this winter.


Lily Allen: "I’m Taking A Massive Risk"

Lily Allen has admitted to some anxiety about her pregnancy because of her previous miscarriage, and now she's revealing another fear. The pop singer, who is expecting a baby with boyfriend Sam Cooper, says she's worried about the toll that motherhood will take on her career.

"I can't say this whole thing isn't terrifying because I'm taking a massive risk," she admits. "I'm turning away from something successful and focusing on Sam, my baby and my business."

But Lily insists she wouldn't have it any other way. "That's what I want," she says.

As for speculation about her and Sam's plans to marry, Lily says they're both happy just to focus on becoming parents. "Of course I want to get married, but having a baby with someone is way more important, and we're both really excited."


Lily Allen Has Been "Living In Fear"

Though she's thrilled to be expecting, pregnancy has hardly been easy for Smile singer Lily Allen.

After suffering a miscarriage in 2008, Lily reveals that her second pregnancy has unfortunately also had some complications.

"I came off the pill and, weirdly, a week later it happened. But then it was really difficult, I had complications. I had about a week and a half of really heavy bleeding and had to have lots of scans," she tells The Sunday Times, adding, "I’ve been living in fear for the past three months.”


Report: Lily Allen Expecting A Boy

Smile singer Lily Allen and boyfriend Sam Cooper are reportedly expecting a son, reports The Sun.

A source revealed to the paper,

Lily said she found out from a scan she is having a boy. She is really excited and can't wait to give birth. She is always asking other mums about their pregnancies."

Allen, 25, is also said to be taking prenatal classes and yoga in preparation for welcoming her child into the world.

This will be the first child for the couple, who announced the pregnancy in early August after a year-long relationship.


Lily Allen Debuts Her Baby Bump!

British singer Lily Allen debuted her baby bump at the premiere of Tamara Drewe in London, England on Monday (September 6).

The 25-year-old mom to be - who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper after suffering a miscarriage in January 2008 - admits that she's still adjusting to her pregnancy curves.

"I'm aware of the fact that I've put on a considerable amount of weight, and I didn't want it to become a talking point," she tweeted just after confirming her pregnancy. "I'm feeling vulnerable enough as it is. Hence the jeans and pyjama top. Just wanted to be relaxed and not think about all that."


Lily Allen: Pretty In Pink

Musical mom-to-be Lily Allen hid her bump under a pink coat as she left the Ivy Club in London, England yesterday (August 27). The 25-year-old Smile singer was also spotted this morning, lining up for a cricket match along with her beau Sam Cooper.

Lily broke the happy news that she's expecting earlier this month, saying:

It brings me great pleasure to tell you that Sam and I are expecting our first child. It goes without saying that we are both absolutely delighted."


Lily Allen Laughs Out Loud

Smile singer Lily Allen did just that while out with a friend in London, England today (August 26). Something had the musical mom-to-be laughing her head off as the pair sat together over a pot of tea.

Lily, 25, is taking a break from making music as she awaits the arrival of her first child with her partner Sam Cooper.


Lily Allen’s Going To Have A Surfer Baby

Lily Allen’s brother Alfie can’t wait to become an uncle! He also can’t wait to do all sorts of fun things with his sister’s son or daughter.

“I’m really excited about it,” says the 23-year-old actor. “I’m going to I'm going to teach my niece or nephew loads of cool stuff like how to cook and kite surf.”

Alfie, whose relationship with actress Jaime Winstone ended after three years last April, says that though he’s thrilled for his sister, he has no plans to become a father anytime soon. “I don’t want kids for at least five years,” he admits.

The 25-year-old Smile singer, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, has been receiving well wishes from family and friends since announcing the happy news earlier this month.

According to one source: “Her friends and family are over the moon. They've known it's what she wants for ages, When Kate Moss, one of Lily's good friends, found out she squealed with delight and Lily's had dozens of bunches of flowers from fans.”

Lily and Sam’s little bundle is due sometime in early 2011.


10 Hot Celebrity First Time Moms-To-Be!

Pregnant celebrities have been popping up right and left all summer long! Some famous moms-to-be were shocked by the news of their impending arrival, while others have dreamed of having a child their entire life and have been waiting to announce this exciting news for years.

All of these expecting first time mamas have that very telling radiant glow. From Bachelor alums to television actresses to award-winning musicians and Victoria's Secret models, these lovely ladies are eagerly anticipating their tiny bundles of joy!

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Pregnant Lily Allen Takes A Tumble

Smile singer Lily Allen reportedly took a tumble on Tuesday, August 17th, at a restaurant in London, UK.

The 25-year-old, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend of one year, Sam Cooper, Tweeted about the happenings,

I fell over in the foyer of The Wolsley this morning. Tres embarrassing. Hurty wrist (sic)."

"Owwwwwcch. My neck hurts. Feel free to Insert sexy time related joke here. Still not funny. My neck hurts a lot (sic)."

The pain was so terrible, that Allen had to seek out medical attention for what turned out to be whiplash. She later Tweeted, "At the docs. Its whiplash from my fall yesterday! Oh deary me (sic)."

Allen, who suffered a miscarriage over 2 1/2 years ago, is due in early 2011.


Lily Allen Bumps It In Primrose Hill

A smiley Lily Allen spent some time with DJ pal Nick Grimshaw in Primrose Hill, London on Friday (August 13).

The 25-year-old singer, who is currently expecting her first child with partner Sam Cooper, was spotted checking her phone and entering a building with her friend as the two chatted happily together. Later on she tweeted her plans for the rest of the day:

On a casual friday afternoon pub crawl with the boy. Just me and him. I'm not drinking, go figure [sic].

The British recording artist is reportedly taking a hiatus from music to enjoy her journey into motherhood. She and Sam have been together since summer 2009.


Lily Allen Hides Her Bump

Singer Lily Allen rocked the stage yesterday (Aug 8), at the Big Chill Festival in Eastnor, UK, in what is to be her "final" performance for five years.

The Smile singer, who hid her bump under a large plaid shirt, shared the happy news that she and boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting just last week, saying,

It brings me great pleasure to tell you that Sam and I are expecting our first child. It goes without saying that we are both absolutely delighted."

Allen, who has always spoke very candidly about her desire to be a mother, and Cooper have been dating for a year.


Lily Allen’s Pregnancy Is Front Page News…In The U.K.

When Lily Allen joyfully told the world about her pregnancy a few days ago it was big news, but the British singer's announcement was given extra attention by the U.K.'s the Sun.

The best-selling tabloid's large, bold-print headline said: "Lily: I'm Preggers."

And no one was more amused than the singer herself, who took to Twitter to make fun of the attention. "Not quite front page worthy but anyways........... surreal," she Tweeted, along with a picture of her holding up the tabloid.

Lily and boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting their first child together sometime in early 2011.


Lily Allen Is Pregnant!

Singer Lily Allen has announced that she's pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper! The pop singer has been dating Sam since last summer.

It brings me great pleasure to tell you that Sam and I are expecting our first child. It goes without saying that we are both absolutely delighted.

Reports say that Lily is around three-months along, which would put the baby's due date sometime in early 2011.

This is joyous news for Lily, who suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in January 2008 after becoming pregnant by Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents!


Lily Allen Opens Up About Desire To Be A Mother

Singer Lily Allen turned heads recently at a festival in the UK, after turning down cigarettes and alcohol, fueling rumors of a possible pregnancy.

The 25-year-old, who suffered a miscarriage 2 1/2 years ago, is the August cover girl for Elle UK. In the issue, she opens up about her long standing desire to become a mother, saying,

I don't think I'm that young to have a baby. My mother had me when she was 23. It's difficult as a woman who wants a family. Kids take up your whole life, particularly in the first two or three years. So it wouldn't be very responsible of me to commit to doing a world tour if I had a baby."

Allen has been dating 31-year-old decorator Sam Cooper since last August.


Lily Allen Sparks New Round Of Pregnancy Rumors

Singer Lily Allen has sparked a new round of pregnancy rumors after reportedly turning down cigarettes and alcohol and the annual Glastonbury Festival this weekend in the UK. A source revealed that the 25-year-old, who is normally the life of the party, is behaving quite different at this years festivities, saying,

Lily’s ­behaviour was just so out of­ ­character. Everyone was gossiping that Lily must be ­pregnant. It was the talk of the party.”

Allen, who suffered a miscarriage over 2-years-ago, is now dating decorator Sam Cooper. She recently denied that she was expecting, but called motherhood her "main goal in life."


Lily Allen Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors

Singer Lily Allen has been quite outspoken about her desire to one day leave fame behind, and become a "suburban mom" and wife. She is now dating decorator Sam Cooper and fueled rumors recently by wearing a baggy dress, reports PEOPLE. To clear up the rumors, the singer took to Twitter, saying, "I'm not pregnant. FYI."

Allen also recently revealed that she knows that being a mother would be a full-time job for her, just as music is now, saying,

"I know what commitment it takes to release an album. I don't think that mixes well with the idea of settling down and having children, which is ultimately my main goal in life and more of a priority than flying around the world jumping up and down on stage singing songs."

The 25-year-old suffered a miscarriage over 2 years ago while she was dating Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. The singer later said of the tragedy, "I guess… it wasn’t to be. That’s all I can say… Maybe if I’d stayed pregnant and had the baby then things would have worked out between me and Ed [her ex-boyfriend Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers]. I don’t know. You could drive yourself insane thinking about it.”


Al Gore should use Lily Allen’s thighs and ass as proof of Global Melting


Lily Allen was performing at the Big Day Out music festival in Sydney when she showed the audience what unpasteurized milk looks like after it’s left to cure for 4 months. Never thought we’d say this, but if we were ever stranded on a deserted island with her we would most likely turn her down for some risky sexual intercourse with a jelly fish or a stingray. Just so you know we have standards.


Lily Allen is desperate to have kids

lily allen cellulite
While the whole world is busy talking about Lily Allen’s cellulite and her granny attire, the lady herself is busy revealing her inner desires to her fans. During a concert in Sydney, Lily stunned fans by announcing that she’s desperate to have kids.

Contactmusic reports,

British singer LILY ALLEN has sparked rumours she plans to try for a baby during her upcoming hiatus - after telling fans she is feeling broody. The Smile hitmaker told the audience during a performance in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (21Jan10) that she’s desperate to have kids with boyfriend Sam Cooper.

Allen told the audience in Sydney, “I want to have a baby. I’m not saying I’m pregnant now. Shut up, Lily. Shut up, Lily. That’s the sort of stuff that gets me into trouble I suppose.”

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Lily Allen in a bikini is kinda like her music….overrated and not very good without studio effects


Lily Allen is going to take a break from the music biz after performing in Auckland as part of the Big Day Out tour before following it for six further dates in Australia next week. Kinda looks like her ass has already taken a break from the biz(and the gym), but it get used to it boys, Lily is thinking about settling down and pushing out puppies:

‘I just want to have babies and live in the countryside, that’s my goal really. I’m not a careerist, what I really want is to be a mum. I am driven, but that drive goes as far as keeping a roof over my head and having a routine.

‘I have been in a relationship for six or seven months now and its going really well, so why not?,’ the star said.

Well she already has the ‘mum’ ass, drumsticks to follow in the coming years.


Lily Allen: Grief Of Miscarriage “Hit Me Like A House Collapsing”

Almost two years after suffering a miscarriage, 24-year-old singer Lily Allen says she often thinks about the baby she lost.

"I still get sad. I still think. I don't mark my baby's birth but it's always there. It changed a lot," she reveals.

The Smile singer, who was dating Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers at the time, confirmed the pregnancy in late 2007, but by January 2008 she had announced the news of the miscarriage.

Lily recalls what it was like to have to live through such a painful experience in the public eye.


Lady Gaga crowned ‘Most Popular Artist Online’

gaga mask
Love her or hate her for her wacky wardrobes and weird onstage appearances, but Lady Gaga has proved that she’s an ace when it comes to music. Lady Gaga was crowned “Most Popular Artist Online” in a survey after she emerged as the most listened to artist on the internet in 2009.

According to Contactmusic,

LADY GAGA was the most listened to artist on the internet in 2009. Tracks from the star’s 2008 album, The Fame, were played more than 18.5 million times on leading music site She clocked up six million more plays than The Killers, who came second in the rundown. British singer Lily Allen was named the third most popular artist, while the Prodigy were at number four.

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Lily Allen flashes g-string clad ass during concert


It’s been a while since we covered Lily Allen’s boob fall-outs and third nipple exposes, so we wanted to take a moment to assure you she is still maintaining the same level of class. Here she is on stage at a Liverpool concert (UK) on Tuesday night, wearing only a short Chanel top and see-through hosiery. Several times during her performance, her blouse was seen hitchhiking for her boobs, exposing her bare ass to the crowd. Lily preceded this ass-inine performance by getting involved in a club brawl over the weekend that ended up in the police getting involved. Glad to see things across the Atlantic are business as usual as opposed to America coming to a screeching halt due to Tiger Woods’ HADD penis.


Another day, another attention-grabbing bid from Lily Allen

lilyallen topless again (4)safe

Megan McCain flashes some cleavage on Twitter and the Internet loses its mind.  Lily Allen lets her funbags out to dry on a balcony in Venice and it’s just another Thursday.

Upon noticing the flesh-hungry photographers, Lily’s boyfriend Sam Cooper attempted to maintain her modesty by making a brassiere out of his hands.  Don’t worry, Sam, it’s nothing we haven’t seen a million times before!


We’ll have some of what Cindy’s having


Supermodel Cindy Crawford played host at an OMEGA launch party last night in London (October 15), and man, she’s still got it!  She may be over-the-hill but we wish was over on top of our laps.

Tons of celebrities came out to the bash, which was held to celebrate the launch of Omega’s Constellation 2009 watch collection.  Lily Allen and the Spice Girl’s Mel B. attended the soiree, and the champagne must have been flowing because by the time Cindy was ready to leave, she looked a bit disheveled. Either she was drunk, or she and her hubby had a quickie in the bathroom.

Like any good model, she still made it work.  Instead of looking a mess like most party girls, Cindy managed to keep her panties on like a pro and look good while doing it.


Lily Allen will date any slob, so line up, losers


But he’s really nice….and funny. I can hear the readers yelling that at the screen now. Actually, his first chin is nice, the second…funny. The sometimes ’slobbish’ Lily Allen got snapped locking yellow teeth with boyfriend of the day, Sam Cooper. No matter where this goes, these two should never be permitted to procreate, just imagine the poorly dressed melon heads these two who produce.

On an unrelated but similarly useless note, Lily Allen just finished recording a ‘climate change’ song with Duran Duran. Someone should tell Lily that global warming is as old, washed up news as Duran Duran. Can’t wait to listen to that track while I freeze to death in my NYC apt this coming winter.


Lily Allen practices for her next career as homeless, bridge gnome

lily allen 250909

So is Lily Allen quitting music or not?

“Just so you know, I have not renegotiated my record contract and have no plans to make another record. I do however remain a fan of new music, so this is not some selfish crusade.”  Allen posted this blog September 24th and it has since been removed.

Maybe the glamorous life is not for her. Just look at this outfit? We would wear this while jumping to our death in a sea of pig shit. Is that chain mail on her legs? Bet is really screws up the radio reception in the car.

Hey British GQ, this is the woman of the year? Really?


Lily Allen:i need sugar daddies, but when it comes to sex i go to young men

lily allen bestival 140909

Lily Allen only dates old, rich men, but when it comes to her orgasms, she puts them in the trusty and working dicks of much younger men. Ofcourse, she fails to mention that once in a while she has to blow the old geezers’ whistle and tickle their hanging fruits just to keep them happy (and open-wallet friendly).

“I wouldn`t go out with anyone my age. I have sex with people my age but I wouldn`t go out with them. There needs to be an intellectual connection and I don`t think I`ve ever had that with people my age,” she said.
“I want to be looked after and I also want to be with someone who is not intimidated by me and what I do. That`s quite difficult to find. That person would have to be quite successful and powerful. I`d like him to be proud of me but not impressed.”

And since we’re on the subject of Lily and her well-thought out career moves, she’s quitting music for a nanosecond to be a thespian in London’s West End (Neil LaBute’s Reasons to Be Pretty). Here’s what she had to say about her extensive training as an actress: “There’s a lady from Rada coming over to my house to train me up a bit.”

If you need additional proof that London’s version of Broadway is going to the shitter, here it is: Former Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm is joining the cast of Blood Brothers next month.

Here’s a few pictures from Lily’s latest on-stage performance. At least we have her British-grown pear of an ass to remember her by for those long 5 minutes during which she gets booed off the theatre stage and is subsequently carried away by security when in response she strips down and shows the audience her ass crack…wait, so we’re going to end up with ass pictures either way…ok, so we’re good…


Kelly Brook’s 36DDs save the night at GQ Awards

Kelly Brook at 2009 GQ Men Of The Year Awards-11

With Kate Moss acting like the drunk, skanky, pimply washed-up model we all know and love (especially because her candids come in handy when we really need to purge bad food in a jiffy), Lily Allen looking like she came to the set of “The Coke-head Vampire’s Revenge Part II) and Freida Pinto wrapping herself in a galaxy of bows like the little Indian gift she is to us, we were that close to wishing for a Pakistani unibomber to hit the Royal Opera House…until Kelly Brook showed up squeezing her heavenlies in her pink corseted PVC dress, and promptly restoring balance in the universe…


Wasted Kate Moss humps a pillar at GQ Awards


Kate Moss handled the GQ Awards at the Royal Opera House in London last night (September 8) with the seriousness it deserved. After all, the crowned Woman Of The Year was coke-nose Lily Allen, , who last year on the same stage drunkenly told Elton John to f*** off right before he quipped back that he could ’snort’ her ‘under the table’…yes, the Royal Opera House is denifinitely the right venue for this sort of elegant affair…

So, now back to pimply Kate Moss and her cellulite thighs hugging on of the Opera House’s temporarily erected columns. Looking like a Christmas tree on the 4th of July, Kate walked around unaware that her coat was stuck to her wrist and was sweeping guest puke off the floor, interrupted interviews to ask interviewees if they saw her lipstick, danced around while everyone was sitting and made out with her boyfriend when she failed to move the pillar she was molesting.

But, hey, she did manage to walk up on stage and give the Woman of the Year Award to her Morticia Addams BFF (yes, there is such a thing as deep friendship between two coke/booze heads, especially when the bond that binds them is a beer can and a bleeding ear…the story goes that a boozing Lily was attacked by bullies and Kate came to her rescue by removing her make-up with a moist towelette in front of them).


Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen flash some skin at the V Festival

Lady GaGa performs at The V Festival at Hylands Park Chelmsford UK-3

The big news at the V Festival over the weekend was that Amy Winehouse looked a hell of a lot better than last year.  But, as that still means she looked like Amy Winehouse, we don’t care to spend too much time on her performance.

Instead, let’s take a look at some of the lovelier ladies of the V Festival: Katy Perry, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga.  All three singers took to the stage in some pretty revealing outfits, but we think Lady Gaga’s disco ball dress is getting pretty played out.  Time to get some new additions to your wardrobe, Gaga!

Katy Perry wore a bedazzled bra and high-waisted hot pants, which she liked so much on her herself, she couldn’t stop touching her body.  Other than that, she made some funny faces and flashed her ample cleavage.

Lily Allen, on the other hand, has no cleavage to speak of, yet she still rocked the audience in her best lingerie.  We think someone should keep her away from the glitter and glue at the arts n crafts table, though!


Artsy fartsy Lily goes after worlds richest artist


Lily Allen is covered up for the first time in what seems like weeks.  The pop singer even was wearing bookish chunky glasses on a recent night out.  Has our wild girl gone conservative?  Nah, she’s just hanging out with her artist friend Damien Hirst and probably just wanted to seem more intelligent.

We wonder if she’s after a new piece of art for her flat or if she’s after Damien, rumored to be the richest living artist in the world.  Afterall, it does seem she has a thing for older men with creative backgrounds.  Only a few months ago, Lily, 24, was caught rolling around in the sand, kissing 45-year-old art mogul Jay Jopling.  So is she looking to be another man’s muse?  Damien, we humbly request you put your new squeeze in formaldehyde like you did that shark.


Evan Rachel (gives you) Wood in August 2009 i-D Magazine


We don’t know what’s in the water over at i-D Magazine, but whatever it is, it keeps making young starlets take their clothes off.  Just last month, Lily Allen exposed herself for readers and now Evan Rachel Wood is doing the same in the August 2009 issue.  Marilyn Manson’s former flame posed for these pics earlier in the year as part of a spread for GQ by Terry Richardson (who also has quite a knack for getting girls out of their clothes), but they were much too saucy for the magazine.  Thankfully i-D picked them up so we can all enjoy her creamy skin and exhibitionist tendencies.


Lily’s lingerie performance at Somerset House


Lily Allen exposes herself as much as any chronic flasher, yet she gets away with it because she’s young, fit and in the music business.  On Saturday (July 11) Lily again played exhibitionist as she took the stage at Somerset House in London.  The ‘Fuck You’ singer looked like she was ready to be taken to bed as she performed in a lacy lingerie cami and leggings.

In recent weeks, Lily has appeared topless in in i-D Magazine, shown off her pokies at Glastonbury and gone out partying in a blue see-thru nightie.  Does she not own anything but mesh and lace and other transparent clothing?  Is this woman incapable of buying her wardrobe from anywhere other than the lingerie department?  Will this look catch on with other reckless 20-somethings with trim bodies?  These are the important questions that are floating out there in need of answering.


Lily Allen topless for

Lily Allen covers the August 2009 issue of iD Magazine. The photoshoot is just excellent, but it seems Lily is facing some sort of ID crisis. In one of the images, you can see her draped in a funny panda costume, but the very next moment she decides to throw away her top and expose her tits, only to cover them once again with her hands. I mean, she can’t decide if she really wants to go naked or not. Anyway, it’s Lily Allen and hence, it doesn’t call for a serious comprehension because she always looks confused while going topless. Hey wait! Maybe Lily’s weird behavior has got something to do with Katy Perry’s nude “pizza” photo. Anyway, scope the remaining pics right after the jump.
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Lily Allen wigs out at Glastonbury Festival


Sporting two wigs and nary a bra in sight, Lily Allen took in and performed at the Glastonbury music festival over the weekend.  Lily looked especially lovely in her revealingly low-cut purple performance outfit, but nearly had a wardrobe malfunction on stage.

“My tit tape’s fallen off!” proclaimed the singer in front of festival-goers.  She then dashed their hopes by revealing, ““I’ve got some tape covering my nipples just in case.”

Someone in Lily’s entourage must be looking out for her, because we doubt she had the presence of mind to prevent nip slips considering how loaded she looked.  Thankfully, by the next day, she seemed to have lost the nip tape and was running around in an almost see-through top.  That Lily Allen sure knows how to put on a show!