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We’re Going on TV to Fix Our Relationship: Linda Hogan, Reality TV Whore, Strikes Again

From one reality TV show that no one watched to a book that no one read, and now, to another reality TV show that no one gives a shit about. Linda Hogan is back at it; the reality TV whore has reported that she and 23 year old boytoy, Charlie Hill, will be going on VH1′s ‘Couple’s Therapy’ to save their failing relationship. Yeah — Fuckin — Right. I bet they’re the happiest damn couple ever; this is simply another attempt to score some much un-needed TV time. Her latest attempt hasn’t done so bad, though; as I reported less than a week ago, Linda’s come out with some serious accusations against ex-husband, Hulk Hogan, claiming that — not only was he physically abusive during their marriage — but he also had a homosexual affair with friend and fellow wrestler, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake. Both Brutus and Hulk have now filed lawsuits against Linda, I’m guessing for defamation of character. Now, Linda and Charlie, who have been engaged since 2009, are set to spend three weeks undergoing ‘intensive relationship therapy.’ Okay, Linda, listen up: Your fifteen minutes were up about fifteen minutes ago, m’kay? Your old, wrinkled up, sagging ass needs a reality check, not reality TV!!! Get over yourself and go play some fucking bridge, bitch!!!  

Linda wants the Hulk in prison

hulk linda
Hulk Hogan and ex-wife Linda Bollea are not yet ready to hang their gloves. Within weeks of their “amicable” divorce settlement, the divorced couple have once again positioned themselves in the opposite corners of the ring. Reportedly, Linda has sued the Hulkster for not honoring the confidential marital settlement and wants him in prison.

Fox News reports,

Bollea filed a motion against Hulk in the Pinellas County Superior Court in Florida on Tuesday for the “Enforcement of the Confidential Marital Settlement.” In the suit, Bollea claims her ex has failed to release her Harley Davidson motorcycle and pay her $225,000 due on August 7 as promised in the settlement.

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