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Michael Lohan hires team of lawyers to legally force Lindsay into rehab

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While Michael Lohan is busy wishing Perez Hilton an early retirement to hell and a well-traveled road filled with AIDS and other diseases (for posting a comment Michael “allegedly” made via Twitter that his daughter slept with Tommy Motola when she was 17 and that she is HIV Positive), FoxNews is reporting that he took time out of his Twitter ranting to hire a team of professionals in hopes of acquiring a court order that will force Lindsay into rehab and ensure Ali is removed from her home.

Right around the same time, Lindsay was at Millions Of Milkshake working the counter, because apparently watching a junkie lodge a pound of gummy bears in her nostrils because she thought they looked coke-y is the ideal family entertainment. Hey, at least they gave her gloves, so the shakes were sanitary…except those times when she scratched her crotch because dammit, those pesky lice are worse than chicken pox. And forgot to put new ones on. Oh well, at least they die when you take them down with a straw.

Via FoxNews:

On Monday, Michael apparently signed up with Gloria Allred’s daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom and met with chemical addictions specialist Marty Brenner to launch his plan of attack.

“Michael just wants the best for his children, Lindsay is out of control. Ali has been living with her, supposedly getting home schooled, but we don’t know who is monitoring her,” Brenner told Tarts. “There is no reason she should be living there, she should be at home. Nobody is looking out for Lindsay either, Dina keeps saying she has no problems.”

We’re also told that Lindsay often calls and texts her “estranged” father in times of need, but in the public light plays out as if she has nothing to do with him – which confuses Michael greatly.

“He is first of all going to try and talk to Dina and see if they can all work together as a family unit and force Lindsay to get help but that probably won’t happen,” said Brenner. “Her friends have given up on her, if she doesn’t get help, Michael knows she is going to die. No questions about it. She is a loose canon.”

However Dina told Us Weekly on Monday that her daughters have temporarily left the home as they are “so scared” of their father and all three intend to file restraining orders against him.

Dina also defended her eldest daughter as being a “good role model” for her 16-year-old.

But aside from hiring a group of pros, the first thing Michael Lohan has been told to do is to stop talking to the press.

“He’s trying to help but has gone about it all the wrong way. He’s been drawing attention to the issue the only way he knows how,” added Benner. “No more media.”


Gary Coleman explodes during interview, storms off “The Insider” (With Video)


Gary Coleman got so riled up during an interview to air on ‘The Insider’ Wednesday night that he walked off the set before it was finished, but not before he told one of the panelists to “go F**k herself” a dozen times. The expert’s response was that he needs to be medicated.

Things started getting tense when attorney Lisa Bloom, a guest panelist on the show, asked Gary whether he has an abusive relationship with his wife. He refused to answer the question, suggesting it was ridiculous as he is 4′7″ and his wife is 5′6,” then told Lisa to go drown herself in the ocean and worse before storming away.

Gary was arrested last month on an outstanding warrant after police received a domestic disturbance call from his house. He pled guilty on his birthday February 8 to a misdemeanor related to a domestic violence incident last April.


Ho Sit Down: Tiger’s Main Ho In Talks With Playboy Now

This Attention Whore is doing what ever it takes to cash in on this Tiger scandal. Now ,Rachel Uchitel is trying to get into Playboy:

The woman who sparked the TIGER WOODS cheating scandal has offered to bare all for Playboy.

Nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, who is yet to officially speak out about her alleged romance with the golf star, is in negotiations with the men’s magazine, according to U.S. TV news show Extra.  Uchitel, 34, was the first woman publicly outed as one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses. She has denied a relationship with the golfer.
TV legal analyst Lisa Bloom, whose mother Gloria Allred represents Uchitel, says Woods struck a deal with Uchitel to keep her quiet about their alleged affair. Bloom believes the settlement was worth “at least a million dollars”.

This guy shows his true trashy side by getting with females of this caliber. Tiger has no clue what “quality over quantity” means. SMH