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Elizabeth Hurley announces split from husband

liz hurley separate
Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar are no more an item. The 45-year-old model/actress/designer has confirmed that her three-year marriage to Indian businessman and textile heir Arun Nayar is as good as over. Liz tweeted the news on Sunday that the couple separated a few months ago.

People reports,

The British model, actress and designer, 45, Tweeted the news Sunday: “Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this.” Hurley’s announcement coincided with a report in Britain’s News of the World claiming her alleged affair with cricketer Shane Warne. The tabloid has pictures and video of the couple kissing, and says that they spent the night together Wednesday at London’s Bentley Hotel.

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Liz Hurley drops her mega cleavage – Part II

I’m not sure if Liz Hurley has taken cue from my last week’s post on her mega cleavage but what we have here can be rightfully considered as a direct response to our combined prayers. So here’s Elizabeth Hurley dropping her mega cleavage at the Barbara Day 2010 Charity Gala in Munich, Germany. Bless you, Liz. Keep up the good work! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Liz Hurley drops her mega cleavage

Honestly speaking, I’m too confused at the moment to even get a grip on my own feelings. After looking at these amazing pics of Elizabeth Hurley, one half of my brain is cursing me for going crazy in my previous posts for things that don’t even come close to this phenomenal cleavage package and the other half is telling me to forget everything and just celebrate. Well, I think I have no choice but to obey the second command. Forget this, this and even this, and just enjoy this splendid show by the one and only Liz Hurley. She’s the best! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Elizabeth Hurley sets new Guinness World Record

liz hurley pink
No, it’s not for possessing the most gorgeous cleavage at 45. It’s for a more noble cause. Liz has set a new world record for illuminating the most historic landmarks in 24 Hours as part of a new Estee Lauder breast cancer awareness initiative. She toiled 24 hours across Thursday and Friday to help illuminate 39 historic monuments in pink lights.

Contactmusic reports,

The British beauty has been the cosmetics company’s celebrity breast cancer champion for the past 15 years and for 24 hours across Thursday (30Sep10) and Friday (01Oct10) she helped turn monuments around the globe pink. Hurley was in New York to flick the switch on the Empire State Building’s lights, and other landmarks to be turned pink included the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel in India.

A total of 39 buildings were lit up - enough to gain the Guinness World Record for Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours. And Hurley is delighted with the accolade and awareness drive.

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White Bikini Moment: Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez

OMG! The golden days are back again! It’s my second White Bikini Moment post in less than a week. Liz Hurley blessed us with one precious White Bikini Moment last Monday, and now we have none other than Stefania Fernandez, the reigning Miss Universe, with another scintillating White Bikini Moment. Stefania is so gorgeous and sexy... just like her name. And the white bikini just doubles up the excitement. This is another memorable Friday for me. Thanks a ton, Stefania! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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White Bikini Moment: Elizabeth Hurley

Here’s one precious and rare White Bikini Moment, courtesy of Liz Hurley. I know these are just four damn grainy pics of Liz Hurley not showing enough of the real stuff, but still, this is one moment to treasure and remember. After all, it’s the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini. Thanks a ton Liz, but remember to better it up next time! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Liz Hurley stuns in a sexy gown

Here’s Liz Hurley looking like an angel in a silver gown at some children welfare event. Besides totally dazzling me with its radiance, this glittering moment also makes me retract my claim that the Best Gown of the Decade belonged to J.Lo. After all, blogging is all about claims and corrections! Anyway, even if you think the gown thing is arbitrary, there’s no denying the fact that the best cleavage belongs to none other than Liz Hurley. Now hit the jump and enjoy the gorgeous gallery.
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Liz Hurley wants a baby

liz babyAfter a long-stretched black phase of breakups and scandals, it seems the year 2010 has now entered into a blissful mode. The news of celebrities tying the knots and airing their desire for babies are pouring in abundance. The latest one in this string is that Liz Hurley is craving for a new baby. The gorgeous actress recently revealed that she and husband Arun Nayar are trying for a baby.

According to Contactmusic,

The British model/actress is already mother to eight-year-old son Damian, whose dad is her multi-millionaire ex-boyfriend Steve Bing. She is now married to businessman Arun Nayar, and admits she is trying to conceive. Hurley tells Britain’s Zest magazine, “We haven’t had any luck so far. Arun would love another one. Damian does not want another one. And I think it would be great if one came along. But we’re grateful for what we’ve got.”

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A week filled with collagen and botulism;guess who?


The first is a 44-year old “nice” girl who’s working on a sequel sure to make all conscious by choice (aka Viagra-free) dicks want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, the second’s a 44-year old former model and Indian mogul-snatcher-turned organic meat farmer and the third is, well…a confused slut with a penchant for tugging at her lower lip as a mating call.

The first picture is that of Kristin Davis on the set of Sex & The City Part 2 last week looking like half her face was sprinting for the Lincoln Tunnel (hey, maybe it saw SJP dressed as an 80’s Material Girl and got really scared). The second is that of Liz Hurley while promoting her organic meat at a farmer’s market on Saturday (wait, we thought she married a guy who deposits diamond rings in her ATM instead of regular sperm when she’s open for business…why does she need to sell dead meat at a stall?). And ofcourse the third is that of Lindsay Lohan aimlessly walking the streets of the Meatpacking District in NYC on Saturday tugging at her inflated carpet grabbers still hoping they can convince producers she can make a good vampire in True Blood…


Liz Hurley at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Liz Hurley graced the GQ Men Of The Year Awards last night and mesmerized the audience with her flawless beauty. Clad in a stunning blue strapless dress with some fine details and armed with her signature bewitching smile, Liz looked as gorgeous as ever as she hammed it up for the cams. Can you believe she’s 44?! Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Elizabeth Hurley loves rug burns


Apparently Liz Hurley loves nothing more than to do it doggy style with Indian hubby infront of a huge fire in the country.

She told Tatler Magazine: “”Next time you go to someone’s house in the country, be sure to check out if they have warm, possibly fluffy, rugs in front of their fire.

“No prizes for guessing why they’re there! I can also shyly confess to having two sheepskin rugs in front of all my fireplaces!”

She said: “I wouldn’t mind betting that there’s less sex in the city than there is in the country because it’s just well, sexier here.

“When I close my eyes and think of England, I’m not in a fancy restaurant in Knightsbridge, but am instead lolling, scantily clad, in front of a roaring fire. “

Liz shares her country estate with hubby Arun Nayar, her seven-year-old son Damian from a previous relationship, four dogs, two cats, three geese, eight chickens, 49 cows, 63 sheep and 82 pigs.

You don’t suppose the animals play the role of the audience? That would make for quite a crowd (and a heck of an applauce at the end of the show).