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David Gest:The panic over his O2 concerts killed Michael Jackson


Producer and TV star David Gest, the man who befriended Michael Jackson 40 years ago, when he was 16 and Michael 11 and who later married Liza Minelli in 2002 with Michael as his best man broke his silence and spoke of the shadowy characters in Jackson’s life, the ones that ultimately drove him to his death.

 In his interview, David was particularly angry about the influence of mysterious Lebanese doctor Tohme R Tohme, who met Jacko when the singer was staying in Bahrain in 2005.

He said: “We all have weaknesses and Michael’s was that he trusted the wrong people most of the time. He thought all people were good, which they are not.”

He also revealed that Dr Tohme had masterminded Michael’s mammoth run of 50 comeback concerts at London’s O2 Arena, which were to have started next month, without telling the singer the full facts.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, David said: “Michael told me he was excited about getting back on stage. I told him I was proud of him. But I really believe in my heart of hearts that the pressure of those concerts killed Michael.

“He thought there were going to be ten dates as announced. But then all of a sudden Tohme, along with Randy Phillips, president of organisers AEG, had arranged 20, 30 then 50 dates.

“Michael was being told, ‘You are going to set the world record for concerts at the O2, you are going to beat Prince’s record.’

“They knew how to feed into his ego. But when Michael realised his schedule, he began to panic. It was one show after another, with hardly any days off. He should never have been tied to so many, especially a guy who dances through more than half of his set.”

He said: “They should have realised doing a concert one day on, one day off, would be tough for any performer, let alone someone who hadn’t been on stage for nine years. It was ridiculous.

“Michael was working his ass off for eight hours a day to prepare, the schedule didn’t allow him proper time to rest.”

Referring to the singer’s 2005 acquittal following a five-month trial over child sexual abuse charges, David added: “And they didn’t factor in that he was raising three kids and getting his life back together after that terrible trial. Michael wanted to put on the most amazing show ever. I know for a fact he was rehearsing until 2am the morning before he died.

“I produced the last concert Michael did in 2001. He was brilliant but it was only two shows and he had many months to prepare and a sensible schedule when we rehearsed in the day so he could get a good night’s sleep.

“It is ridiculous to have an artist to rehearse until the wee hours of the morning because when he got home his adrenaline was so up, the only thing he could do was revert to pills or shots or alcohol to relieve the tension.”

“Michael was getting thinner and thinner. He lost close to 15lb in the last six weeks - he wasn’t eating enough. Supposedly the chef who had worked for him was let go two weeks ago, with no one there to cater to Michael’s dietary needs.”

David also told how money worries weighed heavily on Michael’s mind in the last years of his life.

David believes Jackson slowly began to lose his grip on his affairs following the freak accident in 1984 in which his hair was set ablaze during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.

He said: “He was in terrible pain and all he cared about was feeling better. He started taking prescription pills to numb the pain and he also started drinking. It was then that his judgment started to become clouded.”



Nick Cannon wants Eminem’s blood for disrespecting Mariah


Nick Cannon posted a blog entry on his official website on Friday vowing to take revenge for Eminem’s new leaked track in which he calls wife Mariah Carey a “C**t” and a “Whore”. The blog was very educational. For instance, we now know that Nick has daily conversations with little creatures that sit on his shoulder (the angelic one tells him to act like Christ and the little evil one consults him on things that would require a really good lawyer).

Let’s all enjoy his ranting (as it goes on, and on, and on):

“I further examine the track, I hear dude cross the line. He begins to call my wife out of her name,” Nick writes. “Now as y’all know, I don’t take that type of nonsense lightly. So on some grown man sh** I’m instantly like, ‘I got to get at this lame.’ I know it’s only entertainment and I’m all for freedom of speech. But I’m from the school of thought where if you are tough enough to talk sh**, you got to be tough enough to deal with the consequences that come with tough guy shit talking! Then the little angel on my shoulder said, “No Nicholas, there is no need to play into his negativity. He is just a troubled soul yearning for the lost spotlight. You must be Christ like and turn the other cheek.

“But then the dude on the other shoulder said, ‘What N****?! Is you scared?! You can’t let no man ever disrespect your wife! Especially not some Peroxide drenched homophobic has-been! This is like some Pacquiao vs. Hatton shit! He is underestimating you with his ass out and you can drop him in the first round”.

“At first I thought it was old material that had been dug up from when dude ‘fantasized’ about having a pretend fling with Mariah…I was thinking to myself, ‘Hey that was before me so it is really none of my business, so I’m going to give him a pass.’

“…Maybe I’m going too far, but I thought we got passed the days where white men could spew vulgar obscenities at our beautiful queens and get away with it. What’s next? Are we going to let this trash say something horrible about our lovely first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama? Or would Marshall have talked sideways out of his neck like this about Oprah Winfrey? This act of racist bigotry cannot go unnoticed. Calling my wife a ‘cunt’ and a ‘whore’ is way worse than anything Don Imus could have ever said. So trust, repercussions will be served. Anybody got Al Sharpton’s number?! LOL”.

“Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job ‘homey. As a matter of fact I think you going to bring my wack rhymes out of retirement! That’s right haters; you can thank Eminem because I’m going to start rapping again! LOL Just for him! And don’t forget about the jokes! We coming at you hard body!! Non-stop on your manic-depressive-insecure-Maclovin-Nazi- Liza Minelli haircut havin-lookin ass!! [Pause] That’s what I do all day Bitch!

“Miss Marshall, I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife,” Nick concludes. “This is going to be fun! It’s however you want it! Just remember, you did this to yourself! Your legacy has now been tainted from this day forth! You will now be known as the rapper who lost to corny-ass Nick Cannon!!!”