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Guess Who Revealed: Luci Bonfiglio

It's Luciana "Luci" Bella Bonfiglio!

The adorable 10-month-old daughter of Carnie Wilson and Rob Bonfiglio was spotted in her sun hat and riding toy in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 29), while mama chatted with a friend outside of Mates Studios.

Carnie recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about baby Luci.

Luci is stunning! She’s moving very quickly. Yesterday we were playing on the nursery floor and she picked herself up on her daddy’s legs and stood up. I don’t know about other babies, but that is faster than Lola! I was screaming ‘Yay Luci’ and she was clapping and saying ‘Yay!’ The development is just amazing. Luci is really sweet. I’m so in love, again, of course!”