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Mariah Carey shows her “ottomams” to the Ottomans


We’re thinking that’s the least she could have done…after all, she got paid $1.5million just to make an appearance at the Mardan Palace’s grand opening in Antalya, Turkey (Saturday) and sing two songs (we’re thinking a nipple slip would have made her price tag a bit more fair)…

Apparently, Tom Jones and his tupee also give the Turks the hot flashes because they paid him just as much to sing with Mariah. Poor Paris Hilton only received a four-figure sum to make an appearance (the Ottomans like their women with meat on their bones…and we hear they stipulated in her contract that she was to wear no tiaras to the event). Seal, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone and Richard Gere were amongst the many guests attending the event.

By the way, suites at the Mardan Palace go for about $20,000. The hotel was developed by Telman Ismailov, Chairman of Russia’s biggest property developer AST and it cost around $1.5 billion to build.