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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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#Flawless Folks: Celebs Who Look Stunning Without All That Heavy Makeup

celebs with no makeup

Here are 16 celebs who do look nice with their faces beat to the gods, but look even better bare.

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“Happy Easter” From Mariah Carey & Family

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.08.51 AM

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon shared a festive message via Instagram.

“Happy Easter,” the Grammy Award-winning singer, 45, captioned the above shot, alongside her husband, 33, and their nearly 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

The proud parents went on to share several bunny-themed pics on social media.

“Easter bunny? Are you coming??? – Love, Ms. Monroe & Ms. Mariah,” the singer captioned this sweet shot.

And here’s a cute one of “Dem Babies” – who turn 3 on April 30 – decorating eggs.

Meanwhile, Nick shared a fun shot on Good Friday.

And not to mention all dem gifts!

Such a festive group! Happy Easter to the Carey-Cannons!


Mariah Carey Flicks It Up At The Empire State Building’s 20th Annual Valentine’s Day Weddings Event [Photos]

Mariah Carey Lights Empire State Building for Valentine's Day

The beautiful Mariah Carey was all smiles as she celebrated The Empire State Building’s 20th annual Valentine’s Day Weddings event. Mariah also got a chance to meet the three lucky winning couples of the event’s annual weddings contest.

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Mariah Carey 2014 BET Honors in Washington DC

Mariah Carey 2014 BET Honors in Washington DC .

08385_mc1_123_248lo 08668_mx3_123_476lo 08669_mx2_123_482lo 08675_mx1_123_137lo Mariah Carey - BET - 001 le1Tb7Mnbbs

That Was Quick: Celebs Who Dated For 2 Seconds Before Getting Engaged

sean and naya

These famous couples wasted no time moving from dating to engaged within a matter of months or even days.

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Mariah Carey: Colorado With Her Cuties

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.39.02 PM

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and their 2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe have been enjoying their stay in Aspen, Colorado.

On Sunday (December 29) – the All I Want For Christmas singer posted a photo of herself and her daughter near their private jet. She wrote: “”Nooooo pictures darling” (said like Monroe, everyday).”

She also added, “Aspen! We enjoy Ya!!!! RoeRoe & Mommy Shopping #HolidayExtravaganza”

The family have spent some time on the ski slopes during their holiday. In more photos on Instagram she says, “Rocky on the slopes..first time skiing at 2.5… Come on! #aspen.”

She recently said on Watch What Happens, “If Nick could have the babies himself, then yeah, bring ‘em on. We love kids. Here’s the thing: This is real. I’m responsible for the kids for like forever. I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle but here they are.”

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Bundled Babes

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take a snowy stroll with the twins

Star couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon stepped out with their 2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe in Aspen, CO on Monday (December 23). The pop superstar, 44, dressed in black tights and mini skirt, while “Dem Babies” bundled up for the cold weather.

On Friday, Mariah was spotted with the twins enjoying the snow and shops in Aspen.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently talked about having more children.

“If Nick could have the babies himself, then yeah, bring ‘em on. We love kids,” Mariah joked with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

“Here’s the thing: This is real. I’m responsible for the kids for like forever,” she added. “I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle but here they are.”

Furthermore, the All I Want For Christmas singer says she had some health problems during her pregnancy, including preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, and doesn’t want to go through that again.

“To anyone who has ever carried twins, it is a totally different experience…You don’t even know who you are,” Mariah said. “I had a very difficult pregnancy, but I was alone most of the time. We love Nick, but he’s working. He’s the hardest-working man in show business.”

View Slideshow »» Mariah Carey & Family Step Out In Aspen Mariah Carey & Family Step Out In Aspen Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take a snowy stroll with the twins Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take a snowy stroll with the twins Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take a snowy stroll with the twins Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon take a snowy stroll with the twins

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Mariah Carey Wearing Red Bikini in Aspen

Mariah Carey Wearing Red Bikini in Aspen.

Mariah-Carey-Bikini-Pics-2013-Aspen--01-560x979 Mariah-Carey-Bikini-Pics-2013-Aspen--02-560x560 Mariah-Carey-Bikini-Pics-2013-Aspen--03-560x560 VQ9rTG0nrXM

Enough Is Enough: 2013′s Most Played Out Celebrities


These are the most played out, most just-get-out-of-our-face, most overexposed celebrities of the year.

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Mariah Carey 81st Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

Mariah Carey 81st Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.

Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_001 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_002 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_003 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_004 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_005 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_006 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_014 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_015 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_016 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_021 Mariah_Carey_DFSDAW_024 VxorXVsNBMg

12 Celebrities in Sexy Santa Outfits


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Mariah Carey & Family: A Big Apple Thanksgiving

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 3.53.46 PM

Mariah Carey spent her Thanksgiving day with Nick Cannon and their children Moroccan and Monroe in New York City.

In a snapshot posted on Instagram she writes: “Family prepping time! #pecanpie #thanksgiving nickcannon.”

Besides baking the kids got to play with turkey and pilgrim balloons.

“Rocky punches the pilgrim balloon! Haaaa! #turkeyday”

Cannon tweeted, “How do I explain to my kids that the first Thanksgiving was really just a meal before the Europeans jacked the Natives for their land?”

He added, “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us . . . Now pass me the pecan pie!”

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Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey: Family Hug

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 12.56.47 PM

Nick Cannon has shared new photos of twins Moroccan and Monroe. On Monday (July 1) – the America’s Got Talent host wrote for one snapshot, “After the show, we walk into the house to this! #RealLove”

For another picture – he shares, “But first Monroe did her best impression of Mommy’s performance from tonight #Beautiful”

Mariah Carey also posted her own one of Monroe writing, “butterfly girl”. Nick defended her Sunday night performance after she was accused of lip-synching at the BET Awards alongside R&B star Miguel and rapper Young Jeezy.

He said to E!, “My wife is a perfectionist and clearly because she’s done it right all her life. So she actually puts a lot of work into these performances. There’s no management helping make decisions. Everything you see is all her, whether it’s a collaboration when the lights hit, how she enters, she’s doing all of that.”

Mariah also performed for the Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks Spectacular – set to air tonight on NBC.

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Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Incredible Body

I am a big Mariah Carey fan even though I didn’t really love her as a judge on American Idol. Her voice is incredible and how hot is she? I know a lot of people like to talk about Mariah’s weight but just take a look at these photos from the HOT 97 Summer Jam XX at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford. I don’t see anything wrong with her body in these photos at all. To be honest though, I never saw anything wrong with her body in the first place, even when she was a lot curvier. Mariah is one of those women who looks good no matter what she does. Skinny, curvy – doesn’t matter. Mariah is a sexy, sexy woman. Love these photos and I love this lady. You don’t need American Idol anyway, Mariah. You were seriously a pretty terrible judge though.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Incredible Body

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Incredible Body Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Incredible Body Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Incredible Body
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Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America

Earlier, I wrote a bit about how Nicole Scherzinger’s reported diva-tude changed my opinion of her. Mariah Carey has a lengendary diva-tude but I love her anyway. Why? Because Mariah earned it. Mariah has had the kind of career that warrants a little bit of a diva attitude. She may not have had a major hit in a while but that doesn’t change the fact that this woman has had one heck of a great career. It’s nice to see she’s still at it too. As Mariah performs on Good Morning America, we get to see Mariah back in her element. I wasn’t a fan of her as a judge on American Idol but I can’t argue with her talent as a vocalist and damn, the girl is looking great. I adore Mariah. I hope her next single breaks records.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America
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Mariah Carey: Midnight Snacks With Monroe

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 4.59.49 PM

Mariah Carey has posted new pictures of 2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe. On Thursday (May 23) she and her daughter went to the fridge for some late night snacks.

The Beautiful singer wrote via Instagram: “Midnight snacks with miss Monroe!”

On Monday (May 20) she showed Monroe cuddling a pup.

“Ms Monroe and Squeak E Beans baby boy as yet unnamed! I promise I was told she (Squeak E Beans) was spayed! Ugh! But they’re irresistible :) ps.. Look at dat baybay’s hair! She did it herself. Hi.. She JUST turned 2!”

In another snapshot Moroccan is seen sleeping. Carey says: “Do you realize how many times I’ve watched the Shrek box set & the incredibles!!!! I used to have beds ! Lolz”

On Friday morning (May 24) -  Carey was performing in Central Park for the Good Morning America concert series when she had a wardrobe malfunction. The back of her pink sequined Donatella Versace dress popped open on stage. She let out an “oh sh-t” on live TV and followed it up with a “you didn’t hear that!”

She then laughed, “I love you Donatella, but it popped darling. Should we call this the Central Park saga?”

After the commercial break – she was seen wearing a brand new, long hot pink gown.

Continuing on their on-air interview – Carey told Lara Spencer, “I’ve been trying to do the best I can to stay in shape. But I need to catch my breath. This is a crazy time to be coming out here singing at the crack of dawn.”

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Mariah Carey’s Twins: Movie Time!

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.21.10 PM

Mariah Carey’s 2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe love watching movies.

Last Saturday (May 4) – the American Idol judge posted a photo via Instagram and wrote: “Roc and Roe watch Shrek yet again!”

Mariah and the rest of the American Idol judges are reportedly not coming back for next season due to low ratings.

Nicki Minaj has opened up on her on-air feud with the Beautiful singer to Ryan Seacrest.

She said, “Imagine meeting someone you’ve loved your whole life, then all of sudden feeling like you did something horrible to them, but you just don’t know what you did. That’s what my relationship with Mariah is.”

“I really thought we were friends,” she continued. “But God forbid you’re quick on your toes or make someone laugh. But then you’re making another person feel insecure? You shouldn’t have to dim your light to let another person shine.”



Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Disneyland Wedding

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.43.55 AM

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows and celebrated Moroccan and Monroe’s second birthday at Disneyland on Tuesday (April 30). The day also marked the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

The American Idol judge shared photos on Instagram and Twitter. E! reports Carey, 43, met Cannon, 32, via horse-drawn crystal carriage. The twins dressed just like their parents!

Mariah writes for one snapshot, “On our way to renew our vows. I love you @nickcannongram shut down Disneyland KKLB”

She also posted videos of her and the little ones getting ready. Before the ceremony – the twins celebrated their birthday with 150 guests at the newly opened Fantasy Faire section of the park.

Cannon recently shared to his thoughts on marriage and parenting.

Asked if he wants the twins to enter show business – he replied, “I would say finish school first. I mean, honestly, because their parents are in show business, that would be the easy thing for them to do. I’d love for them to do it as a hobby. I want them to strive for something outside of the box for a career.”

He added, “Medical field. Science. Those are the things that are bigger ideas than a television show. They were [essentially] born on television – I always have that. Even athletics [would be great] where they can get that sense of accomplishment on their own and working hard will get you to this point, not because of who your parents are.”

As for being married to Mariah – he says, “Honestly, I don’t want to have to knock on wood or anything, but that’s probably the easiest part of my life – being married to my dream girl. Whenever everything else is going crazy, it’s like, ‘Wow. I have someone who loves me unconditionally.”

View Slideshow »» BJLluMaCIAAHi7A Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.43.55 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.44.01 AM

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Who Can Take The Pepsi Crown From King Bey? 10 Of The Best Musical Pepsi Commercials


Pepsi has had some excellent commercials over the years. Here are 10 of the best.

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Awkward Lip Locks: More Pictures Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Smooches Of All Time


Awkward Celebrity Make Outs

Earlier this week we showed you a few pics of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey making out and looking like they’ve never kissed another human before in their lives. Well, we don’t want to look like we’re picking on Nick and Mariah so we decided to share the wealth. Here are some other incredibly weird-looking make outs that make us laugh, cringe and hide our eyes.

Take a look.

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Lil’ Leprechauns


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got green with the twins on St. Patrick’s Day.

“Dembabies still celebrating,” Mariah captioned the above photo with Moroccan and Monroe, who turn 2 next month, via Instagram.

In another cute shot, the American Idol judge wrote, “Roc & Roe celebrate the day.”

In preparation for the twins’ terrible twos, Nick recently joked with Us Weekly, “I got my belt out already! It’s ready,”

He also weighed in on the upcoming dating years.

“My son can date at, like, 3 if he wants, but my daughter, never,” Nick said.

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Gone Too Soon: Top 10 Music Legends Who Died From A Drug Overdose


At this point, no one really knows if Lil Wayne is dead, alive or both. According to TMZ, he was read his last rites after suffering severe seizures but those reports were quickly disputed by close friends, family and even T.I. Either way, Wayne seems determined to die in his prime (like everyone on this list) and that’s heartbreaking.

Here are the ten music legends who died from a drug overdose. Take a look.

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Mariah Carey “American Idol” Finalists Party in Los Angeles

Mariah Carey “American Idol” Finalists Party in Los Angeles.

Mariah-Carey-1 Mariah-Carey-2 Mariah-Carey-3 Mariah-Carey-4 Mariah-Carey-5 Mariah-Carey-6 Mariah-Carey-7 Mariah-Carey-8 Mariah-Carey-10 Mariah-Carey-11 Mariah-Carey-12 Mariah-Carey-91

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Mariah Carey gets in the Christmas spirit early.

I don’t know how I feel about Mariah Carey. She’s such a diva and that sort of thing normally really bothers me but at the same time, I love most of her music and I can’t deny she’s got an incredible voice – perhaps one of the best in the business. I also happen to think she’s an incredibly beautiful woman and I think that shows in these photos from a Christmas Tree Lighting Event in New York. I’m excited to see how she does on “American Idol” as a judge. I haven’t been crazy over Britney Spears’ judging on “The X Factor” so I hope I’ll feel differently about Mariah. Regardless of how she does though, I’m sure she’ll look fantastic which is enough, I’m sure, to get at least a few people tuning in.

tn mariah carey Mariah Carey gets in the Christmas spirit early.

tn mariah carey 1 Mariah Carey gets in the Christmas spirit early. tn mariah carey 5 Mariah Carey gets in the Christmas spirit early. tn mariah carey 7 Mariah Carey gets in the Christmas spirit early.
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Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Fight During Idol Auditions!

Remember those rumors before filming for American Idol began? The ones that claimed Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj hated each other? Well, it looks like those rumors were true and now Idol is trying to clean up the mess.

During a taping of Season 12 auditions in Charlotte, Nicki Minaj went off on Mariah Carey. The tirade was so long and disruptive that producers had no choice but to stop filming for the rest of the day. “I told them I’m not f*kin’ putting up with her f*kin’ highness over there.” Nicki says at one point. TMZ actually has video of the argument. You can watch that by clicking here.

Minaj also tells American Idol producers they better “figure something out” whatever that means. It’s clear that Minaj seems to have a problem with Mariah Carey, and no one seems to be surprised by this. Nicki doesn’t seem like the type that would get invited to Mariah’s mansion for a cup of tea.

In the middle of all this are Randy Jackson and Keith Urban who were both seen trying to calm both of the women down. Randy has seen his share of arguments while being on Idol, but none quite like this. Producers are really worried that the show might collapse before it even airs its first episode. Everyone involved with Idol is concerned and we’re told they’re doing everything they can to find a solution. nicki nickii


American Idol Reveals Their New Judging Panel!

After what seems like years of speculation, American Idol has finally announced who their new judges will be. We all knew that Mariah Carey had been signed on, and now we know who will fill the three empty seats beside her. Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson will all be a judge on the upcoming season of Idol.

“It’s official, your new #IdolJudges are @MariahCarey, @NickiMinaj, @Keith Urban & @Yo_RandyJackson!” American Idol host Ryan Seacrest tweeted.

Just a couple of weeks ago it looked like Randy Jackson would no longer be a judge on the show, but it looks like a he was brought back on when producers failed to get a contract done with Enrique Iglesias. Now that we know who the new judges will be, we’re all wondering how much they will be getting paid! Mariah Carey will make the most with a contract worth around $18 million. Nicki Minaj will be making between $8 and $12 million and Keith Urban will be taking home $4 million.

“I am thrilled about this year’s judges panel. With an unparalleled star like Mariah, fan-favorite Randy, chart-toppers like Nicki and Keith and our incomparable host Ryan, we’ve put together one of the most exciting judging panels around.” Mike Darnell, Fox President of Alternative Entertainment said.

Well, there you have it, folks! What do you think of the new judges? Personally, I am not a fan; Randy is still Randy, Mariah seems like a terribly boring person, Nicki Minaj is incredibly annoying and Keith Urban is…Keith Urban. American Idol American Idol1


Mariah Carey is a beautiful, curvy woman.

I know, I know. Mariah Carey used to be super thin and sexy and now she’s not quite as thin but I still think she’s super sexy. I have to admit though, as hot as I think Mariah is and as talented as I feel she is, I am not looking to seeing her as a judge on “American Idol”. If producers do manage to get Nicki Minaj to sign on as well, I may just have to tune out. Mariah is talented, sure, but she’s also famous for her diva ‘tude and that really turns me off. Of course none of that really matters right now. We’re not talking about “American Idol”. We’re talking about these photos of Mariah from the 2012 NFL kickoff show in New York and in them, I think Mariah is looking pretty fabulous. She might be bigger than she used to be but there’s plenty of room in this world from big, beautiful women and in all honesty, she’s not really all that big. She’s just bigger than she was at one point in time and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

tn mariah carey 3 Mariah Carey is a beautiful, curvy woman.

tn mariah carey 1 Mariah Carey is a beautiful, curvy woman. tn mariah carey 2 Mariah Carey is a beautiful, curvy woman. tn mariah carey 4 Mariah Carey is a beautiful, curvy woman.
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Randy Jackson’s Judging Days Are Over!

The next season of American Idol will feature a brand new panel of judges. Randy Jackson has announced he will no longer be a judge for American Idol, but he will still be on the show as a mentor. Sources claim that Idol producers aren’t exactly thrilled about the “mentoring” idea, but they felt like they needed to keep Randy Jackson on the show somehow.

It looks like Nicki Minaj will be replacing Randy Jackson’s empty seat, and that is great news for Idol. Producers really want Nicki because Mariah Carey can’t stand her! They know that the drama between the two will score higher ratings and we all know higher ratings means more cash.

Idol still has a lot of work to do, though. They want four judges this year, which means they still have two open spots to fill after they sign Nicki Minaj. According to recent reports, Idol is looking for a male country singer to fill the third open spot. Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Toby Keith have all been in talks with the show, but Keith Urban is believed to be the front runner; he has experience from The Voice in Australia.

As for the fourth judge? Well, no one really knows who will get the final spot, but there have been a lot of names thrown in the hat. A lot of Idol fans were pushing hard for Kanye West, however that does not look likely; Kanye has made it clear that he doesn’t want the job.

Do you have any suggestions? Who should get the final spot? Randy Jackson Randy Jackson


Mariah Carey Not Happy About Nicki Minaj Idol Rumors

Nicki Minaj is really close to becoming one of the new American Idol judges and Mariah Carey is not happy about it. According to a report from TMZ, Mariah hung up the phone when she was told about the plans to add Nicki to the judging panel. Sources claim that Mariah was hoping she would be the only female judge.

Before Idol signs Nicki on, they must first know what Randy Jackson is going to do. If he leaves, they plan on replacing him with a male judge, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban or Enrique Iglesias appear to be the current front runners. Producers are struggling to figure out which option is best, should they stick with just three judges? Or if Randy Jackson decides to stay, should they add a fourth judge? One thing is for sure, they have a lot to figure out before the show starts filming again.

My question is; how are they going to replace Randy Jackson with Brad Paisley? I can’t see Brad Paisley calling contestants “Dawg” and “Dude” it just wouldn’t be the same. Hearing Randy say, “Yo, Dawg” is something you look forward to every single show; it’s just so comforting. They need to have giant plush Randy Jackson dolls that say, “Yo…yo dawg” every time you squeeze their belly.

I’d sleep with that thing every night. Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj Randy Jackson


Hollywood, Then and Now

I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since my senior year in High School.  I knew back then that when we gathered for the reunion,  we would probably need a few name tags to identify one another.  Generally we’ve all changed to a certain degree,  but at the 20 year mark,  we’ve all changed to the point where it would deem necessary the use of name tags.  I walked into a grocery store the other day and saw a Facebook friend of mine that I had not seen since high school and didn’t recognize him.  I wonder how many other people I’ve seen out and about and didn’t make the connection.  I know some of us have lost our hair, gained some weight, grew some facial hair (and that’s just the women) even came across a few, “HOLY Sh*t!  WTF happened to you?”  moments.  All in all in the end,  it’s always good to see an old friend. 

Even though we didn’t have any celebrities from our class,  I wonder even if we did, would I even recognize them?  I’m glad that I treated people kindly, the same way that I do now, cause you never know when you will run into a ‘blast from the past’.  Imagine if you were the guy in H.S that dated Octo-mom with thoughts of one day raising a family.  Imagine if you were someone that laughed at Bill Gates for being a nerd way back when.  Imagine if you made fun of Angelina Jolie for having big lips.  I find joy in knowing that a few of the ‘unpopular’ kids are now so rich they could buy the venue our reunion will be held in.  I smile from ear to ear when I hear stories of ‘fat’ girls becoming ‘sexy’ movie actresses,  hanging on a poster in your sons bedroom as he tells you to ‘knock’ before you come in.  Gotta love karma.

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Nick Cannon Quitting His Morning Radio Show After Blood Clots Found in Lungs

Nick Cannon’s health is quickly going downhill. As you may remember, Cannon was recently hospitalized for “mild” kidney failure; he was out of commission for a week or two. However, he made his way back to his morning radio show and said that “he was fine now” and he has completely recovered. However, that has all changed now. Nick Cannon tweeted the following:

“The Doctors found blood clots in my lungs and said if I don’t slow down and stop working so hard then it’s a wrap!” Apparently the doctors also found an enlarged ventricle in his heart.

After hearing this news, Nick Cannon decided it would be best to leave his job as host of the, “Rolling with Nick Cannon” radio show. However, he will continue to be the host of America’s Got Talent. Cannon also released the following statement:

“Under doctor’s orders, I have been asked to cut back on some of my professional commitments to allow my body to get the rest it needs to keep up with the demands of my multitasking schedule. Even Superman has to sleep.”

He seems to be taking this well, but it has to be a very scary experience. He is only 31, he shouldn’t be having this many health problems! Hopefully Mariah Carey can nurse him back to health.

Get well soon, Nick. Nick Cannon Quitting His Morning Radio Show After Blood Clots Found in Lungs Nick Cannon Quitting His Morning Radio Show After Blood Clots Found in Lungs Nick Cannon Quitting His Morning Radio Show After Blood Clots Found in Lungs


Sunday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like for 1/15/13

Heeelllloooooooooooo there, my celeb junkie friends! Welcome to Sunday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like! I want to thank you all for coming back to read the new Miscellaneous posts, and for making them a Daily Fix trending topic!! Let’s keep that ball a’rollin’!!! Happy Sunday! Although this little story isn’t really celeb related, I simply had to share it with you. We all remember the debut of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, right? The hot-as-hell host and philanthropist Ty and all of his good-doing co-helpers coming to the rescue by completely revamping the homes of our country’s suffering citizens… We watched the cry-fest in awe and fascination, wishing the family all the best and secretly hoping we could have what they were getting. And in the end, we always cried with the family as their new home was unveiled with the yells of thousands saying ‘Move that bus!!!’ In 2005, the Okvath family with their seven children — one of whom was suffering from cancer — were chosen to have their rent home made over and given to them. Ty and his team demolished the house and built in its place a $1 million dollar mansion complete with six bedrooms, a carousel, and a friggin’ movie theater. But, when the cameras turned off, the family was left with $1500 electric bills, a $400 monthly water bill, and property taxes that went from $1600 to over $5000. The family, after years of struggle and near foreclosure, took a huge loss and had to sell the million dollar mansion at an unbelievable loss at $580,000. Question: Where the FUCK was Ty when this shit went down??? This shit pisses me off! Why would they give this family such an amazing gift just to leave them high and dry? Fuck you and your pretty face, Ty! But, although the parents have since split, the little girl did overcome her cancer… Thank Heavens. Still… fuck you, Ty!!! Nick Cannon made his first public appearance since being released from the hospital with ‘mild kidney failure.’ But, it seems he was outshined by wife Mariah Carey’s unbelievably stunning nude gown. Not even a year since she gave birth to twins, Mariah looked beautiful at the BET Honors with husband Nick and son Moroccan there with her. Many, though, were too focused on Mariah’s goodies to see how exhausted and gaunt Cannon looked. But, hey, as long as he’s got money and a bangin’ wife, he’s doin’ good, right? In other BET Honors news, Willow Smith was looking WAY too old for her age. Looking much older than her eleven years, Willow shined in a yellow gown and stood up to her MUCH older peers as she helped present an award alongside the First Lady. WOW… This brings a question to mind: Is it okay for our society to encourage these young girls to dress like this? Celebrities or not, shouldn’t girls like Willow and Kylie Jenner be in frilly, pink gowns? I dunno… Just a thought… Anderson Cooper — you [...]

Nick Cannon hospitalized for Kidney Failure

Yeah, I know…what? But, apparently he is recovering from “mild” kidney failure. Mariah Carey first reported that he was in the hospital on her Twitter saying… “Please pray for Nick as he’s fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure. #mybraveman.” I am not sure what a “mild” kidney failure is, but I am guessing it’s not life threatening because Mariah doesn’t seem that worried. Judging by the very odd hospital picture and then a blog post she wrote on her website that said the following… “This is us in the hospital – role reversal; Last year it was me attached to the machines (after having dembabies) and Nick was there with me through it, and now here we are. We’re trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful. They tried to kick me out of the hospital but here I am pon de bed with Mr. C. We’re doing OK but we’re “straaaaaanded in Aspen”. #DramaticDivaPlace (I know, we could be in a lot worse places) but the truth is as long as we’re together, we’re OK. I’m not trying to make light out of the situation because it’s a serious moment that’s very tough on all of us so please keep us and our family in your prayers. LYM.” Well, alrighty then. I have to admit when I first saw the picture, I thought this was some sort of joke, or I thought maybe he was there for like a broke finger or something. Then, I saw that he had kidney failure and was like, “OH SHIT!” Anyway, we should all wish Nick a speedy recovery, no matter how strange his wife is.

Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey is the new Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador. It makes sense. Much like brand ambassadors of the past, Mariah has very publicly struggled with her weight for years. She started off smoking hot and skinny. She was then a little meaty. Then she was more than a little meaty. Then she was skinny again. To be honest, I’ve always though Mariah was hot, regardless of her weight. She can pull off the bigger girl thing. She makes curves look sexy. At the same time, remember how freaking hot she was in the “Honey” video? In that gold bikini? Good heavens. I’m getting all warm just thinking about it. Anyway, it’s good to see Mariah is taking control of her weight. I just hope she has more success with the battle of the bulge than past Jenny Craig spokeswomen.

tn mariah carey 7 Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig

tn mariah carey Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig tn mariah carey 9 Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig tn mariah carey 14 Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig
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Mariah Carey is now a Jenny Craig ambassador, flaunts her post-baby figure

Here’s Mariah Carey baring her midriff in an ad spot for Jenny Craig because according to her she lost 70lbs since giving birth (40 of which were water weight and not a pallet of twinkies) and that entitles her to talk to the poor and underprivileged fatties about, and I’m trying not to laugh here, how to obtain a body like hers by eating only 1,500 calories a day! “Nicholas, baby, you have not wheeled in my breakfast at 11am sharp! You know how I want my roasted piglet fresh off the spit as soon as I wake up! And why aren’t you wearing that butler uniform I bought you??”.

FYI, I’ve included Mariah’s belly at its zenith just so you grasp the supernatural effort the air-brushing fairies, the lipo and the tummy-tuck had to put in to produce the above picture.

article-2059537-0EBCC64000000578-721_634x451 article-2059537-0EBCCD6D00000578-303_634x519 article-2059537-0EBCCD6200000578-296_306x423 article-2059537-0EBCC60B00000578-522_634x384 article-2059537-0EBCC71C00000578-275_634x343 article-0-0EB9913200000578-109_634x604 article-0-0EB9913600000578-409_634x652 article-2059537-0EBC573500000578-165_634x772 article-2059537-0EBC573900000578-452_306x736 article-2059537-0EBC575900000578-669_306x736 0328-mariah-carey-pregnant-00-580x435

Monday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.24.2011)

Pretty sure Elastigirl didn’t wear Spanx over her suit.

Ashley Tisdale and Elle MacPherson in a bikini.

Dennis Quaid’s stomach is a confusing synergy of dough and muscle. At least his wife’s hot.

Taylor Armstrong drunk as a bat. That’s one way of dealing with getting fired from Desperate Housewives.

Jenny McCarthy also drunk and stained. Reason unknown.

Lea Michelle’s cleavage at the JLo concert.

Natalie Portman is still a mess four months post-pregnancy.

Demi Moore is officially a walking corpse. Who drinks green vomit.

Are Billy Bob Thorton’s sons a bit weird or is it just me?

article-2052130-0E7A8E0400000578-767_634x489 article-0-0E7B870800000578-731_634x727 article-0-0E7CE7CF00000578-339_634x782 article-0-0E7E96B800000578-345_468x726 article-2052517-0E7E95A000000578-130_468x702 article-2052439-0E7E17F200000578-324_634x423 article-2052439-0E7E180E00000578-680_306x646 article-2052439-0E7E172000000578-649_634x501 article-2052439-0E7E173200000578-966_306x646 article-2052439-0E7E17F200000578-324_634x423 article-0-0E7D509B00000578-609_468x595 article-0-0E7D511E00000578-81_468x612 article-0-0E7BCF1300000578-609_468x689 article-0-0E7CAFB600000578-287_468x715 article-0-0E7CAFBB00000578-446_468x696 article-0-0E7CAFBF00000578-307_468x598 article-2052528-0E7E382200000578-281_306x675 article-0-0E7E3A1300000578-827_634x742 article-0-0E7E353A00000578-59_306x675 article-0-0E7E383600000578-806_634x965 FLYNET - Natalie Portman & Son Leaving Friend's House article-0-0E7DC77700000578-596_468x565 article-2052682-0E7EE5CE00000578-311_468x309 article-2052682-0E7EE48900000578-406_468x529 article-0-0E80C76400000578-167_634x525

Wednesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.19.2011)

Christina Aguilera has stopped wearing pants. Unbuttoning those pesky buttons after eating a horse can be annoying.

Miss Bikini USA Jennifer Nicole Lee “working out”. If you look close enough you maybe be able to see a couple of testicles.

Oprah and Rossie O’Donnell getting drunk live. Their plan to save OWN network must be working really well.

Sophie Monk has not had her morning coffee yet.

Miranda Kerr’s almost gave us a supermodel crotch-sighting. Almost.

Mariah Carey’s twins are white??

George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to France. Does he not know she will demand a ring and the right to birth his children after this?

Rosie Huntington and her see-through corset top.

Courtney Love is her usual ethereal self.

Sinead O’Connor’s lesbiantry has served her well over the years.

Liev Schreiber is the very essence of manliness.

Patrick Swayze’s wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood.

article-0-0E6C551600000578-199_468x732 article-0-0E6C32E400000578-694_468x642 article-2050247-0E6AEACF00000578-744_634x356 article-2050247-0E6AEAD600000578-681_306x728 article-2050247-0E6AEAEF00000578-368_634x334 article-2050247-0E6AEB1B00000578-814_634x701 article-2050247-0E6AEB5F00000578-896_634x970 article-2050247-0E6AEB1300000578-781_306x728 article-2050247-0E6AEB8300000578-64_634x432 article-2050247-0E6AEE5D00000578-225_306x850 article-2050247-0E6AEE5500000578-37_634x878 article-2050247-0E6AEE6500000578-213_306x850 article-0-0E6E497B00000578-100_468x308 article-0-0E6E497700000578-960_468x310 article-2050403-0E6B5F6D00000578-325_468x702 article-2050403-0E6B5F7400000578-426_468x733 article-2050354-0E6B2D1F00000578-435_468x795 article-2050354-0E6B2D4F00000578-463_468x577 article-2050592-0E6E198800000578-597_634x435 article-2050592-0E6DE0CC00000578-843_634x355 article-2050673-0E6E2A9B00000578-778_468x743 article-2050673-0E6E2AD200000578-904_468x743 article-2050673-0E6E28A100000578-422_468x356 article-2050673-0E6E29C900000578-713_468x624 article-2050673-0E6E237B00000578-801_468x1006 article-2050719-0E6E22B300000578-275_468x1064 article-2050719-0E6EBB3F00000578-325_224x591 article-2050719-0E6EBB3700000578-452_224x591 the-crap-we-missed-1018-07-480x720 the-crap-we-missed-1018-10-480x720 the-crap-we-missed-1018-25-480x720 Lisa Swayze article-0-0E6EA31B00000578-757_468x735 article-0-0E6EB92700000578-207_468x653

Monday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.03.2011)

Evangeline Lilly’s cleavage steals the show from Hugh Jackman at Real Steel’s premiere in L.A.

Lindsay Lohan and her nipples looked disheveled at Kanye West’s fashion show.

Leann Rimes proves bones also carry the curse of cellulite. She just put down that celery stick, didn’t she?

Anna Friel was a slutty pirate with an out-of-control hair piece at Bob Geldof’s 60th birthday party.

AnnaLynne McCord needs to eat. Jared Leto needs to eat. In fact everyone needs to eat. Except Mariah Carey who ate her five dogs at the end of their park walk. Exercise does bring on the munchies.

Continuing the “marriage makes you fat, ugly or both” theme from the previous week: Anna Faris and Ben Affleck.

Jessica Simpson takes out what was under her dress all this time. Surprisingly it isn’t a bag of chocolate-covered nachos.

Rihanna changes her hairdo and upgrades her wardrobe to Jersey Shore status.

article-0-0E32250700000578-138_306x722 article-0-0E32268800000578-337_634x752 article-2044557-0E324B9900000578-785_634x911 article-2044557-0E32424500000578-289_306x722 article-0-0E32204B00000578-412_634x614 article-0-0E32153300000578-650_306x526 article-0-0E32289800000578-830_306x526 article-2044261-0E2DA38300000578-511_468x671 article-2044261-0E2DA55400000578-704_224x624 article-2044261-0E2DA82300000578-906_224x624 article-2044261-0E2DB22A00000578-334_468x585 article-2044261-0E2DB75C00000578-218_468x664 article-2044427-0E2EF32F00000578-975_468x663 article-2044427-0E306BAE00000578-734_468x687 article-2044427-0E306BF100000578-883_468x661 article-2044299-0E2E898A00000578-567_306x779 article-2044299-0E2E898E00000578-821_306x779 article-2044299-0E2E894200000578-267_634x900 article-2044490-0E2F8D7200000578-785_224x632 article-2044490-0E2F8D7900000578-855_224x632 article-2044261-0E2DACCF00000578-964_468x672 article-2044398-0E2FF69600000578-810_468x576 article-0-0E31F76800000578-989_468x507 article-0-0E31F77400000578-660_468x463 article-2044476-0E31135600000578-703_468x618 article-2044510-0E2E648900000578-661_468x507 article-2044510-0E2E64FB00000578-138_233x570 article-0-0E2E645C00000578-50_468x654 article-0-0E2EE7A100000578-99_468x611 article-0-0E2EE7A100000578-848_224x629 article-0-0E2EE7F600000578-211_224x629 article-0-0E299D9600000578-851_233x721 4col 11-11NOVCOVERUKFINALVO39523.pdf

Alicia Silverstone is the Latest Celeb to Name Her Baby a Stupid Name

Can someone create a law that prevents celebrity parents and other parents from giving their children retarded names that sound like drugs I smoked in college, the type that ended up with me making out with a potted plant.

Alicia Silverstone had a son last week and decided it was an awesome idea to name him Bear Blu. That sounds more like a cartoon show than a human being. However, we’re sure he’ll fit right in with Apple, Phineas, and Moroccan (name of Mariah Carey’s new kid) at his celebrity pre-school.

Speaking of, that’s going make great fodder for the playground… ”Bear Blu who this weekend?”