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Miley Cyrus Gives Marie Claire Some Side Boob

But this time it’s “classy” (classy is to Miley Cyrus as Lupus is to Dr. House) because it’s in the new issue of Marie Claire. Her lungs, at least from an outward appearances, seem to be undamaged from all that “Salvia” she smoked.

Ms. Miley Cyrus discussed the infamous salvia incident with Marie Claire. After the interviewer noted the majority of young people experiment with drugs, Miley replied, “But they’re not Miley Cyrus … They’re not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for.”

Huh? What does Miley “stand for”? Last I knew she was telling us she can’t be tamed. Gotta give it to Marie Claire though, they did a good job of making her look somewhat desirable. They at least did an amazing job of Photoshopping the tattooed hillbilly slut out of her.

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Diane Kruger covers

Diane Kruger covers the latest issue of Marie Claire UK and justifies our adoration for her with a no-nonsense interview and some really hot pictures. It’s not that she’s showing too much, or for that matter showing anything at all, in the pics, but the pics are worth drooling over, especially the top pic. It’s one hell of a sexy pose, and Diane deserves kudos for pulling it off with perfection. BTW, don’t forget to grab the issue for the full interview. Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Jennifer Hawkins bares all for

Jennifer Hawkins covers the February 2010 issue of Marie Claire Australia sans any clothes. However, the nude-venture is not for fun, but for a charity cause. The former Miss Universe has joined hands with The Butterfly Foundation - a charitable organization which provides support for Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues - to help young eating disorder sufferers. The cover shot (signed by Jennifer and framed) will go under the hammer, and all proceeds from the auction will benefit the Butterfly Foundation. Click the above links for more information and/or hit the jump for two more pics.
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