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Marion Cotillard goes topless for a movie

Marion Cotillard was in the South of France yesterday, filming a French mystery movie called Rust And Bone, which required her to take her top off and swim in the cold water for hours, because that’s gotta be the clue for who the killer is, right? “Brezts, i see brezts, now I know who ze kilerr iz!!”

PS: If you’re wondering why the green socks and the flabby dude carrying her, she’s playing an amputee and the green socks will give the illusion of amputated legs when placed against a green screen. Just killed your buzz didn’t I? Non? You only draw the line at quadriplegics?

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Kate Hudson Has a Baby in Her Belly

Well, I guess we know how famous people have been spending their time during the recent spates of shiteous weather. Making babies, intentionally or not. Not so long ago it was Natalie Portman then just this week Khloe Kardashian got pregnant, then Marion Cotillard, then Owen Wilson…well not him, his girlfriend Jade Duell. If that wasn’t enough Kate Hudson has got herself knocked up too.

According to Us Magazine:

A source confirms exclusively in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, that Kate Hudson, 31, is 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy’s baby.
“It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it,” the source reveals to Us.

It’s good that Kate is “embracing” the news, but one day I’d like to see a public announcement more like “Celeb X begrudgingly confirms her pregnancy with many deep sighs; she is willing, but not eager, to gain some weight and give up smoking and drinking for a few months.”

Oh and yes, the father is THAT Matthew Bellamy, as in the singer from Muse, who I used to think was a cool British rocker who played piano like a boss and sang like nobody’s business. I never thought he was capable of dating such a seemingly vapid, untalented woman. I hope I’ll be able to listen to Muse now without remembering the horror that was Bride Wars.

But did you know Kate’s step-mother was “Shirley” from “Laverne & Shirley” BAM! This story just got ten times more interesting… which still ain’t much.


Marion Cotillard is preggers!

marion cotillard preggers
The year 2011 is becoming more pretty with each passing day decorated with a pleasant news. After the news of Posh’s pregnancy, here’s another beauty who is all set to embrace motherhood. French actress Marion Cotillard has confirmed that she’s pregnant. The Inception star and her French actor/director beau Guillaume Canet are expecting their first child together this spring.

People reports,

The couple are expecting their first child together, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Cotillard, 35, and Canet, 37, first starred together in 2003’s Love Me If You Dare and began dating in 2007. Their baby is due this spring, according to a source.

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Marion Cotillard can read our minds (with video)


Ok, so you probably remember Marion Cotillard for her retarded comments on the 9/11 conspiracy theory, but at least she’s trying to make amends by persuading women to wear their tits on their foreheads. Which is why we can’t figure out why this FunnyOrDie video is labeled as a parody, because honestly, it’s a genius idea. Just think of how much energy we will save from attempting to persuade women its in the nation’s best interest if they always lift their shirts when we say hi to them. Or the money we waste trying to install those Japanese x-ray chips into our retinas. Sure a few women would have to go blind if their titties are a bit too large, but that’s a small price to pay for saving mankind.

Forehead Tittaes w/ Marion Cotillard from Marion Cotillard