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Josh Brolin cheating on Diane Lane with Marley Shelton?

Chateau MarmontOnce again Diane Lane’s husband is the subject of cheating speculation.

While last year the woman in question was New Orleans local Melissa Green while he was filming the upcoming “Jonah Hex,” this time it’s another famous name, the also-married actress Marley Shelton.

What’s the rumor based on? Josh and Marley were spotted having coffee together and then hugging and kissing before parting ways. Oh, yes, and we musn’t forget … Josh wasn’t wearing this wedding ring! Well, in that case, it must be so.

Josh and Marley are old friends and have co-starred in three films together: “Women in Trouble” (2009), “W.” (2008) and “Grindhouse: Planet Terror” (2007).

And that’s what Josh’s rep contends all this was as well: an outing between two old friends.


Marley Shelton Introduces Baby West

What a cutie! TV and movie star Marley Shelton introduces her 2-month-old daughter West in the latest edition of Life & Style and opens up about her "scrumptious" little girl.

Marley says her quirky role in Sugar & Spice helped her prepare for the arrival of baby West. “I played a cheerleader who was pregnant with twins. I remember doing my research for it, so it’s funny now to be living out motherhood. Thank God I didn’t have twins!”

Instead, Marley and her husband, producer Beau Flynn, welcomed one sweet little girl.

West is just full of smiles,” the 35-year-old Never Been Kissed star says. “I could watch her smile for ages. She’s amazing.” The proud new mom continues, “I love everything about West. She’s just scrumptious.”

And how did they come up with that name? “My husband actually dreamed seven years ago that we had a daughter, and he was calling her West,” Marley recalls. “I immediately said, ‘If we ever have a daughter, we’re definitely naming her that.’”