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Dakota Fanning is, er, wounded on set?


This is all wrong and twisted. Dakota Fanning is 15 years old, and in our minds she still plays with her barbie dolls at home.

 Instead, her vaginal faucet, unencumbered by a maxi-pad is spewing out blood and she’s about to enlighten us as to what a 17-year old can do in a seedy motel room with her lesbian lover (rumour has it that Dakota’s lesbian scene with 19-year old Kristen Stewart will be intense and explicit).

Granted, it’s all for her role as the The Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie, a 17-year-old punk / glam rock star in the mold of David Bowie during the band’s heyday in the late seventies…but does that make it ok? If we all get our panties twisted about Miley Cyrus taking a picture standing really close to an older man, why are we ok with a 15-year old having simulated sex with a 19-year old girl for the sake of “art” (but in truth for the sake of fame and money)?