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Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas: Departing With Daughter

Catherine Zeta-Jones has some mother-daughter time with Carys **USA ONLY**

Academy Award-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones was photographed with daughter Carys, nearly 11, at La Guardia Airport in New York City on Friday (March 28). Joined by her husband Michael Douglas, the actress walked hand-in-hand with their daughter as they headed to their departing flight.

The A-list couple appear to be solid in recent months, despite a short-lived separation in 2013 after over a decade of marriage.

Their reunion was confirmed earlier this year during a family ski holiday, which included their 13-year-old son Dylan.

Speaking in October 2013 during an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Michael, 69, said things with Catherine, 44, were going “good I hope.”

He added: “I’ve been away for a while but everything should hopefully be on the up and up. Sometimes people take a little bit of a break, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the end. I’m very hopeful.”

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10 Stars Who Became New Dads at 50+


Daddy or Grandpa?

Some of our favorite male celebrities entered the realm of new fatherhood after turning 50. From Alec Baldwin, to Bruce Willis to Steve Martin, let’s take a look at 10 celebrities who became new dads after turning 50.

  • Alec Baldwin:

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Baldwin, 29, expect their first child together this summer. And it sounds like the 55-year-old actor can’t wait to embrace new fatherhood again.

“My dream is to be home with the baby,” Alec shared. “Standing in the doorway, saying goodbye to mommy. Mommy is going to work now. Bye mommy, see ya when you come back!”

Alec is already dad to 17-year-old daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

  • Bruce Willis:

Die Hard star Bruce Willis, 58, and wife Emma Heming Willis, 35, welcomed daughter Mabel in April 2012.

The actor has three grown daughter – Rumer, 24, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 19 – with ex-wife Demi Moore. By all accounts, it seems the actor is a laid-back dad to his four daughters.

“I have changed as a man, physically and… we’ll leave spirituality out of it,” Bruce said. “But maturity? Am I much more mature? I don’t know. I still tell the same jokes! I still do mostly the same things. I’m much more gentle with the people in my life and I’m much more tranquil. Things don’t bother me as much anymore as they used to.”

  • Steve Martin:

Father of the Bride star Steve Martin, 67, and wife Anne Stringfield, 41, welcomed their first child – a girl – in December 2012.

According to the funnyman’s star rep, the two “are new parents and recently welcomed a child.”

  • Rod Stewart:

Legendary rocker Rod Stewart, 68, and wife Penny Lancaster, 42, are parents to sons Alastair, 7, and Aiden, 2.

The Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? singer has confessed that fatherhood is exhausting in his senior years.

“At my age, a new baby is bloody exhausting, it doesn’t stop but I’m very lucky and proud to have had this happen in my life,” Rod shared. “Knackered or not, Aiden is a beautiful little boy.”

Rod is also dad to six grown children with four different women.

  • Elton John:

Sir Elton John, 66, and husband David Furnish, 50, are proud dads to two boys: Zachary, 2, and Elijah, 5 months.

Upon the arrival of their second son, the happy couple couldn’t help but gush about the joys of fatherhood.

“We are just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. Both of us have longed to have children, but the reality that we now have two sons is almost unbelievable,” Elton and David said in a joint statement. “The birth of our second son completes our family in a most precious and perfect way. It is difficult to fully express how we are feeling at this time; we are just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.”

  • Paul McCartney:

Sir Paul McCartney, 71, and ex-wife Heather Mills are parents to 10-year-old daughter Beatrice.

The former Beatle says he has developed a “sense of responsibility” while raising his youngest daughter.

“I did a lot, and it was enough,” Paul said of smoking pot. “I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point.” He adds, “Enough’s enough – you just don’t seem to think it’s necessary.”

The British hitmaker – who recently married third wife Nancy Shevell in October 2011 – says he smoked “wacky baccy” every day with his first wife Linda. When married to Heather Mills, she said he smoked marijuana as often as most people drink cups of tea.

The ex-Beatle is also dad to four grown children.

  • John Travolta:

Grease star John Travolta, 59, and wife Kelly Preston, 50, welcomed son Benjamin in November 2010.

“Benjamin is the best gift we could possibly have,” John gushed. “For us it’s been uplifting. Especially when he smiles at me and seems contented in my arms. He’s given the house a renewed spirit and purpose.”

John and Kelly are also parents to 13-year-old daughter Ella. Their son Jett died in January 2009 after suffering a seizure and hitting his head in a bathtub at the family’s vacation home in the Bahamas.

  • Kevin Costner:

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner, 58, and wife Christine Baumgartner are parents to three kids: sons Cayden, 7, and Hayes, 4, and 3-year-old daughter Grace.

The Dancing with Wolves star admits that he prays he will be around long enough to raise his three younger children.

“When I see my children, and when I see the people who value me, I know how lucky I am. … And so I give thanks for the life I’ve lived,” Kevin shared. “I want to live forever, and I know I won’t. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m only afraid of one thing: not being able to raise my kids. When I pray, that’s what I pray for—that I be the one who raises Grace, Hayes, and Cayden.”

The actor-singer is also dad to three grown children with ex-wife, Cindy Silva, and 17-year-old son Liam with ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney.

  • Larry King:

Broadcast legend Larry King, 79, and seventh wife Shawn Southwick, 53, are parents to two sons: Chance, 14, and Cannon, 13.

The TV and radio host admits he’s more equipped for fatherhood in his later years.

“I’m a better father this time,” he shared. “I have more time to spend with them, and I guess I care more.”

Larry is also stepfather to Shawn’s older son Danny, and dad to three adult children from previous marriages.

  • Michael Douglas:

Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas, 68, and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43, are parents to son Dylan, nearly 13, and 10-year-old daughter Carys.

The Wall Street star admits he wasn’t the greatest father to his first son, Cameron, whom is currently in prison for dealing and possession of drugs.

“I’ve taken blame about being a bad father – if being a bad father is working your butt off trying to create a career at one time,” Michael shared. “When I had Cameron I was early in my career and as opposed to most jobs, making movies takes you all around the world, so you were absentee in that sense.”


Cameron Douglas Fails Drug Test In Jail


It seems that Cameron Douglas isn’t getting any better in prison. The 34-year-old son of Michael Douglas was recently sent to solitary confinement after he was found with drugs in his system earlier this month. The New York Post reports a prison insider said he “failed a urinalysis” in the first week of January.

Cameron is currently serving a nine-and-a-half year prison sentence at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. In 2010 he was sentenced to five years for both possessing and selling drugs. Then he was slapped a longer sentence late last year for smuggling drugs in the jail.

He has reportedly been beefing up physically and getting prison tattoos. An insider revealed, “He recently had his initials inscribed on his neck and big stars on his shoulders, with each year of his incarceration in each star: ’10, ’11, ’12. And he’s currently getting a scroll on his back. They are being done by his best prison pal, Billy Trent, and he’s paid over $1,000 so far for all the ink.”

Dad Michael is doing all he can to help his son. He  appeared in a Manhattan court in December on behalf of his son to ask for his prison sentence to be cut. Cameron is not eligible to be released until 2018.


Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (09.30.2011)

Ke$ha arriving in Brazil wearing a sea mammal on her face. Definite improvement.

Lindsay Lohan and her third “mark” in a week (seen here in Paris). Somebody gotta pay those bills!

Michael Douglas tries to eat a hot-dog but it’s hard without the dentures.

Anderson Cooper now brings Lamas to work.

Jason Alexander is wearing a hairpiece and is proud of it.

Michelle Williams plays a naked Marilyn Monroe quite well.

Stills from The Avengers are out and it’s all about Scarlett Johansson. As it should be.

Kim Catrall and her cellulite-ridden thighs make for an arresting sight.

Lacey Schwimmer is going to be as fat as Chaz Bono by the end of the DWTS season.

Jessica Alba’s not pregnant anymore, so those “niceness” hormones are gone. The bitch is back!!

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Catherine Zeta Jones is Bipolar – Checks into Mental Hospital

After weathering husband Michael Douglas’ battle with cancer, Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked into a mental hospital to treat her bipolar disorder (guess she’s not Bi-Winning like Charlie Sheen). According to ABC News this is what her publicist said:

After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II Disorder. She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week this week on her two upcoming films.

I sure hope one of those upcoming films is called Bipolar II, Electric Boogaloo.

My normal rule of thumb is this: If a celebrity says they are checking in for a known mental disorder, you can bet the diagnosis is something different. If they say it is for dehydration or exhaustion, it is for effects of starvation and/or drugs. If they say it’s for substance abuse, you can assume it’s pedophilia, or worse… But yeah in this case, I’m happy to believe Catherine is just bat shit crazy.


Michael Douglas: Morning School Run In NYC

Michael Douglas was seen taking his daughter Carys to school in New York City on Friday morning (September 24). The 65-year-old actor is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for stage four throat cancer. Douglas hasn't tried to hide his illness from Dylan, 10, and Carys, 7, his kids with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The children have been fantastically supportive,” he said. “I’ve taken them to watch my radiation treatments so they understand what’s going on, and I’ve taken them to see their brother in federal prison. It’s brought us a little closer in some ways.”


Michael Douglas & His Gorgeous Girl

Wall Street star Michael Douglas was seen walking his adorable 7-year-old daughter Carys to school in New York City this morning (September 22).

Michael and his lovely wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are also parents to 10-year-old son Dylan.

The 65-year-old Academy Award-winning actor - who is currently undergoing treatment for Stage IV throat-cancer - recently opened up about their son's special needs,

New York is where we live now. We lived in Bermuda until last September. One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go to a special school in the New York area. Knowing that, Catherine said, 'Well, look, I'll do a musical.'"


Michael Douglas Takes Carys To School

Michael Douglas was spotted taking his daughter Carys to school in New York City on Monday (September 20). The actor, who is being treated for stage IV throat cancer, reflects on his children in the September 19 cover story in Parade magazine.

New York is where he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have settled with Carys, 7, and Dylan, 10.

"New York is where we live now. We lived in Bermuda until last September. One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go to a special school in the New York area. Knowing that, Catherine said, 'Well, look, I'll do a musical.'"

He also reveals that his 31-year-old son Cameron became an addict when he was about 13.

"I'm concerned about Cameron, and I'm hopeful. Incarceration is known as the ultimate rehab. That's not to say you probably can get anything you want in jail. But there are restrictions and you're being tested. He understands the realities. Every year of sobriety makes the next year better. He's been dancing between the raindrops until now."


Michael Douglas & Carys Walk Hand In Hand

Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas was seen walking his 7-year-old daughter Carys to school in New York City on Thursday (September 16).

The 65-year-old Wall Street star - who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV throat-cancer - opened up to Parade about his family with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, including their 10-year-old son Dylan:

Do you know what absolute happiness is? For me, it is to wake up my kids in the morning—these little pieces of innocence—to wake them and find they’re so happy to see me! It is unequivocal love, no question about it. And oh God, is that rare! So I think, Who knows what’s next? Right now, we’re here, we’re together, we’re happy.”

Douglas went on to talk about his son Cameron, with ex-wife Diandra Luker, who is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence for selling methamphetamine.


Michael Douglas Wishes He Spent More Time With Son Cameron

Actor Michael Douglas, who recently announced he was battling throat cancer, has also come clean about his regrets with his son Cameron who's had a public battle of drugs and is currently in prison.

In an interview with Men's Journal, Michael says he was too focused on his acting career when Cameron was born, "When I had Cameron, I was early in my career and as opposed to most jobs, making movies takes you all around the world, so you were absentee in that sense." The actor's priorities have now shifted and he says that his "marriage and family certainly come before my career."

Michael hopes Cameron can get something "accomplished" during his 5-year stint in prison. He has two children, Dylan, 10, and Carys, 7 with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Writes An Appeal For Convicted Stepson

Cameron Douglas, the troubled 31-year-old son of Michael Douglas, is set to face a federal judge and possibly 10 or more years in prison.

Over two dozen appeals from Cameron's friends and family have been written in his support, People reports. One of the letters is from his famous stepmother Catherine Zeta-Jones. The 40-year-old Academy Award-winning actress asked the judge to consider Cameron's "positive attributes" while considering the drug charges against him.

As a mother to Cameron's half brother and sister, Dylan and Carys, I have seen Cameron be an exceptional brother to both. Never, in my experience over the years, has Cameron shown any signs of the disease, that has tormented him, toward his siblings, or has [he] ever been abusive to us as a family at any time.


Michael Douglas’ Boy Scout

Actor Michael Douglas and his 9-year-old son Dylan arrived at their New York City apartment after attending a Boy Scouts of America meeting on Saturday afternoon (March 20).

Recently the 65-year-old Oscar-winner opened up about parenthood and how it transformed him from the man he was in his younger years:

My career was the most important thing in my life, followed by marriage and children. And it's completely reversed now. I never anticipated starting a family and the joy of raising kids at my age.

Michael, who has two children with wife Catherine Zeta Jones – Dylan and sister Carys, 6 – is also dad to 31-year-old Cameron with his first wife, Diandra Luker.