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Jesse James’ penis went deep into Nazi territory


As we learn more about the fascinating story of Jesse’s penis into the skunk wonderland that is Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, we come to realize he was most likely having meaningful conversations with a smiling Hitler every time he took her from the back.

See, the lovely Michelle, who happens to be bipolar, is the world’s most heavily tattooed white supremacist and has even tattooed the initials W and P on her thighs (although in all fairness that P does look like a T which would totally make sense in describing her heritage: White Trash). For the record, we still don’t think they stand for White Power. Knowing of McGee’s illustrious career, it’s most likely an open ad for “Penis Wanted” but the damned tattoo artist mixed up the thighs. All very funny really, especially to her Jewish son and to Sandra Bullock who by now must be suffering from severe dermatitis after washing herself with bleach and sanding paper for the 7th day straight.

Via Fox411:

Just a few hours after Jesse James apologized to his wife Sandra Bullock amid rumors of infidelity, new and disturbing details about his alleged mistress have emerged.

According to court documents obtained by, fetish model Michelle McGee’s ex husband Ronald Shane Modica alleges that she supports white power and even has a tattoo proclaiming it.

McGee has a “w” on one leg and a “p” on the other, which Modica alleges stands for white power.

Modica adds, “There are coffins in the living room and child block magnets on the refrigerator that spell out White Power … her other son Elijah is Jewish and she thinks it’s funny that she makes the Nazi salute.

McGee even posed in a Nazi themed photo shoot last year, complete with a swastika band on her arm. The photos, obtained by TMZ, show McGee posing with a knife to her tongue.

Modica said McGee also has a large swastika tattoo on her stomach and accused her of dating gang members and performing as a stripper under her son Avery’s name.

“I believe that Michelle is mentally ill and should be in the care of a therapist, which the court ordered her to see, but she refuses to do so. She is supposed to take medication for bipolar disorder but she doesn’t,” he wrote.