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Michelle Branch & Daughter Bond Over Baking

Michelle Branch and her 4-year-old daughter Owen are looking forward to their favorite holiday tradition: Baking!

The 26-year-old singer tells People that she and Owen have a blast together in the kitchen.

"Once I had my daughter, Owen, I enjoyed baking that much more," she says, "It's such a mother-daughter thing to do. It all comes down to being with family and doing something for your family. I think that's why we get an urge to bake at the holidays."

Owen, who Michelle reveals is a "really great spatula-licker," already has dreams of a career in cooking.

"[Owen]'s mentioned before, 'Mama when I grow up, I want to be a mama and a chef.' Not that I'm going to push her, but I'm like, 'Please, be a chef!' When I'm old and you're taking care of me, I'll eat very well."

What's your favorite holiday tradition?