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Kimora Lee Simmons: After School Shopping

Exclusive... Kimora Lee Simmons Goes Shopping With Her Daughters

Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters Ming, 14, and Aoki, 11, went shopping after school in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (February 5). The girls wore their Mirman School uniforms.

The fashionista’s son Kenzo, 4, wasn’t with them.

Simmons has a video series called Kimora’s Life Lessons posted on FIDM’s (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) blog. In one of the videos she talks to the students about her desire in earning a degree from FIDM.

She says, “I love you guys so much- so much actually that I want a degree here. I’ve been talking to the directors on how I can apply my life practice and then take some classes and get a real degree so hopefully I’ll be here with you.”

Ming and Aoki’s father is Russell Simmons while Kenzo’s dad is actor Djimon Hounsou.

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Kimora Lee Simmons: I’m Single, It’s Just My Kids & Their Two Dads


Kimora Lee Simmons shared a photo via Twitter last Monday (April 1) of her children Ming, 13, Aoki, 10, and Kenzo,3. She wrote: “Happy Easter Monday! Much Love, From my family to yours!❤ #HeIsRisen!”

The fashion mogul recently spoke to the Daily Mail about being single and family life.

US Weekly reports Kimora – who split from Russell Simmons in 2009 and Djimon Hounsou in 2012 – said, “Relationships do change throughout the course of your life, and I always think in terms of relationships changing and evolving rather than starting and stopping. Kids never go away from your life, and if you’ve been married, that person probably never goes away either. You never get rid of anyone and they never really get rid of you!”

“I try to do everything from the viewpoint of what’s best for my kids. I have three kids and two great dads and it’s not always easy, but you have to try to be a little selfless and we manage just fine.”

At the moment she’s single and stated, “I’m not with anyone at the moment. It’s just my kids and their two dads, I guess.”

She adds having a successful career can intimate men.

The Life In The Fab Lane star shared, “They have a lot of insecurities about who we are, what we have, what we look like, what we’ve accomplished and what we’re capable of because we’re fabulous and capable of doing so much and juggling so much every day. People might be mad I’m saying this, but [men] do have a lot of hang-ups. But that shouldn’t deter you ladies from being great! You don’t have to dumb down — you just have to find a clever, good, secure man. I’ve found a couple — I’ve been lucky — but it’s probably hard for everybody to find that true love of a good man.”


Russell Simmons & Daughters Attend Producers Guild Awards

24th Annual Producers Guild Awards

Russell Simmons posed on the red carpet at the 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with his daughters Ming Lee, 13, and Aoki Lee, 10, on Saturday (January 26). His girlfriend Hanna Nitsche was his date.

It was a special night for Russell for he received the Visionary Award.

“Throughout his career, Russell has accomplished the kinds of things that only a true visionary can,” said 2013 PGA Awards Chair Michael DeLuca. “He has seamlessly bridged the worlds of hip-hop music and filmed entertainment through poetry, comedy and music, offering viewers and music fans alike not just a reflection of themselves, but a hopeful glimpse of a world filled with art, joy and compassion.”

At the event Russell kept fans informed and Tweeted: “So many great producers and accomplished actors here ..l. Chris tucker was amazing jessica alba on now. LL giving me award soon”

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Russell Simmons & His Girls: Lunching In LA

Russell Simmons and his two daughters – Ming Lee, 10, and Aoki Lee, 7 - enjoyed a lunch date together at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (January 30).

The 52-year-old media and fashion mogul recently sent out his heartfelt congratulations to ex-girlfriend Porschla Coleman, who recently welcomed her first child with NBA star, Jason Kidd:

While spending a great year of my life with Porschla Coleman, I learned that she is smart, independent and is making a positive impact on this world. As a teacher of yoga and a full-time philanthropist, she is someone who touched my heart, because of her kindness and her selfless spirit. She has moved on, found herself a new man that suits her well and they both are embarking on a exciting, new chapter in their lives. The negative portrayal of her by the media is so off-base, that with her graceful spirit she’ll brush it off and continue to be a force of change. Congratulations to Porschla and Jason and may god bless them and their newborn baby.

Ming and Aoki’s mother is Russell’s ex-wife, Baby Phat CEO Kimora Lee Simmons, 34.