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Anna Paquin is a mighty good swinger

14079_p8_122_584l1oYeah, not the lesbian thing. Which she admitted to. While continuing to be engaged to a man. No, we’re talking about hanging from a swing-a ring set at Muscle Beach like Nadia Comaneci, legs wide spread and Stephen Moyer standing in front of her ready to receive. Hey, after you’ve all done all kinds of nude and gone full pubic on HBO, a girl’s gotta find new ways of keeping things interesting. Pommel Horse anyone?


Ciara is agile


Ciara hit the stage at one of New York Fashion Week’s most popular events on Saturday, the ARISE magazine ‘African Collective – Part III’ runway show after-party at the The Plaza in New York City. Granted, we were holding out on posting about Ciara until she did something completely out of character like shopping basically topless (wait, she did that already), or ripping her pants and flashing her hairy crotch (wait, she did that too) or taking a dump in the middle of the stage and then break dancing around it (we’re still waiting on that), but we’re just going to have to do with her promising the only one in bed probably better than her is Nadia Comaneci and only when she was in tip top shape during the Moscow Olympics.


Demi Moore upset over Ashton Kutcher bluffin with Anne Heche’s muffin


Here are the raunchy stills from Ashton Kutcher’s and Anne Heche’s upcoming movie (out in August 2010) “Spread” (in which he plays an opportunist with a penchant for wealthy and extremely horny older women) that Demi Moore tried to ban so she wouldn’t have to be reminded of her husband getting his rocks off with Celestia of The Fourth Dimension in every imaginable position (and while she was chanting ”Oh, Quiness, ah ka fota tuna dunna,” translation “Oh God, it is a good fortune to be here”).

Or maybe she just got jealous Anne could spread them like a puppet on a string without breaking her femur bone or requiring hip replacement surgery. Word has it that after seeing these stills, Demi hired Nadia Comaneci in order to perfect her vertical split.