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Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans!

Life is so easy for Paul McCartney. He has nothing to prove anymore! He was in the Beatles for crying out loud, what could possibly beat that? Nothing. He is just coasting through life right now, getting whatever he wants. McCartney is 69 years old now, but he still gets around just fine and he was spotted on the beach recently. Just chilling with his wife Nancy, sounds like a nice time, right?

Well…it just so happened to get even better. As they were walking around on the beach, they were spotted by a few fans and one them was a hot topless babe! You can see her in the pictures below trying her best to cover up her breasts, and you can see Paul McCartney trying his best not to look at them. However, things were about to get a lot harder for the both of them…why?

Because her friend asked her to take a picture of him and Paul McCartney! It has to be hard to cover up your chest AND take a picture at the same time, and it has to be even harder to look straight into the camera when there is a topless woman in front of you!

What an awkwardly awesome situation. We think Paul McCartney handled it quite well. Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans! Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans! Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans! Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans! Sir Paul McCartney Has Topless Fans!


Paul McCartney got married

Sir Paul McCartney got married to his girlfriend of four years, Nancy Shevell, in London over the weekend, and since all this guy ever needs is love (and the hell with prenups), let this post be the countdown to this one taking half of what’s left of his money. Not to put a bullet straight in the heart of romance, but didn’t an evil peg leg walk away with something like GBP100million of his not that long ago? And used it to build nuclear bombs in Pakistan? (She’s suing us for that, isn’t she?). Just saying, the guy hates his money.

PS: For some reason, Barbara Walters was one of the 30 guests at the wedding. You can’t miss her, she’s the corpse in red throwing petals at the couple. “Ah, isn’t this sweet? It reminds me of when i was invited to the wedding of Richard The Lionheart. Now where’s that Vaseline? My thighs are chuffed from standing too long out in the cold!”

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Paul McCartney set to marry for the third time

macca nancy

After having experienced two extremely different scenarios with his previous two marriages, Sir Paul McCartney is all set to experience the rollercoaster adventure for a third time. Reportedly, the Beatles legend is planning to marry his girlfriend Nancy Shevell in a secret ceremony. The 67-year-old musician and Nancy, 48, a New York businesswoman, have been dating for nearly two years.

Daily Express quotes a friend of Paul as saying,

Paul and Nancy’s relationship is rock solid and there’s no mad hurry for a wedding. Next year has certainly been mentioned as the most likely time, but neither of them want some big hoo-ha. It’s almost certainly going to be done very discreetly over in the US and Paul would ideally like to do it without any publicity beforehand. Whether he could pull that off is another matter.

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