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Poor Thang: Naomi Campbell’s Bullying Allegedly Sent One Of “The Face” Contestants To Seek Psychiatric Care!

naomi and russian model

Naomi is so mean she makes chicks crazy.

Naomi Campbell’s Bullying Causes Model To Seek Psychiatric Care

Maybe she should have called Tyra and asked for advice on how to deal with Naomi. She used to ride Tyra’s azz back in the day and she seems to have turned out ok.

According to Page Six:

Naomi Campbell is so difficult to work with that a Russian cover girl who stars in the second season of Campbell’s show, “The Face,” says she is still recovering under psychiatric care.

Kira Dikhtyar, a gorgeous former gymnast, said Campbell was spiteful from the start, partly because Campbell’s Russian boyfriend Vlad Doronin had dumped her for one of the contestants on the show’s first season, former Miss China Luo Zilin.

“Naomi hates Russians,” Dikhtyar told me. “She’s an amazing woman, but it’s very hard to work with her. She put all her [negative] energy on me. After filming ended, they sent me to doctors. I’m still recovering. The network is still paying for my psychiatrist.”

The second season of the Oxygen show debuts March 5.

Dikhtyar, who is hoping to transition from modeling to television, is being talked about as the potential host of a Russian version of “The Face.” Campbell will not be pleased.

A friend of Dikhtyar’s told me, “No matter what Kira did, there was no way to please her.”

Said an Oxygen spokesperson: “These claims are false. Naomi and her fellow coaches are utmost professionals and judge the contestants on their ability as aspiring supermodels solely, and viewers will see this as ‘The Face’ unfolds.”

If our man left us for a contestant on the show we’d be bitter too. We’re just glad Naomi didn’t go upside the poor girl’s head with a cellphone.


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Fountain Of Youth Bangers: At The Tender Age Of 43 Naomi Campbell Is Spotted Flossin’ Her Stunning Supermodel Figure In NYC [Photos]

Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant

Naomi Campbell still got it.

Naomi Campbell was spotted on the scene at Green House Restaurant and “The Face” Launch in NYC. She must be trying to show her ex-dirty doggin’ boo thang Vlad what he’s missing…

No messed up hairlines in these picturesI Check out her steez below.

Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg launch "The Face" **USA ONLY** Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg launch "The Face" **USA ONLY** Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant Celebrities at Greenhouse restaurant


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Sprung: 9 Celebrity Women Who Let Their Men “Dirty Dog” Them


Good men are hard to find. However these celebrity women have let their men run over them like a dirty welcome mat.

Here are 9 celebrity women in need of some self esteem.

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On The Come Up: BOSSIP Talks To “The Face” Contestants Devyn, Ebony And Sandra About Breaking Into Modeling And Behind The Scenes Drama


One of these girls might just be the next black model to step into Naomi Campbell’s Louboutins!

Last week Oxygen premiered the first episode of their new model competition show “The Face” which features supermodels Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rochas as celebrity judges. BOSSIP had the opportunity to speak with Devyn, Ebony and Sandra, the three black models representing for brown-skinned bangers everywhere with modeling dreams.


So far Devyn is already a team favorite, with the three judges each vying for her to join their team.

“It was a big shock,” the 21-year-old Bronx native tells BOSSIP of learning that she’d be able to choose any of the three supermodels as her coach. “I was confident in getting into the house, I had convinced myself I’d get in but I wasn’t expecting to be picked by all three coaches whatsoever. I was stoked, it definitely put a big smile on my face.”

As a single mother of a two-year-old daughter, juggling several jobs to keep her family afloat, Devyn said that she was drawn to #TeamKarolina because she felt the model mom would better relate to her own struggle.

“I wanted to be a place where people could understand my story and my struggle,” Devyn told BOSSIP. “I felt like Naomi would understand, but she wouldn’t be able to relate to it, where Karolina is a mother. She knows what it is to have a child, she knows the struggles, the everyday things like potty training. Naomi doesn’t have kids, she wouldn’t understand. My mindstate on the show isn’t about me, I’m doing it for my daughter. Karolina would be able to understand because she’s a supermodel doing it for her son.”

It turns out that Devyn quickly found good company in teammate Ebony, who hails from Indiana and is also a single mother.


“Ebony was one of the girls I got closest to,” Devyn told BOSSIP. “I still love her to death to this day, I still support and talk to her. The struggle we had was something we could relate to and we were each someone, we both could lean on, if she was feeling some kind of way and missing her kids I would comfort her. I had a panic attack over the craziness of the competition and not being able to speak to my daughter and she was there for me. Me and Ebony definitely hit it off.”

“We have a lot in common, we’re both single moms, we both work really hard for what we have, so it was easy for us to be close,” Ebony told BOSSIP.”

If you’ve been watching the show, then you already know that the reality TV drama starts very quickly, and 20-year-old Philadelphia native Sandra finds herself at the center of it from the second episode, which airs tonight.


“It’s a competition, I really wasn’t trying to make friends,” Sandra told BOSSIP. “I was there to learn from the best that have done it and I was there to win. I could be cordial, I could be nice but I’m not there to make friends, I was there to work and do business.”

We had to ask her if she at least found some comfort in having Ebony and Devyn along for the journey, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not going to say I got along with them,” Sandra said with a laugh. “I think everybody was moreso… How can I say this, they knew it was a competition and they knew I was there to get it. The girls in the house probably thought I was crazy, but I’m not crazy, i just wanted to chase after my dreams. I wouldn’t say I had arguments with them. I didn’t feel close to them though.”

“Oh Gosh, Sandra…” Ebony said when BOSSIP asked her about her castmate. “The maturity level was different, that’s all it is. I didn’t really fight with her, we were on a different page in life. I’m a little older and didn’t have time for the added drama.”

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Friday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (10.7.2011)

Ali Larter should play tennis more often.

Naomi Campbell’s nipple is on display for a magazine cover. We heard it also throws things when its angry.

Selena Gomez making out with Justin Bieber in the backseat of a car somehow still feels wrong.

Demi Moore  doesn’t have any luck these days. Here she is getting soaked to the bone. Get it? Come on, just look at those legs!!!

Sharon Stone’s nipples are in two different continents these days.

Kelly Brook’s breasts are now entertaining the Arabs.

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Naomi Campbell in Hawaii

Naomi Campbell is one of the world’s most famous supermodels. I have to be honest. I don’t really find her all that attractive when she’s not all done up with makeup. I know the argument could be made that most celebrities don’t look as good without makeup, but that’s not always true. I like a woman that looks good before and after the makeup chair. To be fair, I might be biased. I don’t like divas and Ms. Campbell is a legendary diva. With that said, she doesn’t look bad in these pictures from Hawaii. She just doesn’t look quite as good as she does after a makeup artist has taken a crack at her. I’m not crazy over these pictures but they’re still pictures of a supermodel in a bikini so I’m not going to complain too much.

tn naomi campbell 7 Naomi Campbell in Hawaii

tn naomi campbell 1 Naomi Campbell in Hawaii tn naomi campbell 3 Naomi Campbell in Hawaii tn naomi campbell 5 Naomi Campbell in Hawaii
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War crimes prosecutors want to subpoenal Naomi Campbell over claims she received a blood diamond from an African dictator.

Prosecutors said there was evidence she accepted a jewel from former Liberian president Charles Taylor, who is on trial for crimes against humanity.

Campbell has so far refused to co-operate with the hearing and recently stormed out of a U.S.television interview when she was asked about it.

A judge will now decide if the subpoena will be issued, which would force Campbell, 39, to attend the hearing.

‘Ms Campbell’s testimony is necessary as there is evidence that Ms Campbell was given rough diamonds by the accused (Taylor) in September 1997,’ said a prosecution motion filed with the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Taylor is on trial at The Hague and denies 11 charges of instigating murder, rape, mutilation, sexual slavery and conscription of child soldiers during wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in which more than 250,000 people were killed.

Prosecutors allege that Taylor provided arms and ammunition to brutal rebels during Sierra Leone’s civil war in exchange for diamonds.He denies the allegations.

It is claimed that Taylor gave the supermodel the diamond during a trip to South Africa following a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela.

The prosecution also wants actress Mia Farrow to testify about the alleged gift – cialis online.Farrow says Campbell told her about the gift.

Prosecutors say Taylor armed and directed Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels to win control of neighbouring Sierra Leone’s diamond mines and destabilise its government to boost his regional influence during the country’s 1991-2002 civil war.


“Evil” Naomi Still Throwing it in the Uppity Wife’s Face…

Although Vlad’s wife believes Naomi is beneath them, apparently, he could give a rat’s booty because he is constantly spotted with her.

These two liaison-pals were spotted in Miami, living it up, even though Naomi seems happier than ever in each and every pic, and we NEVER see that Vladislav Doronin character smiling.

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