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Natasha Henstridge makes an ass of herself on the beach

natasha on the beach

What happened to Natasha Henstridge?  She was a super babe in “Species” all those years ago, but she was looking super haggard as she strolled the beach in LA.  Making faces at the paparazzi didn’t do anything to district from the fact that it looks like she got beat in the face with the fug stick repeatedly.  We just checked, and Natasha is 35.  Yeesh!  She looks at least a decade older here – girl, it’s time to get out of the sun and start taking care of yourself!


Ali Landry is a hot bikini mama


Ali Landry will always be the Doritos Girl in our minds, but all those chips don’t seem to have had any negative impact on her figure.  The 34-year-old hottie, who is no stranger to a bikini, popped on a red and white stripe suit to celebrate her friend Natasha Henstridge’s birthday in Las Vegas.

The bash was held poolside at the Palazzo and Ali looked so good, it probably took some attention away from the birthday girl.  This woman has popped out a kid and she looks as good as she did back when she won the title of Miss USA in 1996. Maybe those Doritos have some sort of strange age reversing properties.  Scientists, start studying that - STAT.  We’ll just hang out back here and study Ali’s body.


Natasha Henstridge: Diets and Pills Damaged My Body


Natasha Henstridge used to be Alien hot..sure, she also looked like a crazy, pissed off alien, but that was ok…as long as we got to study her out-of-this-planet body. Nowadays, she looks like a soccer mom with too much love for beef chili and corn dogs and she has the thighs to prove it. Natasha blames her expanding waistline on low metabolism, brought upon by yo yo diets and pills.

I’ve done some things that probably weren’t the smartest things in the world,” Henstridge, 34, told People Magazine. The star admitted to taking “pills,” over-the-counter supplements and Chinese herbs to give her an “extra boost” in the quest to get thinner.

And while she thought they were “innocent and healthy,” she later learned that the drugs and extreme diets permanently changed her metabolism.

“All of a sudden, when you decide to go clean, things are changing in your body because [you’ve] done a bit of damage,” she said. “My body has definitely gone through a change since coming off all the crazy yo-yo stuff.”

Here’s a few pictures of Natasha this past week (out in Beverly Hills and at the 2009 Disney & ABC television group press junket in Burbank) and of her glorious, often naked or semi/naked past.