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Nelly Furtado Opens Up About Daughter

Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado is putting the finishing touches on her fifth studio release, tentatively titled "Lifestyle," and recently launched her own record label among other things. The 31-year-old Grammy Award-winning artist is also a doting mom to 6-year-old daughter Nevis, who appears to have her mothers love for music. In an interview with Flare magazine, Furtado opened up about her daughters personality and taste in music, saying,

She's full of life and has a very strong will." The proud mom then added, "She's got cool musical tastes too - the other day she corrected me and said, 'I knew about MGMT before you!'"

Nevis' dad is Canadian DJ Jasper Gahunia (aka Lil' Jazz) with whom she split in 2005. In July, she will celebrate her 2nd wedding anniversary with husband, Demo Castellón.


Music Swirl: New Timbaland Featuring SoShy

Timbaland has himself a new Nelly Furtado by the name of SoShy. This is their new video “Morning After Dark” where Timbo is making all of his usual crazy facial expressions while…singing??

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Nelly Furtado is also freaked out by Madonna’s biceps


Nelly Furtado has blasted Madonna over her reluctance to age naturally and her grueling workout regime aimed to keep her body from, well, falling apart. In the veiny one’s defense, Furtado’s firm backside was found floating dead in the Long Island sound a long time ago, so she has nothing to be concerned about other than stuffing herself with cookies. Crumpets anyone?

The ‘Maneater’ singer insisted she won’t try to make herself appear younger in order to boost her career and would rather enjoy tea and biscuits than undertake a gruelling exercise regime. She said: “I am not ready to adjust physically, just to be marketable. My sell-by date will run out eventually. Unlike Madonna, I wouldn’t be willing to do Pilates round the clock, just to slow down the deterioration of my body. I prefer to sit in the kitchen, drink tea and eat biscuits.”

Nelly (30) took a two-year break after she finished promoting her 2006 album ‘Loose’ and said she enjoyed having the time to lead a more normal life. And by that she meant, frequently visit Sears and JC Penny’s in her search for tracksuits that won’t show her plumber’s ass crack when she’s standing.

Wow, did we just defend Madonna right there? Crap, it must be the Swine Flu and the 106 fever…