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BOSSIP Exclusive: LT Hutton, Producer Of John Singleton Directed ‘Tupac’ Biopic, Promises “It Will Be One Of The Realest Films Ever Made”

Tupac Shakur before he was famous In case you’re not already aware, there is a John Singleton directed Tupac Shakur biopic that has been in the making for several years now. The good news is the film was recently acquired by Open Road Films, a move that has not only sped up production, but also guaranteed the movie will be released on over 2000 screens nationwide. BOSSIP spoke exclusively to Tupac producer L.T. Hutton about what we can expect from the upcoming project and how it will be different from anything we’ve seen on the big screen so far. Los Angeles Premiere of Kevin Hart: Let Me ExplainBOSSIP: We’ve been hearing about the movie for a long time, but how long has it been exactly?
LT Hutton: The total process? I don’t even want to talk about that number (laughs). But honestly, about 3-4 years. Which I would say is not bad. In actual production time after we dealt with all the legal stuff, we’re only talking about maybe 2 years, because we had a few little bumps in the road. But look Marvin Gaye’s biopic STILL hasn’t been made. And a lot of these other pictures would not be getting made if I wasn’t making Tupac. Tupac put a lot of gas in a lot of projects’ tanks. (laughs). So, it hasn’t been that long. And when you add in dealing with what we have to deal with in Hollywood in general on these types of films, it’s really been short.
People don’t really understand the importance of the distribution side of things when it comes to these movies and how difficult it is to get these black films into theatres everywhere. Can you talk about the deal with Open Road?
When I go in and I pitch to my partners about what I want to do in this slate, you have to understand they are not in this world. A lot of them don’t even know who Tupac is… But for them to take a chance and say, ok, $30 million in this budget and $20 million in P&A – that’s a $50 million commitment. It’s hard to get people to commit to $50 million on anything. So for them to have faith in me and this project is a blessing in itself. The fact that I’m from the Hip Hop world and I’m able to get a picture like this done is a great day for Hollywood. Open Road is a newer studio, but they actually own most of the theaters that the films are shown in. That makes them a different type of monster. So they’re distributing to their theaters and we have a minimum of 2000 theaters. That was just our minimum. When you talk about 3000 screens and things of that nature, you’re talking about Iron Man. So, just to know that we are getting close to Iron Man screens – which we should, but Hollywood doesn’t see it like that but we got it for this – it’s incredible and it’s an emotional feeling that people just don’t understand. Open Road gave us a deal better than most of the “big guys” out there. Their theatres are state-of-the-art and they’re trying to break this mold that I’m trying to break. They’re on board and they were fluent, passionate, quoting these Tupac lyrics — you would have been floored. But, they got it. When I looked at those guys and how they were reciting the lyrics, it was a vision of a world that Tupac saw at 24. This is 2014…Tupac had that vision that this was going to be the world right now. A lot of the moves that we’re making – I don’t like to get spooky with people – but Pac’s spirit kind of guides all of these moves.
Can you give us a picture of what to expect from the Tupac biopic?
I talk to everybody. Most of the people that were involved in his life are still my friends. With Suge, we talk every other day on different scenarios. This film is not going to be something that people just pulled out of their a**es and made up stories and say “Hey, this is what I did to make Tupac, Tupac!” We’re going to give you what Tupac did to become Tupac. What Tupac felt about this; what Tupac felt about that day; how Tupac dealt with addiction and a mother that was addicted; how Tupac still loved his mother in spite of; how he took care of his sisters; what he had to do in his trials and tribulations. This film is not set up to be self serving to anyone but Tupac. We’re also paying tribute to how strong Afeni was to be able to go through what she went through and still raise her family. She was a victim of American society no matter what people say. She didn’t just get on drugs — she was beat down. We show that process. She didn’t just wake up and say “Hey I want to use drugs.” It may not have been the right decision, but that day she just needed a getaway. If it was that, that’s what it was, and that’s what they shoved down our throats. They give us liquor and drugs as the answer to our problems. It’s not correct, but you can’t just say she was just using drugs just to have fun and try to party. We’re not on that. I came from a household similar to Pac’s, and I know for a fact that my mother didn’t want to be where she was. She hated it. It wasn’t fun for her, but circumstances made her believe that this was her go-to. So we get into all that. It’s not a individual drug-use scenario. We make it a worldwide epidemic, because it was. My mother, his mother, this person, my aunts – we had that. So it’s a bigger issue. It’s still through Pac’s POV, but we’re dealing with world issues.
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So Precious: Pharrell And Wife Helen Lasichanh Show Their Son Rocket Man A Great Time In NYC [Photos]

Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichanh seen today with their son Rocket Man Williams as they said goodbye to the man with many hats literally, to attend 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' premiere.

We thought it was springtime in NYC but Rocket Man must be used to Miami cuz he kept his puffer coat on!

Pharrell Williams And Wife Take Their Son Rocket Man To See The Amazing Spider-Man

Pharrell and his wife Helen were spotted spending some time in NYC with their son Rocket Man and Russell Simmons before heading to attend the premiere of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” This little guy hasn’t spent a ton of time in front of the cameras so we’re excited to see him hanging out for once.

Hit the flip for a few more photos


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Bangers: Nia Long Flosses That Flawless Bawwwwwdy On The Cover Of Essence Magazine


Just look at ya girl Nia stuntin’ on them… We can look at her all day too. Nia just landed the April cover of ESSENCE Magazine. Peep some excerpts from the magazine below:

Long, who is set to star in WeTV’s first scripted series, the legal drama The Divide this fall, spoke openly about the struggle of balancing a successful career and an enriching family life. “I’m not a movie star mom who’s got a private chef, a nanny and a driver,” she revealed. Juggling her work, a relationship with boyfriend Ime Udoka (assistant coach for San Antonio Spurs) and raising her two boys, 13-year-old Massai and 2-year-old Kez, is a full-time job. “My mantra is, ‘You created this, you can handle it.’”

Nia also talks about working with her oldest son for the first time in the new film:

“I was so nervous Massai wouldn’t get the job. I didn’t want to have to break disappointing news, so I explained to him that as long as he gave it his best that’s all that mattered. I also told him that life has highs and lows, wins and losses. Just as I was saying all this, the phone rang. It was my agent with the good news. We did the happy dance and started packing our bags…”

ESSENCE’s April 2014 issue hits newsstands on March 7th. For more on this month’s issue, and other stories, visit

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“12 Years A Slave” Wins Best Picture At The 86th Annual Academy Awards

86th Academy Awards: Best Picture Nominees

It was well-deserved! Lupita picked up the Best Supporting Actress Oscar while John Ridley got the Best Screenplay Adaptation and “12 Years A Slave” earned the biggest award of all. It’s a great moment for blacks in Hollyweird but some people are already complaining that they’re tired of slave films. Are the complaints valid or should we allow ourselves this moment to celebrate the achievements of a great film that documents a painful past?

We’re including some videos from the cast tonight along with some PR photos from the film, but we want to hear your thoughts on this important discussion. Is the “12 Years A Slave” win a double-edged sword for black film???

86th Oscars Nominations Announcement 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture Nominees wenn20995719 wenn20995720 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture Nominees 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture Nominees 86th Academy Awards: Best Picture Nominees 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Getty Images/WENN


Jamie Foxx Is Looking Cray In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Enemies Trailer (2014) [Video]

Jamie has become quite the actor.


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The Best Man Holiday Exclusive: Regina Hall & Harold Perrineau Say “You CAN Turn A Ho Into A Housewife” [Video]

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TLC Exclusive: The Girls Talk Bankruptcy, New Movie, And Chilli Says “Floyd Didn’t Hit It” [Video]

TLC talk to Bossip about their new movie, rumors, and the real.

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Venus & Serena Williams Movie Trailer [Video]


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The New Muppets Movie Will Rekindle Your Youth


Here’s a teaser trailer for the new Muppets movie, written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, a passion project of Segel’s that’s been in the works for several years now. It looks… muppety?

I like the joke that sets the movie up to look like a bland romantic drama type thing and then throws in Muppets at the last second. But beyond that, what is the movie really about? Hard to tell! And, really, does it matter? Muppets movies are Muppets movies, no matter if the gang is being framed for robbery or visiting with family from outer space.

Hopefully, though, Segel and company will bring a new freshness to the franchise, while also respecting the wry whimsy that makes the Muppets so endearing. You hear that, Segel? And no technology jokes, OK? I don’t want to see Kermit emailing. Oh god, we’re going to see Kermit emailing, aren’t we?


Mark Wahlberg & Justin Bieber Starring in a Basketball Movie Together

Bad boy turned lovable movie star Mark Wahlberg is teaming up with Canadian wood nymph Justin Bieber to make a movie about street basketball. Yuppp! The script will be written by the creator of HBO’s New York version of “Entourage”How to Make It in America, so you know it’s gonna be sick! Nothing says cool guy street b-ball steez quite like this cat. At this point it’s just funny what they figure little girls will buy. Evangelical Canadian white boy who’s 5’5″ in a movie about street basketball? Absolutely, of course! Sure! The real puzzler about this thing is what Mark Wahlberg is thinking. Why involve yourself in a movie you know everyone in the world will be making fun of? Hm, what’s that? Lots and lots of money? Oh, right.

Read more about it over at Deadline


Mickey Rourke Thinks All His Movies are Horrible

Asked about calling Megan Fox one of the best actresses of all time, Mickey Rourke said what he meant was one of the best actresses of all time that he has worked with. Vulture managed to catch up with him where he proceeded to trash both of his latest films starting with 13 co-starring 50 Cent who happened to be hosting the party:

You guys are in a movie together, right?
A really bad movie, yeah.
What?! Is it out?
No, it’s so bad it can’t get out.
Tell me why you made it.
For the money.
But you think the movie’s bad.
You have to watch it.
What about your movie with Megan Fox and Bill Murray?
Terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones.
You called Megan Fox, like, one of the best actresses of all time.
That I worked with [smirk].
That movie’s getting limited release.
That’s because it’s not very good.

In other words, Megan refused to suck off Mickey. I don’t blame her. His dick probably looks like the thumb from a really old leather glove by now.


Taylor Swift is Going to Be in a Movie That Will Ruin Your Childhood

One living person (or possibly just a mannequin come to life) beloved by children is attempting to sully the work of a dead person beloved by children, and only one can be victorious in the end.

Professional feelings-haver Taylor Swift has signed on to lend her voice to the animated movie Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. “Hm… there’s no young girl in The Lorax,” you may be thinking to yourself. Well, fear not. They’ve figured that out: “Swift joins Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Rob Riggle and Betty White in the tale of a boy who searches for a way to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. He comes across the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Swift will play the dream girl of the idealistic young boy (Efron). DeVito is voice of the Lorax while Helms voices Once-ler, who in the book is never shown except for his hands and arms. Riggle plays a greedy entrepreneur while White will voice Efron’s wise grandmother.” Um… OK. Can we change the title then to something like A Movie About ‘The Lorax’ That Is Not Actually ‘The Lorax’? Because that is not The Lorax.

Meh, sounds to us like the makers of The Lorax are true lovers of Dr. $eu$$.


Megan Fox’s Cleavage is Starring in a New Movie

It appears someone thought Megan Fox was a talented enough actress to give her a part in another movie, this one is called Passion Play and judging from the picture above it’s about Mickey Rourke stalking Megan’s cleavage or some shit like that. So just in case you were looking for more reasons to adore Megan Fox: her ability (and willingness) to rock this bustacular ensemble is more than enough reason for us to sing her praises.

Megan Fox Cleavage in Passion Play Megan Fox Cleavage in Passion Play Megan Fox Cleavage in Passion Play Megan Fox Cleavage in Passion Play

The Hangover II Teaser Trailer

Here’s the first teaser trailer for the followup to the 2009 mega-hit comedy The Hangover. The three hapless amigos are back, The Wolf Pack if you will, though they’ve swapped Las Vegas for Thailand and a menacing tiger for a cute little monkey. And a funny hat! The costume designer should be nominated for an Oscar based solely on what I see of Galifinakis’s outfit in the still above.

All I really need to know is whether Ken Jeong returns. If, in fact, he is in the sequel, kudos to the producers for not giving that away. But still, is he? *Heads over to IMDB* OK yeah, producers did actually give it away, he is listed there. Sweet.


Walt Disney’s First Black Princess Lives in Louisiana and Turns Into a Frog…

“The Princess and the Frog” movie premiere was this past Saturday at The Walt Disney Studio’s. Anika Noni Rose is the voice of Disney’s 1st black Princess and she is pictured above with her Prince. He doesn’t appear to be black???

Flip it for Angela Bassett and her Twins, Blair Underwood & More

Peep the Trailer if You Haven’t Seen it Already: