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SMH: Porsha” Stewart” Williams New Thirsty Video Depicting Her Abusive Relationship With Kordell “Flatline” [Video]


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New Keyshia Cole Music Video “Next Time” Talking Directly About Broken Marriage With Boobie Gibson [Video]

Damn… talk about pouring your heart out on a song.

youtube VEVO

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Bay Area Rapper Locksmith Releases “Hardest Song Ever” Music Video [Video]

rapper locksmith

Rapper Locksmith Releases New Video

Bay Area Rapper Locksmith releases thought-provoking new video.

According to MTV:

In the song and video for “Hardest Song Ever,” released this week, Locksmith recounts the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Though he’s able to tell the story with clarity and candor now, that wasn’t the case until recently.

“You almost erase it from your mind, but it doesn’t totally go away, of course,” the Richmond, California, native told MTV News. “I didn’t even know that it shaped my consciousness, because I had put it in my subconscious, and it was so early on in my life.”

After years of burying the painful memories, Lock began confronting this part of his past two years ago, and wrote the song shortly after that. It’s set to appear on his new album, A Thousand Cuts, which is available now.

Check out the video below and download the song here.

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Lil Kaylin Garcia Drops Her First Single & Music Video “Want It More” [Video]

She’s trying… but who’s buying?


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T.I. Films New Video For “Turn It” Produced By DJ Toomp [Photos]


T.I.’s had a busy week. After showing his support to longtime collaborator DJ Toomp at his Beat Summit with DJ Mannie Fresh, T.I. turned on his southern charm to film a new video for “Turn It” which was produced by Toomp.


R.I.P. Doe B

PAW_6341 PAW_6427 PAW_6396 PAW_6478 PAW_6197 PAW_5901 PAW_6231 PAW_6438 PAW_6033 PAW_6242 PAW_6423 PAW_6379 PAW_5805 PAW_6355 PAW_6278

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/

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New Young Money Music Video “Senile” Has Nicki Minaj As A Chola (Tyga, Nicki Minaj, And Lil Wayne) [Video]

Commercial dopeness?

VEVO youtube

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This Has Gone Too-Far!!: Rapper Named Richboy KARDASHIAN & Savage Qwon Drop Music “Shawty Like Burberry” [Video]

YES! Rappers have now adopted Kim Kardashian’s name!


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World Premiere: Beyonce “Partition” Music Video With Jay-Z Riding Shotgun! [Video]

bey is nasty

We placed the video on the second page… Because Beyonce’s lyrics and dancing in this video are labeled “explicit.” So, turn the page with caution…

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New Music: Nick Cannon “Looking For A Dream” Off His Upcoming Album “White People Party Music” [Video]

Are you feeling Nick’s new jawn? “Looking For A Dream” is the new single from Nick’s upcoming album “White People Party Music” set to be released on April 1st through his own imprint Ncredible Entertainment in partnership with RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

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New Video: Lyrica Anderson Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – “Unf**k You”


Have you ever wished you could un-love someone from your past? Lyrica Anderson ponders that in her new video for her current single “Unf**k You” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. She croons “you don’t deserve my love” while trying to move on. Her forthcoming EP King Me 2 is a follow up to last year’s fan favorite King Me mixtape. Peep the clip below:

King Me 2 will be out later this spring with features by Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Kevin Gates. Anderson also recently wrote Jennifer Hudson’s next single “Walk It Off,” produced by Timbaland.

What do you think of this track and visual?

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Despite Being Deported Into Canadian Jail: New Justin Bieber Music Video “Confident” Featuring Chance The Rapper [Video]

This goes hard…


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Thirsty 101: Bone-Skinny Rapper Liv Makes Dis Video To Kanye West & Kim Kardashian [Video]

All this hate on Yeezy looks bad on some people. Hell, the other day he was compared to a murderer and woman beater. Pure comedy…SMH


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Gorgeous Sisters!: T-Pain Ft. B.O.B Music Video “Up Down” (Do This All Day) [Video]

Who would’ve thought that T-Pain would still be around making good music?


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Marques Houston Exclusive Album Release Party: Interview With Soon To Be Wife ‘Marlena Campbell,’ Rocsi Diaz, Laura Govan, And More [Video]

We went to Marques Houston’s album release party and chopped it up with his girlfriend Marlena. Rocsi Diaz hosted the jawn and frankly, it was a good time had by all… despite all the chest hair out. Our boy, Marques, really is a performer and knocked his party all the way out with an impressive and intimate performance. Laura Govan, Chris Stokes, are just a few names that showed up.

We have Marques’ brand new video “Only You” and all the pictures from the event on the next pages, so enjoy.

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BOSSIP Exclusive: Mateo Drops An Acoustic Version Of “How Good Is Your Love?” [Video]

We already loved this song, but the acoustic version just takes it over the top! Mateo is one of our favorite artists on the come up… What do y’all think of the song?

Here’s a lil more info on our boy:

Mateo first gained recognition and popularity through the release of several mixtapes. Garnering over a million views on YouTube, he solidified a fan base eager for his material. Intrigued by his sound and authentic voice, Grammy-award winning producer Kerry “Krucial” Brothers (Alicia Keys, Nas, Drake) took notice and soon began working with the young artist, helping him to mold his style. Also impressed was R&B star, Alicia Keys, who joined Mateo on “Say Its So,” from the Love & Stadiums II mixtape, becoming one of his biggest supporters.

Mateo has since witnessed the success of his October 2012 release, Suite 823 (Krucial Noise/Interscope Records) and is fresh off his first national tour, where he opened for Keyshia Cole and Chrisette Michele. Showing no signs of letting up, he will release his latest single and video, “How Good Is Your Love,” just in time for the summer. Showing no signs of letting up, Mateo’s EP titled, We’ve Met Before, is now available.

On We’ve Met Before, the Cincinnati crooner journeys through his emotions over a series of love songs; with his lyrics sometimes serving as a double entendre for both relationships and music. Featuring production by Kerry “Krucial” Brothers and Zeke MacUmber, each track lends its own to the signature sound Mateo has cultivated over the years: a warm blend of R&B/alternative music, presented with a smooth subtle tone and enhanced by displays of vocal forte.

“I’m in a better place than I have ever been musically. With this EP, I want to show fans how I’ve evolved. They may have met me before, but I have so much more to give them,” comments Mateo.

In addition to the EP, Mateo has been treating fans to an accompanying webseries; one that follows the star as he navigates the music scene. Mateo will continue to tour this fall and put the finishing touches on his forthcoming full length album.

We’ve Met Before is now available digitally.

Peep the webseries:

Mateo Online

Track Listing:

1. How Good Is Your Love
2. I Miss You
3. After Dark
4. Love Is a Gun
5. Sing About Me

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Real Hip Hop Shots Fired: Lupe Fiasco Drops Subliminal Diss To Kanye Kardashian And Hip Hop “Lamborghini Angels / ITAL (Roses) / Audubon Ballroom” [Video]

Wow… this is a deep and dope 3-part video. Not HUGE fans of Lupe, but you gotta give it up to dope songs.


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The-Dream “IV Play” Music Video [Video]


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WTF – Lady Gaga Gives an Alien Birth

Lady Gaga just released the video for her new crappy single “Born This Way.” It’s covered in pixie dust, zombie ooze, and chunks of alien placenta. It’s official: Lady Gaga has bought into her own myth.

Her latest cinematic epic starts off with a unicorn in an inverted pink triangle. It is possibly the only image gayer than a picture of Elton John’s nightstand. Then we get a “manifesto from Mother Monster.” Can she do anything without it being some sort of grand message? One minute into it and it is clearly THE most pretentious thing I have seen in my life. Mother monster giving birth to a new race. Oh come and enlighten us mother with your manifesto! She clearly has stopped taking the meds for her narcissistic personality disorder.

The song is already a heavy-handed treatise about how great it is to be gay, now we need her manifesto on good and evil? For her first new work in quite awhile, does it have to be this very serious, self-mythologizing gobbledygook? Can’t she just string together some choreography and costume changes and party down?

Anyways, watch Lady Gaga giving a messy alien birth below:


Music Swirl: New Timbaland Featuring SoShy

Timbaland has himself a new Nelly Furtado by the name of SoShy. This is their new video “Morning After Dark” where Timbo is making all of his usual crazy facial expressions while…singing??

Click Here to Watch


New Video: Beyonce & Lady Gaga …VIDEO PHONE

It’s officially here… Bey Bey’s new video featuring Lady Gaga. She is definitely trying to come with something different and Gaga is even trying to gyrate herm little cakes. Instead of us giving our two cents [cause you already know], We Want to Know What You Think…

HATE IT or LOVE IT?!?!?!

And the comments start to flow in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Rihanna is “RATED R”

Rih Rih - Hard

Rihanna’s album “RATED R” drops on Nov. 23rd and every day, we are being pulled closer to her dark side. She recently released her new single Hard ft. Young Jeezy, now Rih Rih is speaking on why she chose such a dark route.

Also Pop it for a Sneak Peek of Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette:

Just a thought… If none of the things would have happened with the Chris Brown incident, do you think she would have still taken this route for her new album???