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Get Well Soon: Rich Homie Quan Hospitalized After Suffering Seizures On Atlanta Video Set


We wish him a speedy recovery…

Rich Homie Quan Hospitalized In Atlanta After Seizures, Severe Head Injury

Rich Homie Quan, most famous for last summer’s hit song “Some Type Of Way,” suffered multiple seizures on an Atlanta video set this evening, causing him to collapse and suffer a rather serious head injury. He’s got a promising career on the horizon and a baby on the way, so we certainly hope he’ll be alright. TMZ Reports:

Rich Homie Quan just got rushed to a hospital after suffering TWO seizures during a music video shoot … TMZ has learned.

According to Quan’s rep … the rapper was shooting a video with Problem in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, and about an hour ago he suffered back-to-back seizures.

We’re told when Quan hit the ground … he smashed his head badly, paramedics were called … and he was taken to an Atlanta hospital for emergency treatment.

His condition is unknown right now.

Quan — one of the hottest new rappers — was just featured on XXL mag’s 2014 Freshman class issue.

This story is still developing, and we’ll have updates for you as they come.

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Where Are Her Parents? Willow Smith Photographed In Bed With Grown-Azz Man On Instagram!


She’s 13…he’s 20…is this appropriate?

Willow Smith Pictured In Bed With 20-Year-Old Actor On Instagram

We know these Hollyweird kids often have older friends and romantic interests…but is 13 a little young to be chilling in bed with an adult man? Willow Smith has already been caught running around looking a little too grown for her own good, but she recently took it a step further when she was snapped on IG with a shirtless 20-year-old actor. Wonder what Will has to say about this? As TMZ reports:

Will Smith’s 13-year-old daughter took a pic in bed that’s raising a lot of eyebrows … because she’s laying next to a topless 20-year-old man.

In the photo … Willow Smith is in bed — fully clothed and on top of the covers — and an actor named Moises Arias is sitting next to her sans shirt.

Moises — best known for his role as Rico on “Hannah Montana” — and Willow don’t appear to be touching each other in the black and white shot he posted on Instagram … still it’s a strange scene.

Moises eventually deleted his IG post — but other people have reposted it and called the image perverted.

It appears the pic was taken by Moises and Willow’s friend … who posted the bed photo and several others of Willow, Jaden Smith and the Jenner girls.

We’ve reached out to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s reps to find out what’s going on — but haven’t heard anything back yet.

We’ve seen Moises hanging with the Smith kids before but seems like someone got a little too comfortable. We know Will and Jada have more lax views on parenting than most…but dang! Where do you draw the line? Do you think little Willow is growing up too fast?

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Not West Yet! Kim K. DENIES Rumors That She And Kanye Have Already Said “I Do”


Kim says don’t believe the hype – she is still a Kardashian…for now.

Kim Kardashian Says She And Kanye Are Not Married Yet

Although KimYe were glowing on the Met Gala red carpet, fueling rumors of their recent nuptials, Kim K. shut down chatter about her highly anticipated wedding. DailyMail reports:

Kim Kardashian has denied rumors that she has already married rapper Kanye West.

Over the weekend rumors reached a fever pitch that the couple had already tied the knot ahead of their lavish planned ceremony in Paris.

However, speaking to a reporter at the Met Gala last night, Kim said: ‘Still Kim, Mrs. West soon’.

Kim’s comments put an end the to rumors which started after a report emerged from Life & Style.

Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West is less than three weeks away.

We should have known the rumors weren’t true. You know these two are going to milk their matrimony-dom for all it’s worth when the day finally comes. Gotta boost the ratings for that wedding special!

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In Crazy White Folks News: British Woman Set Up Coworker’s Assault By Posing As Cougar Interested In Violent Freaky Role Play


The “catfishery” is hitting whole new levels out here…

Woman Uses Cougar Fantasy Websites To Set Up Freaky Assault On Coworker

Man, how much do you have to hate your coworker to set her up like this? She must have stolen her lunch out of the break room one time too many… DailyMail reports:

A woman arranged for her work colleague to be raped at home by men she tricked on online sex chatrooms, a court heard today.

Joanne Berry, 30, is alleged to have posed on websites including Cougar Shag as a woman who liked ‘role play’ in sex and wanted ‘to create some sort of rape scenario’. On one occasion she instructed a man, Dean Hicks, to knock at her front door and then burst in and ‘rape’ her.

But Berry, a temporary administrator from Grove Park, south east London, didn’t give Mr Hicks her own address, but that of a female acquaintance, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

‘How did she do it? She went on various sex chat websites. She pretended she was [the victim], she gave [the victim's] address, she used her name, she gave the registration of her car which was going to be parked outside, pretended to be her.

‘She then told the men to come round and engage in a fantasy rape game with her, basically to rape her.’

Not only was she determined to get her colleague assaulted, she was doing so at the cost of some innocent superfreak looking for a little random rough cougar action. Cold world.


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Mark Jackson Fired By Golden State Warriors, Stars & Black Twitter React [Photos]

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.30.27 PM

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For Discussion: Pro-Choice Counselor Posts Her Own Abortion On YouTube To Show How Quick, Easy And Guilt-Free It Can Be

Do you think this is educational or attention-seeking?

Pro-Choice Advocate Films Her Abortion For YouTube

Emily Letts, a former actress and current abortion counselor from New Jersey, recently posted a video diary of her very own abortion procedure on YouTube, she claims in hopes of further educating female patients. In the video, uploaded on March 14, you can only see Letts from the waist up while she receives a surgical abortion with a local anesthetic.

Check out the clip here:

As Letts wrote in an article for, despite working daily as a sex-educator who counsels women on contraception, she hadn’t been bothering to use any birth control herself. She goes on to say:

I knew immediately I was going to have an abortion. I knew I wasn’t ready to take care of a child. The guy wasn’t involved in my decision. I called my supervisor and said, “Excuse me, I am going to need to schedule one abortion, please.” It was very early in the pregnancy, only two to three weeks.

Patients at the clinic always ask me if I can relate to them — have I had an abortion? Do I have kids? I was so used to saying, “I’ve never had an abortion but..” While I was pregnant and waiting for my procedure, I thought, “Wait a minute, I have to use this.”

Even though Letts was early-on in her pregnancy and could have terminated with the less invasive “abortion pill,” she decided to use the experience to show other women that surgical abortion isn’t scary and you won’t necessarily feel bad after it’s completed.

Our society breeds this guilt. We inhale it from all directions. Even women who come to the clinic completely solid in their decision to have an abortion say they feel guilty for not feeling guilty. Even though they know 110 percent that this is the best decision for them, they pressure themselves to feel bad about it.

This issue is definitely a tough one.

On one hand, her video could be helpful to de-stigmatize such a difficult choice for the hundreds of thousands of women and girls who feel they have to make it. However…her seemingly lighthearted attitude toward the whole situation could fuel even more hatred/stigma toward those who make the choice from those who oppose it.

The pro-choice argument seems to be one of keeping decisions such as this one private, and between a woman and her clinician…does publicizing it truly further that cause? And, since we know she’ll be all over the internet and the talk shows after this, could it possibly have been a ploy to draw more attention to herself rather than the issue at hand?

What do you think, Bossip fam?

Photo: YouTube/Emily Letts

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Now That’s A Falsetto! Male Singers Whose Voices Get Them Confused For Women

male singers

You know your ears were duped when you first heard songs by these artists…

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The Jig Is Up: Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud & Identity Theft And Could Face Up To 30 Years In Prison


Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud & Identity Theft

RHOA cast member Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has been going through a legal whirlwind for the past few months after it was revealed that he was involved in a bank fraud scheme where he allegedly defrauded multiple people to the tune of over $2 million and now he’s finally stepping up to officially take the wrap for his part.

via Atlanta Journal Constitution

Apollo Nida, the husband of Phaedra Parks, today pled guilty to charges of mail, wire and bank fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

In court, wearing a light-colored plaid jacket, Nida accepted charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years and a fine of up to $1 million on top of restitution for an estimated $2.3 million he allegedly defrauded various individuals, financial institutions and government agencies.

Alana Black, the assistant U.S. attorney, told Judge Pannell Nida’s scheme in detail. He opened a fake debt collection agency to gain access to databases full of individual’s personal information. He would then steal people’s ID and find unclaimed funds, refunds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stolen U.S. treasury checks and refunds from fraudulent U.S. income tax returns.

Nida had St. Julien open UPS mailboxes and bank checking accounts using those fake identities, deposit those checks, then pocket the money.

Later, he created fake auto dealerships and then get auto loans for phantom cars.

Nida said in court that he takes “full responsibility for my actions” and expressed regret for hurting his family and any individuals and institutions affected by his fraud. “It was a dumb situation I put myself in,” he said.

As an explanation for the reasoning behind his shady shenanigans, Apollo claimed it was the pressure to keep up with Phaedra’s abundant stream of income following his prison stint that led him down the wrong path, but also made it clear that she knew nothing about his criminal antics.

He did provide some context for his actions. In 2009, Nida had just left prison after five years for federal racketeering charges related to auto title fraud. He and Parks married and she soon signed on to be part of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

He said she was making far more money than him and he felt pressure to keep up. Without easy legitimate ways to make quick money, he opted for this illegal scheme instead. But he claimed to her he was running a legitimate debt recovery firm and kept her firmly in the dark.

Looks like things will be definitely be getting worse before they get better where Phaedra and Apollo are concerned.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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Rihanna On Stage: 13 Risque Pics Of The Pop Rebel

Rihanna Performs Live In Sydney

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Race Matters: V. Stiviano Adopts Two Black Boys In The Middle Of Donald Sterling’s Racist Drama


Didn’t he say he doesn’t like her hanging around Black men? Now she’s raising some!

V. Stiviano Adopts Two African American Boys

Somehow in the midst of chasing media attention interviewing with 20/20 and dodging paprazzi in colorful face masks…and despite having no defined job that we know of, Donald Sterling’s alleged mistress V. Stiviano was able to formally adopt two Black children.

Interestingly, Donald Sterling has spent time with the boys (privately, of course). Hmm… we wonder if she is allowed to take Instagram pics with her own kids?

via RadarOnline reports:

Donald Sterling‘s alleged mistress, V. Stiviano, adopted two African American boys and it was finalized last Friday, is exclusively reporting.

What’s more, the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner has spent time with the children.

“V fostered two young African American boys for several years. She had met the boys during her work in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The adoption was finalized on Friday amidst all of the chaos. In fact, the social worker came by V’s house for a final inspection before she left to do the interview with Barbra Walters,” a source close to the situation told Radar.

“V is over the moon that the adoption is final and legal. It was a long and arduous process, but it was worth it. Donald has spent a lot of time with V and the boys in the past. He got along with the boys, and was very sweet to them.”

The insider tells Radar both of the boys are under the age of 12-years-old…

As for when the boys will formally move in with V, it’s up in the air because of the hordes of media camped out in front of her house.

“V has been spending time with the boys away from the house. It’s just to chaotic right now for her to bring them into the house,” the source added.

Sure, he’s sweet to them in private, but we seriously doubt Sterling wanted any of his colleagues to know he plays Daddy Day Care to two little Black boys on the weekends. But the timing of this adoption seems extremely sketchy to us — RIGHT BEFORE the Barbara Walters interview??

What do you think, Bossip fam? Is V. Stiviano just trying to fix her old rich racist boo’s image to keep those checks coming in?

Photo: Instagram

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In Racist White Folks News: GOP Senate Candidate Calls Media Journalist Melissa Harris-Perry A “Dirty Ape” – “I Didn’t Know She Was Black”


Republican Senate Candidate Calls Melissa Harris-Perry A Dirty Ape

In the latest news out of racist whitefolksville, a Republican senate hopeful is catching some much deserved backlash after he reportedly referred to black MSNBC media journalist Melissa Harris-Perry as a “dirty ape” on Twitter.

via NY Daily News

A Dutchess County official has touched off a furor by telling a black MSNBC news anchor on Twitter, “Keep your stinking paws off my kid, you damned dirty ape.”

The remark by Jim Coughlan, the Dutchess County controller and a candidate for state Senate, was directed at Melissa Harris-Perry in response to remarks she made about child-rearing that upset many conservatives.

Coughlan said he had no idea that Harris-Perry is black and denied the comment had racist undertones, saying he simply repeating a “well-known quote from the Planet of the Apes.”

“I don’t watch MSNBC,” he said. “I don’t know about their stories or their journalists.”

But Democrats ripped his online behavior — and even some fellow Republicans distanced themselves from him.

Some Republicans said they fear his Twitter history could keep them from regaining a Senate seat they long held until two years ago.

“Jim Coughlan is toxic,” said one. “The Democrats are dying to run against him in November because they know he’s the best chance they have of keeping this seat in Democratic hands.”

Here’s the tweet that got Coughlan put on blast:


So the BEST explanation he could come up with was that he “didn’t know she was black” and was “quoting a line from a move?” This guy might want to keep his day job, cause he’s definitely gonna have to lie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that to become a politician.


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Exclusive: The Ladies Of Married To Medicine Say “We Are Not Showing A Ghetto Side Of Black Women, We’re Showing A Human Side” [Video]

Dr. Simone Whitmore and Quad Webb-Lunceford of Married to Medicine talk to Bossip about the perception of black women on reality shows.

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Kevin Hart Impersonates Shaq, Kenny, And Charles Barkley In New Inside The NBA TNT Commercial [Video]


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Graphic Raw Footage: Viral Video Of “Kitty Kicker” Leads To His Arrest For Animal Cruelty [Video]

A 21-year-old cackling cat-kicker was arrested after police saw a video of the man petting the unknowing cat before punting the the helpless animal outside a building on Fulton St. in Bedford-Stuyvescent on May 2.

Turn the page for the footage of him going to jail…

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New Love & Hip Hop Atlanta First Episode, Best Moments, And What You Didn’t See: Nikko & Mimi Play Out Lie Of “Stolen” Adult Tape [Video]

Erica and Ariane get the shock of their lives when Mimi tells them about her sex tape with Nikko.

Turn it and peep…

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Jada Pinkett Smith Takes Over Crime In Batman TV Series! [Video]

Smith faces off with Jim Gordon in the new show.

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In White Folks News: Seth Rogen Explains Exactly Why He Hates Punk Azz Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen Justin Bieber

What’s not to hate?

Seth Rogen Finally Explains His Hate For Justin Bieber

Via ABCNews

Seth Rogen is opening up about his tweet earlier this year that Justin Bieber was a “piece of s***.”

“I met him a few times,” Rogen told Howard Stern on Monday on his Sirius show. “He’s a good example of someone, who you meet, who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him … you meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations.”

Rogen added that he first met Bieber backstage at some German talk show just at the very beginning of the Bieber craze.

“Someone came to the door and was like ‘Justin Bieber wants to meet you,’” Rogen said.

The actor agreed and said when he went outside to meet the young pop star, Bieber made it seem like Rogen had wanted to meet him, instead of the other way around.

“What the f***, I don’t want to meet you!” Rogen said of the first encounter. “Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you.”

Ouch. To his credit, Seth says he chalked his initial experience up to Bieber’s youth, but then…

“I saw him again at like an MTV awards show, he literally had a snake wrapped around his f****** wrist that he was wearing,” Rogen explained. “I talked to him for like five minutes. … No humility, no awareness, no sense that ‘I appeal to young, young people, maybe a grown man who works in comedy doesn’t f****** give a s*** about me. Maybe I should act in such a way that perhaps this isn’t the great experience of his f****** life.’”

He added, “I remember thinking ‘He’s a piece of s***’”

Rogen then said he wouldn’t have said anything but Bieber started drag racing and egging people’s houses.

“Then I came out of the meeting and it had been retweeted like 200,000 times,” Rogen said. “I seemed to have tapped into something here.”


Yes, Seth, we all think the Biebs is a world-class d-bag. ESPECIALLY after seeing the outfit he wore walking into the ring with Floyd Mayweather this past weekend. SMH

Images via WENN

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When The Checks Stop Coming In: Joan Rivers Dropped By Norwegian Cruise Line Over Kidnapping Joke

Celebrities make appearances on Exrta tv show

Joan Rivers mouth has cost her a paycheck and a summer vacation cruise to Alaska.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Drops Joan Rivers From Alaska Trip

Rivers jokes about Ariel Castro’s kidnapping victims weren’t funny to a “family friendly” cruise line, and now she’s out of a job!

According to Page Six reports:

She said on “Today,” when she was asked what it’s like living with her daughter, Melissa: “I’m still in the same stupid little room. Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

Reps for two of the women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, demanded an apology, but Rivers refused, saying, “I’m a comedienne . . . There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That’s what I do.”

She later reportedly said, “One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re OK . . . I bet you within three years, one of them will be on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ ”

But as a result of the drama, her summer vacation plans have now been scuttled. Joan and Melissa were booked on a July cruise to Alaska where they’d give lectures on board and travel in style with Melissa’s son, Cooper, 13.

But the cruise line called Rivers Friday to say the ship had already sailed. “Someone from their marketing team called Joan and said they didn’t want her,” said a source. “They said they’re a family-friendly brand.”

When contacted for comment, “Fashion Police” star Rivers told us, “Of course they canceled me! They were terrified what I would say after seeing the size of their cabins. They should be featured on ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ ”

She added of the boat ban, “It’s insane. Why would [the joke] affect anyone in Norway?”

But she figured it was all for the best since “they would have had some very nervous Jews. When I got on board, I would have given the captain a Breathalyzer test. We would have brought our own life jackets, and slept in the lifeboats.”

Rivers told us of the Cleveland comment that if she should apologize to anyone, it would be to Melissa, with whom she stars in a WE tv reality series, “for insulting the size of her guest room.”

Norwegian Cruise Line’s rep didn’t return calls.

SMH. Leave it to Joan Rivers to get the boot and keep the jokes coming. She always takes it a bit far but we are inclined that these jokes were tasteless.


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Black Teacher Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit After Students Harass Her With Blackface Photos & Black Dating Site Suggestions


Black Teacher Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against School

An Arizona high school teacher is headed to battle it out in court after she recently filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the school. The teacher claims she’s been constantly harassed by students who have been taunting her with racist foolery.

via Breaking Brown

A black teacher in Arizona is suing her school claiming that students harassed her and turned her job into a “nightmare.”

Students at Ahwatukee’s Desert Vista High School allegedly posted videos online of themselves tapping Dr. Cicely Cobb on the head with laminated bathroom passes. On Twitter, the students allegedly suggested that she join an all black dating site.

“I think I accidentally took Dr. Cobb’s class on black history, instead of junior English,” read another post by a student.

Even worse is a picture of Cobb which seems to depict her wearing blackface.

“The minstrel photo was absolutely sick,” she said. “Minstrel jokes were associated with my grandfather who was born in 1912 – that generation.”

One student even posted a picture of Cobb with the caption, “Dr. Cobb sighted working the corner,” implying that the teacher is a prostitute.

“That comment to me, from my perception, was extraordinarily sexist; extraordinarily racist,” Cobb said. “And, it hurt my heart.”

This culminated with Cobb filing a lawsuit in February claiming that she was “the victim of racial discrimination.”

Some may argue that high school teachers getting harassed by their students is common, but did these students go too far? Do you think the teacher should have sued?

Let’s discuss.

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Grandpa “Harold” Charged With Murder After Killing Grandson Because… He Didn’t Have Dinner Ready On Time! [Video]

A Tennessee grandpa has been arrested for allegedly killing his grandson, after he didn’t have dinner ready on time. 63-year-old Harold Gray has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 31-year-old Anthony Morris. Police say Gray returned home from work on April 25th in Memphis. The two argued and Gray told police Morris hit him in the face twice. That’s when police say Morris followed Gray outside and stabbed him with a knife. Gray is currently being held – at the Shelby County Jail.


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Babydaddy Drama: Kevin McCall Addresses Feud With Eva Marcille – “They Always Try To Use My Babies Against Me”


Kevin McCall Speaks On Feud With Eva Marcille

Last month, reports broke that top model diva Eva Marcille and her boyfriend Kevin McCall were having some trouble in paradise and as much was confirmed last week when filed for full custody of their newborn daughter Marley Rae after getting  restraining order against Kevin.

Aside from the custody news, both sides have remained fairly silent in the midst of the brewing drama, but papa Kev recently took to his Instagram to air out his frustrations with this message:


While no names are mentioned, it’s pretty crystal clear whom he is referring to with the caption since it’s accompanied by this photo of he and Eva’s little 2-month old princess Marley Rae. The post has since been deleted.

Do you think these two will work things out?


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Coupled Up: The Carters And The Newlywed Wests Hit The Met Gala Red Carpet


Which couple ruled the red carpet? Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian hit the Met Gala Red Carpet looking drunk in love and newlywed bliss. Which pair’s look takes the power couple crown?

Bey and Jay look stunning and tour-ready in looks from Givenchy andd the freshly married KimYe Crew showed out in a super-high-slit Lanvin gown and an over-the-top tux, respectively.

So who wins this fashion showdown? Check out a few more celebrity twosomes who coupled up on the red carpet below.

JohnChrissyMET CartersWestsMET ASAPChanelImanMet AmareAlexisMetGala VictorCruzWifeMetGala LaLaCarmelo


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Dropping Knowledge: Which Of Your Favorite Rappers Have Vocabularies Larger Than Shakespeare’s??


Can Hip Hop actually make you…smarter? Even though it’s commonly assumed that all rap teaches kids is to how to rob and ask for a big booty ho for their birthday, new info from data analyst Matt Daniels has found that some of today’s hip hop artists actually use more words per rhyme than William Shakespeare — the writer cited by many academics to have the largest vocabulary of all time.

Daniels took the first 5,000 words from 7 of Shakespeare’s works, then pit them against the first 35,000 rhymes by the most well-known hip hop artists (up to 2012). So how does your favorite measure up? Check the chart below:

The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop

You can peep the full interactive version of the chart HERE. Are you surprised by any of the results?

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Who Looked More Bangin’? Rihanna, Lupita, ‘Yonce, Kim K & More Attend 2014 Met Gala


Which one killed it??

Celebrities Attend The 2014 Met Gala

The 2014 Met Gala is underway and Hollywood’s fashion elite brought out their A-game to one of the most exclusive events of the year. Per request of Met Gala head honcho Ana Wintour, the theme for this year was “White Tie,” which is said to be a step above a black tie dress code.

Fashion rebel Rihanna and red carpet darling Lupita Nyong’o were both in the building, along with Mrs. Carter herself and the newly wifed-up Mrs. West aka Kim Kardashian, but a few familiar brown-skinned supermodel bangers gave everyone  a run for their money.




Hit the flip to see who else was in attendance including Gabrielle Union, Solange, Erykah Badu  Rita Ora, Zoe Saldana & more to get a few close up glimpses at some of our favorite looks from the ladies…and then let us know, who looked more bangin?

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Celebs Who Had Affairs With Their Nannies, Body Guards, And Other Employees


These stars got a little more “help” than is part of the job description from their household staff and employees.

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A Lil Positivity: Brown Ballerinas Misty Copeland, Ashley Murphy And Ebony Williams Cover Pointe Mag


Black women are sweeping the ballet world. Despite still facing constant discrimination in the dance world, Black ballerinas are on the come-up.

In a first-ever all Black Ballerina feature, Ashley Murphy from Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ebony Williams of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, and the American Ballet Theater’s own Misty Copeland cover the June/July cover of Pointe Magazine. These graceful ladies are declared “beyond role models” on the magazine’s cover, as they shatter discriminatory norms in ballet and advocate for and recruit more brown ballerinas.

Between this, the @BlackGirlsDoBallet Instagram page, and images and stories of Black ballerinas on Tumblr and Pinterest, our lil brown baby ballerinas have plenty of examples to look up to! Will you be grabbing a copy of the magazine for yourself or the lil dancer in your life?

Peep more pics of these ladies and other black ballerinas in action on the following pages:

Photos: Instagram, Refinery29

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Question Of The Day: Is Rihanna Suffering From “Lonely Girl Syndrome”?

Rihanna 2

She loves going without clothes, never shies away from conflict and for someone so busy, spends an awful lot of time of social media. Do you think RihRih is just pitifully lonely??? Her instagram account recently got shut down but that’s the least of her problems. Our friends over at WatchLoud put together a list of RihRih’s symptoms.

Do you think they’re onto something? Make sure to weigh in with your opinion in the comments!

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Bye Beyotches! Racist San Jose University Students Who Put Bike Lock Around Black Rommates’ Neck Finally Get Expelled



San Jose Students Expelled Over Racist Taunting Of Black Roommate

A group of San Jose University students who taunted their black roommate with racist treatment in what they say was a “prank” most certainly won’t be having the last laugh.

via News One

San Jose State College (SJSU) has reportedly expelled three of four students charged with racist bullying of a Black classmate, Donald Williams Jr., according to the San Jose Mercury News. The fourth student had his suspension extended, requiring him to attend counseling and remain on probation for the rest of his college tenure.

Last November, then-freshman Williams reported that the students subjected him to constant abuse, which included wrestling him to the ground, fastening a bike lock around his neck, calling him racist names, locking him in his room, and showing him the Confederate flag.

The discovery spurred a firestorm in the community.

After an internal investigation, the students received misdemeanor battery and hate crime charges, even though they plead not guilty. The students are also banned for life from enrolling in any California State University colleges, per university documents.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said LaDoris Cordell, a retired judge who anchored a task force investigating the incident. “They have no business being enrolled at SJSU.”

Along with the minor, the expelled students include Logan Beaschler and Colin Warren. Joseph Bomgardner is the suspended student. Bomgardener received his punishment without admitting to having partaking in the attacks.

San Jose State found that the students violated six university rules, including jeopardizing Williams’ safety. Geffon contends that the incident was just part of a series of harmless pranks the men saw on Comedy Central. He also denied they were racist in nature.

Campus police reports state that the students nicknamed Williams “Three-Fifths” (an apparent reference to the Three-Fifths law, which once counted Blacks as only a fraction of a person). They called him “Fraction” when he protested the name.

Williams’ parents reported his claims to the school after they found a Confederate flag placed over an Elvis Presley cardboard cutout in their son’s suite and a dry-erase board with the N-word on it.

Good riddance!

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Caught On Tape: Performers Breaking Bones Up In Ringling Brothers Circus Accident [Video]


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Let The Parents Put That Dog Down!: Adorable 1-Year Old Boy Dies After Rottweiler Attack [Video]

Report: 1-year-old boy dies after Rottweiler attack


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Someone We Actually Like: Michelle Obama Represents For Her Friend Anna Wintour’s Museum Of Art [Video]


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Babymama Drama: Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Says He Won’t Allow Her To See Their Sons On Mother’s Day


Should DWade let his sons spend Mother’s Day with his crazy ex?

Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Says He Won’t Let Her See Their Sons On Mother’s Day

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn is back on her best bullisht.

via Gossip Extra

Another championship drive for the Miami Heat — more off-the-court drama for Dwyane Wade.

Wade, whose battles with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches are slowly becoming the stuff of legend, now is being accused by Funches of denying their two children their upcoming Mother’s Day visitation.

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Funches’ lawyer says Wade is refusing to have the two boys dropped off at their mother’s house by May 11, Mother’s Day.

Why?  Just to annoy the lady!

At least, that’s what Funches’ attorney claims.

“Anything Dwyane and his lawyers do to make my client’s life a living hell, they do,” said the Boca Raton-based family-law guru Lisa Macci. “They’ve announced their intention of denying her a court-ordered Mother’s Day visitation, so I’m filing an emergency motion to force them to hand her the children on Mother’s Day.”

Funches and Wade, who has custody of Zaire, 12, and Zion, 6, have been back and forth since Wade filed for the split in 2007.

Siohvaughn’s long history of bizarre behavior definitely can’t be denied, but do you think DWade would be right to prevent her from seeing their kids on Mother’s Day if these reports are true?

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Give Us Free! Khloe Kardashian Is Pissed That Lamar Odom Won’t File A Response To Her Divorce Petition

ng kardashians 240612

Khloe just wants to be happy and chase French Montana around the country

Khloe Kardashian Angry That Lamar Odom Won’t Respond To Divorce Petition

Via RadarOnline

Nearly five months after Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, she’s still a married woman. And now, has learned, she’s telling friends that it’s entirely his fault — because he hasn’t filed a response in their divorce!

Over the weekend, Kardashian was in Las Vegas with new boyfriend, rapper, French Montana, and was overheard, saying “how much fun she was having with French,” according to a source.

“It has been ages since Khloé has been going to clubs and just having fun,” the source told Radar. “While Khloé is very happy with French, because he treats her like a queen, she isn’t fully able to enjoy it because Lamar still hasn’t submitted a response in their divorce proceedings.”

The split should have been simple, since the couple have a pre-nup. But ever since Kardashian filed, “Lamar hasn’t been returning phone calls and text messages from Khloé regarding the divorce,” the source said. “He is disappearing for days at a time again, and hanging out with ‘shady’ people.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s cut off contact entirely. As Radar has reported,”

Odom had been “blowing up her phone” lately with “desperate calls” in hopes of a reconciliation, and Kardashian is not pleased.

Why would Lamar drag his feet on the divorce? Well…

Another source countered, “Lamar knows the marriage is over, but it just isn’t a priority to him, filing the response, and going thru the court proceedings. He just wants to live his life in New York and be left alone. The fact it’s pissing Khloé off that Lamar is holding out, does give him some satisfaction. His ego has taken a huge hit because she is publicly rebounding with French.”

Not for nothin’, it’s hard to hold a pen or talk straight when you high off dem rocks.

Image via WENN

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Some Of His Own Medicine: Crazy State Trooper Arrested After Being Filmed Choking Out Repoman For 8 Minutes [Video]

Like he doesn’t have to worry because of his badge…

An off duty New Mexico State Police Officer was arrested today, for putting a repo man in a choke hold.


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Banger Alert!: Mya Shuts Down The Playboy Radio Station When She Walks In “I Don’t Care About Awards And Commercial Approval” [Video]

A man would sell a kidney to get with Mya…

youtube playboytv

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Mimi Faust Defends “Leaked” Freak Flick, Talks Impact On Her Daughter, And Claps At Joseline and Steebie J On Hot 97! [Audio]

Mimi Nikko

Can you buy that?

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta premieres tonight on VH1, and crucified cast member Mimi Faust called into Hot 97′s morning show to tell her side of the sex clip story.

Mimi sure is stickin’ to that weak azz story. She also seemed very dismissive about explaining this fawkery to her daughter in the future. Strong parental values, gotta love it…

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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Answers Divorce Rumors


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In “WTF?” White Folks News: Adam Levine Goes Bleach Blonde…Are You Feelin’ This Look?


Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Bleach Blonde

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently made a drastic style change and needless to say, many of his fans aren’t feeling his new look. Adam, who also serves as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” took to his Twitter to reveal his new bleach blonde hair over the weekend with this photo and caption:


Once the unfavorable reactions started rolling in, Adam responded with this Tweet:


Are you feelin’ Adam’s blonde-hair-don’t-care steez?


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“Is That Booty Still On Loan?” Apollo Says He “Built Kenya,” And Phaedra Is On Attack Mode; RHOA Reunion Part III


With the Atlanta Housewives, there is always he say and she say mixed with assumptions.
Kenya was asked about allegations from the Saving Our Daughters charity that she only gave $500 from that event. In response, she said that a personal donation was given to the charity that was bigger than what all the other women offered. But to put money where Kenya’s mouth is, NeNe said that to make up for her behavior at the charity auction, whatever charity Kenya chooses, NeNe would give $20,000 IF Kenya could match it…hmmmm! We all also know that Kenya always referr back to Apollo “wanting” her but what we didnt know in other news was that NeNe said something about momma Joyce on her Bravo blog. Yall know Kandi is not havng that. NeNe took a shot at Mama Joyce’s penchant for throwing shoes and threatening to drag people in the street. Kandi heard about this and was pissed. She said that while NeNe doesn’t appreciate people bringing up her sons or her family in general, she has no problem taking digs at other people’s family members. Of course Ne Ne blames eberything on her being able to have her own opinion and how she felt. As we know though, NeNe can point fingers and call other people out, but she can never give straightforward apologies and owning up to her mess.


Lil Wayne Tried To Fight Maidana Trainer After Mayweather Fight [Video]


Just because you’re Floyd Mayweather’s friend or is apart of his entourage doesn;t mean you can fight or shall I say, DOESN’T MEAN YOU’LL WIN. Supposedly a water bottle was thrown and Lil Wayne after the fight hitting him on the shoulder. He was heated and automatically thought it was from Maidana’s camp. In the video, Wayne looks pretty mad but it all seems a bit dramatic. He should of just took pic with girls like Justin Beiber. Saturday night Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner was up in Sin City after the fight. They uploaded an Instagram snap huddled up together in Las Vegas. Looks like everyone had their own hype going on. Back to Wayne…he should of just been happy his homeboy won the fight. Speaking of the fight… It was gooooood! Wasn’t sure who was taken that win home. The rounds got better and better. From the opening bell Maidana gave him perhaps his toughest fight in a 16-year professional career. Floyd had to get it together in the last half of the fight so he wouldn’t for the first time since the 1996 Olympics. ‘‘It was a tough, competitive fight,’’ Mayweather said. ‘‘I normally like to go out there and box and move. But he put pressure on me. I wanted to give the fans what they wanted to see so I stood and fought him. Yeah the fans as in us was very pleased with the rounds as far as givng us a show and something to look forward too. Lets get that rematch up and going soon.


The Beygency: If You Don’t Like Bey, You Pay


Before anyone has a cow, “The Beygency” is not a real agency lol. It’s a four-minute clip opens with Garfield’s character hanging out with some friends and having some drinks. When the conversation turns to Beyonce, his character makes a big mistake by admitting that he isn’t the biggest fan of “Drunk In Love”. The comment sets off a collision course in his life as a group of secret agents known as “The Beygency” begin to hunt him down erasing his life as he knows it along the way. Even 24 actor Kiefer Sutherland tries to aid him as he runs from The Beygency. We’re sure that there is some truth to it since the Beyhive don’t play anyway. They will protect Beyonce to the end because in their eyes she is perfect. They will fight, sting, and be mean to you. Pretty sure she eats that up inside. That lady can have an army or something close to it. We’re sure they’re gearing up for the “On The Run” tour with her and hubby Jay-Z. The tour will definitely be one of North America’s most anticipated stadium tours this summer. We’re wondering what these music gods might bestow upon us come concert time.


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  • Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Tops Box Office, But Can’t Beat ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ [StarPulse]
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